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HIV/AIDS: Straight Talk with Elizabeth Pisani, author of The Wisdom of Whores
7 June 2011 (PlusNews ), Epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani raised eyebrows in 2008 with her book, The Wisdom of Whores, a frank account of her experiences working in the field of HIV/AIDS, from the politics of raising money to conversations in the backstreet brothels of Bangkok. She spoke to IRIN/PlusNews:
HIV/AIDS: Thirty years of HIV
3 June 2011 (PlusNews ), It is three decades since the first HIV case was reported and in that time, an estimated 30 million people have died, another 34 million are living with the virus and an estimated 7,000 new infections occur every day. But it is not all bad news - according to a new report by UNAIDS, a record 1.4 million people started antiretroviral drugs in 2010, and the global rate of new HIV infections declined by nearly 25 percent between 2001 and 2009.
HIV/AIDS: The future of HIV diagnostics
3 June 2011 (PlusNews ), As the number of people receiving HIV treatment continues to rise - 6.6 million people were taking antiretroviral drugs by December 2010 – it is important to ensure the technology to test and monitor patients on ARVs be made simpler, cheaper and more easily available to high prevalence, low-income countries, say experts.
HIV/AIDS: Young people at highest risk of HIV infection
2 June 2011 (PlusNews ), That young people are particularly vulnerable to HIV and AIDS is well established, but a new report reveals for the first time new data on HIV prevalence in this group, which accounts for almost half of new adult infections globally.
ZIMBABWE: Cash transfers target vulnerable children
31 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Orphans and vulnerable children in 10 of Zimbabwe's poorest districts will start benefiting from a government scheme to help them go to school, have enough to eat and access medical care.
SOUTH AFRICA: Nonqaba Jacobs, "She says it's from Satan that you are positive"
31 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Nonqaba Jacobs, 28, comes from a rural community outside East London; both parents were HIV-positive and she tested positive in 2004. In 2005 she moved to Khayelitsha, near Cape Town, where she found treatment and attitudes towards HIV to be a world away from what she experienced in the Eastern Cape. These days she is doing well, but is worried about her mother, who has gone off her antiretrovirals in favour of "faith healing" at the Christ Embassy church.
SOUTH AFRICA: MSM still sidelined in HIV programming
27 May 2011 (PlusNews ), South African men who have sex with men are twice as likely to be HIV-positive as heterosexual men, but spending on research, prevention and treatment for this group remains low, delegates at a conference on MSM and HIV in Cape Town heard.
BURUNDI: Religious leaders' resistance to condoms hurts HIV fight
26 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Asha* is in a polygamous marriage, and while she would like to protect herself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, the message from the preachers at her local mosque in the Burundian capital, Bujumbura, is that condoms promote adultery.
RWANDA: Trial of microbicide ring in final phase
23 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Rwanda is in the third and final phase of testing a vaginal ring containing antiretrovirals, which, if successful, could provide an important female-controlled method of HIV prevention.
HIV/AIDS: Drug price cuts secured amid growing funding fears
19 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Three international organizations have negotiated reductions on key first- and second-line, and paediatric antiretrovirals (ARVs) that will help countries save at least US$600 million over the next three years.
SOUTH AFRICA: Monde Kenneth Hobongwana, "The information is there, treatment is there, but still people default"
19 May 2011 (PlusNews ), In 2008, Monde Kenneth Hobongwana, 37, tested HIV-positive. A student of business management at the time, he had been tested before, and blames risky behaviour for his status. He says that having a support structure is key to accepting one's status, but acknowledges that among men, it is still a difficult subject to discuss openly.
KENYA: Protest as government grapples with HIV funding shortages
18 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Hundreds of Kenyan AIDS activists held a protest on 18 May in the capital, Nairobi to demand that the government meet its commitment to increase annual health and HIV funding.
UGANDA: MP to persevere with anti-homosexuality bill
17 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill and HIV Prevention and Control Bill are likely to be carried over to the new session of parliament, despite international and local pressure.
SOUTH AFRICA: Ten years of HIV treatment - a look back
17 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Ten years ago, Khayelitsha, in Cape Town, was the first place to make antiretroviral drugs available to the public sector, marking a milestone in the beginning of the end of AIDS denialism and the fight for treatment in South Africa.
HIV/AIDS: Milestones in vaccine research
13 May 2011 (PlusNews ), News of an experimental vaccine that successfully protected more than 50 percent of macaques from the monkey equivalent of HIV will give a much-needed boost to vaccine development, which has seen little progress of late.
HIV/AIDS: ARVs as prevention must move quickly "from science to action"
13 May 2011 (PlusNews ), A landmark study showing major reductions in HIV transmission among discordant couples due to early treatment may fail to have a significant impact on HIV prevention unless governments and donors are willing to turn the science into action, HIV advocates say.
KENYA: Outrage over "cash for contraception" offer to HIV-positive women
12 May 2011 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government and rights groups have expressed outrage at a project in western Kenya that is paying HIV-positive women to undergo long-term contraception.
MALAWI: Queer Malawi lifts the gay curtain
11 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Africa is generally not a safe place to have a same-sex relationship - you can be shunned by society, beaten up, thrown in jail, or worse. In Malawi you can get 14 years in prison with hard labour.
UGANDA: Sex workers pay the price for HIV prevention gaps
9 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Uganda is short on data on HIV among the country's sex workers, but a new study shows that in the capital, Kampala, HIV prevalence among female sex workers could be more than four times the city's average prevalence.
KENYA: PMTCT could cause drug resistance in positive infants
6 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Drug regimens used in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV are effective, but infants should be monitored for drug resistance, a new study has revealed.

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