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HIV/AIDS: Top 10 for 2010
29 December 2010 (PlusNews ), This has been an exciting year for the fight against HIV, with dramatic developments in biomedical HIV prevention and a record five million people receiving life-prolonging treatment. It has also been a year fraught with funding difficulties and the continued discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS and other marginalized groups. Here are the picks from PlusNews coverage:
ETHIOPIA: Five-year plan to halve new HIV infections
23 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Ethiopia's government has come up with an ambitious plan to halve new HIV infections, quadruple its annual condom distribution and put 85 percent of people who need life-prolonging HIV medication on treatment within five years.
UGANDA: Strong turnout as male circumcision kicks off in the north
22 December 2010 (PlusNews ), After years of hearing about the protective effects of medical male circumcision against HIV, many men in northern Uganda are taking advantage of a government move to provide the procedure free of charge.
HIV/AIDS: Disability, HIV find common ground
21 December 2010 (PlusNews ), People living with disabilities are known to be just as, if not more, at risk of contracting HIV as non-disabled people, but there is little specific data or programming that reflects this reality on a global scale.
SOUTH AFRICA: New ARV tender halves drug prices
20 December 2010 (PlusNews ), South Africa’s newly announced tender for antiretrovirals (ARVs) has halved the price the government will pay for the life-saving drugs; however, fixed dose combinations, which would decrease the pill burden, are still largely absent from the deal.
SRI LANKA: Princey Mangalika: "My neighbours burned my house because they thought I had HIV"
16 December 2010 (PlusNews ), There are few positive stories of people living with HIV out of Sri Lanka, but Princey Mangalika's is an exception
SOUTH AFRICA: Sihle Motha, "You have this person's life in your hands"
15 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Sihle Motha, a nurse at Malvern Clinic, in Johannesburg, is among the first to have been trained in the management and initiation of patients on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. She will soon be joined by thousands more as the government rolls out nurse-initiated ARV treatment at primary healthcare clinics across South Africa.
SOUTH AFRICA: Nurses step into ART breach
15 December 2010 (PlusNews ), At Malvern Clinic, a primary healthcare facility serving an impoverished suburb east of Johannesburg’s city centre, every seat was taken on a recent Monday morning.
SWAZILAND: Army slowly winning the HIV/AIDS battle
14 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Swaziland has the world’s highest estimated HIV prevalence, and its military is not exempt, although a wellness and prevention programme has seen a remarkable drop in AIDS deaths over the past two years, with a steady decline in new infections.
UGANDA: "Sexual network" campaign lacking, says study
14 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Uganda has taken steps to address the HIV threat posed when people have multiple sexual partners, but according to a recent study, campaigns to address the issue are having a limited impact.
HEALTH: WHO approves new rapid TB test
9 December 2010 (PlusNews ), The UN World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed a new rapid test for tuberculosis that could save millions of lives through early diagnosis of the disease. TB killed an estimated 1.7 million people globally in 2009.
AFRICA: Getting men talking about condoms
8 December 2010 (PlusNews ), “Why, if condoms are available, is AIDS still spreading in Africa?” asks Elkana Ong’esa, an elderly Kenyan man in the new documentary, Protection: Men and condoms in the time of HIV and AIDS.
AFRICA: Risky sex does not equal HIV risk - study
7 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Zimbabwean women reported significantly less risky sexual behaviour than their counterparts in Tanzania, despite being almost four times more likely to be HIV-infected, a comparative study has found.
ETHIOPIA: HIV risk in a booming construction industry
6 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Everywhere in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, modern buildings are popping up and wide roads are being built. The country's booming construction sector is attracting thousands of labourers, and government officials are increasingly recognizing the need to target these workers with HIV prevention services.
AFRICA: Mobile phones for health
3 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Some 80 health professionals and telecom operators are meeting in the Ghanaian capital Accra to explore ways to use mobile phones for better healthcare delivery.
KENYA: Walking 26km for a condom
2 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Correct and consistent condom use is one of the bedrocks of Kenya’s HIV/AIDS prevention programme but many people in rural areas have limited access to condoms.
ZAMBIA: How to make broad ARV access work
2 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Zambia is a poor country with a severe shortage of health workers, but it is closer to achieving universal access to antiretroviral treatment by the end of 2010 than many of its equally resource-limited neighbours.
HIV/AIDS: Does the world need more AIDS targets?
1 December 2010 (PlusNews ), With just a month to go before the deadline for achieving the targets of universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care expires, it is clear very few countries will reach them.
UGANDA: Striving to provide first-, second- and third-line ARVs
1 December 2010 (PlusNews ), Life-prolonging antiretroviral (ARV) medication is reaching more HIV-positive Ugandans than ever before, but health workers are concerned about how they will deal with the inevitable rise in drug resistance.
AFRICA: Mapping progress on universal access
1 December 2010 (PlusNews ), In sub-Saharan Africa, which shoulders nearly 70 percent of the global HIV burden, progress on the universal access targets for HIV/AIDS ranges from the good to the bad, and for most countries is somewhere in between.

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