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KENYA: HIV prevention jeopardized by PM's call for arrest of gays
30 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Gay Kenyans will be driven further underground and away from HIV prevention, treatment and care services following a recent call by Prime Minister Raila Odinga for a nationwide crackdown on homosexuals, activists say.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV prevention drugs raise more questions than answers
29 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Recent studies have shown that antiretroviral [ARV] drugs can reduce the risk of HIV-infection but for researchers and governments - the research raises more questions than answers about its implementation.
AFRICA: Straight Talk with Sheila Tlou, new UNAIDS head for Eastern and Southern Africa
29 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Sheila Tlou, former Minister of Health in Botswana, took over as UNAIDS director for East and southern Africa in November, just a month before the deadline for achieving universal access to treatment, prevention, care and support expires.
SOMALIA: Baby steps towards a PMTCT programme
29 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Many African countries are struggling to eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission, a vital component of the universal access to HIV prevention target, but in Somalia a programme to prevent such infections is just getting started.
SOUTH AFRICA: MSM left out of media, prevention programmes
26 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Men who have sex with men (MSM) do not make headlines in South African media and HIV experts have warned that a lack of accurate coverage prevents targeted HIV prevention and care for these men.
HIV/AIDS: AIDS epidemic changing course
24 November 2010 (PlusNews ), A new UNAIDS report claims the world has finally “turned the corner” on the AIDS epidemic, citing a downward trend in new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths over the past decade and stabilization of the number of people living with HIV globally.
HIV/AIDS: MSM groups hail pill to prevent HIV
24 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Gay rights groups have hailed the results of the first study to show that an antiretroviral (ARV) drug can prevent HIV as an important step in the fight against HIV, but say that in countries that criminalize homosexuality, the breakthrough is unlikely to have a significant impact.
ZAMBIA: Ephraim Banda, “The third-line drugs we don’t have”
23 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Before Zambia’s public health sector started providing free antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) to people living with HIV, Ephraim Banda bought his own medication. But his supply was often interrupted and the available drugs changed frequently and he is now one of a growing number of HIV-positive Zambians who have developed resistance to both first- and second-line ARV drug regimens.
UGANDA: Ssenga Bernadette Nabatanzi, "We used to put premature babies in underground holes"
23 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Ssenga Bernadette Nabatanzi, 70, has been a herbalist and traditional birth attendant for over 30 years, a skill passed down by her grandmother. Nabatanzi still practises her craft, but today she is also a trainer with Uganda's Traditional and modern Health practitioners Together against AIDS and other diseases (THETA), teaching other traditional healers about HIV/AIDS.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV prevalence among farm workers hits 40 percent
23 November 2010 (PlusNews ), The HIV prevalence rate among farm workers in South Africa is about 40 percent, the highest ever recorded in southern Africa, according to a new study.
ZIMBABWE: Drop in condom use following HIV prevention trial
22 November 2010 (PlusNews ), When researchers returned to Zimbabwe several months after the end of a trial involving condom and diaphragm use, they were disappointed to find that condom use - which had risen to 86 percent during the trial - had reduced significantly.
HAITI: HIV-positive people especially vulnerable to cholera
22 November 2010 (PlusNews ), As the death toll from the cholera epidemic sweeping through Haiti surpasses 1,000, with more than 19,000 confirmed cases, officials say people living with HIV are especially vulnerable.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: HIV prevention for youth - it's complicated
19 November 2010 (PlusNews ), When it comes to understanding what drives HIV infections among young people in southern Africa, the epicentre of the global AIDS pandemic, why not ask young people themselves?
EAST AFRICA: CEOs lead by example, take public HIV tests
18 November 2010 (PlusNews ), At least 40 East African chief executive officers (CEOs) recently took public HIV tests, a move designed to show their commitment to fighting HIV in the workplace in an increasingly integrated region.
HAITI: Combating TB in Port-au-Prince's tent cities
17 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Health workers in Haiti are concerned about the spread of tuberculosis (TB) in the tent cities that have housed more than one million people since the massive earthquake in January.
SWAZILAND: Declining customs union revenues threaten AIDS response
16 November 2010 (PlusNews ), An economic meltdown in Swaziland, exacerbated by a major decline in revenue from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), is unlikely to leave the national AIDS response unscathed, say local health officials.
SOUTH AFRICA: No change in HIV rate among pregnant women
12 November 2010 (PlusNews ), About 29 percent of South African pregnant women were living with HIV in 2009 - a figure that has barely shifted over the past four years, despite increased levels of commitment from the country’s health department and numerous prevention campaigns.
SOUTH AFRICA: Preventative TB therapy halves risk of death among ARV patients
11 November 2010 (PlusNews ), Preventative tuberculosis (TB) therapy can reduce death among patients on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment by about half, according to new research from South Africa.
KENYA: Exxxposed! A high-risk porn business
11 November 2010 (PlusNews ), The US adult film industry was brought to a virtual standstill recently after an actor tested HIV-positive and all his sexual partners were tested for the virus. There are no such precautions in Kenya's porn industry, where actors usually perform without a condom or routine HIV testing.
AFRICA: EU-India deal could threaten access to essential HIV drugs
9 November 2010 (PlusNews ), As Indian and European officials meet in Brussels to thrash out the details of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), civil society activists are concerned the deal could mean tighter intellectual property protections that could reduce access to cheap Indian generic drugs.

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