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SOUTH AFRICA: Queen Tinyiko Nwamitwa-Shilubana, "People didn't want to come out"
4 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Queen Tinyiko Nwamitwa-Shilubana has often found herself at the crossroads of South African history and has helped usher in democracy and expand women's rights. She has also helped define the role of traditional leaders in the fight against HIV.
SOMALIA: Stigma, insecurity hold back HIV fight in Mogadishu
3 May 2011 (PlusNews ), Residents of Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, are understandably more concerned with dodging bullets than avoiding HIV, but this lack of knowledge means widespread ignorance about HIV prevention, while people who are HIV-positive are often ostracized by their communities.
KENYA: Fight against child sex tourism needs a boost
28 April 2011 (PlusNews ), When police in Kenya's coastal tourist city of Mombasa conduct night raids, it is not unusual for a large number of sex workers arrested to be under 18.
KENYA: Steady progress in infant AIDS vaccine trial
27 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Infants enrolled in October 2010 in an HIV vaccine trial are doing well, say researchers in Kenya.
BURUNDI: Displaced women in Bujumbura risk HIV rather than hunger
26 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Desperate and displaced, some Burundian women will do anything, including have unprotected sex for money, to escape the dreadful living conditions in the Bujumbura suburb of Sabe, where more than 480 families of internally displaced persons have lived for several years.
UGANDA: As food prices bite, HIV-positive people turn to kitchen gardens
21 April 2011 (PlusNews ), The small 10m by 15m garden behind Agnes Oroma's house in northern Uganda's Gulu district is much more than a hobby garden; according to HIV-positive Oroma, it is one of the main reasons she is in good health.
SWAZILAND: AIDS organizations need a lifejacket
19 April 2011 (PlusNews ), AIDS organizations are struggling to keep afloat in Swaziland's growing financial crisis. Now, the oldest and also one of the biggest support providers, whose programmes reach six out of 10 Swazis in need of such services, is on the brink of closure.
KENYA: Management of sexually transmitted infections lags behind PMTCT
18 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Failure to diagnose and treat syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections among pregnant women in Kenya means thousands of mothers risk losing their children or passing on the infections to their unborn children.
HIV/AIDS: Prevention drug trial disappoints
18 April 2011 (PlusNews ), A three-country study has been halted after daily doses of the antiretroviral (ARV) Truvada, used as a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), failed to prevent HIV infection in the women participating.
UGANDA: Educator, counsellor, nurse - the many roles of a teacher
15 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Every school morning, Geoffrey Ocira stops his lessons for half an hour, rushing to his office to give his HIV-positive students their antiretroviral medication.
ETHIOPIA: Bid to boost ART adherence
13 April 2011 (PlusNews ), A three-month campaign by Addis Ababa's health bureau hopes to boost adherence to antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs in the Ethiopian capital by improving communication between patients and health service providers.
HIV/AIDS: Five ways to improve adherence to ARVs
13 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Antiretroviral treatment has given millions of people around the world - six million at last count - a new lease on life. However, less-than-strict adherence undermines the efficacy of the drugs.
ZIMBABWE: New treatment guidelines rolled out – a year later
12 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Zimbabwe's government adopted new guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for treating people living with HIV almost a year ago, but funding constraints have made it difficult to implement them - until now.
HIV/AIDS: Straight Talk with Stephen Lewis
11 April 2011 (PlusNews ), A former politician, diplomat and aid worker, few people have witnessed the fight against HIV from as many international vantage points as former UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa, Stephen Lewis. Now co-director of the international advocacy organization, AIDS-Free World, Lewis spoke to IRIN/PlusNews about the direction of the international response to HIV.
KENYA: Patients on ARVs hard hit by drought, high food prices
7 April 2011 (PlusNews ), When IRIN/PlusNews recently visited Nuna Kahiro, 75, in Kenya's Rift Valley town of Nakuru, she asked the same question she asks everyone who visits: "Did you bring me anything to eat?"
KENYA: Risking TB in Nyanza's gold mines
6 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Timothy Omuya spends most days chipping away at stones in search of gold and inhaling fine particles of dust without protective gear in western Kenya's mines. It was not a huge surprise, therefore, when he tested positive for tuberculosis.
KENYA: AIDS activists battle tax increase on medicines
5 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Kenyan AIDS activists are furious about a plan by the government to implement a 2 percent tax increase on medicines, which they say will hurt poor people living with HIV.
TANZANIA: Authorities urge caution on popular "cure-all" herb
4 April 2011 (PlusNews ), As thousands of people flock to the north of Tanzania in search of a popular herbal "miracle" cure, authorities are urging HIV-positive people to continue taking their antiretroviral medication.
BURUNDI: "Die-in" to protest lack of HIV care
4 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Hundreds of Burundians living with HIV/AIDS recently staged a demonstration in the capital, Bujumbura, to protest against a lack of treatment.
HIV/AIDS: Moving slowly towards an HIV-free generation
4 April 2011 (PlusNews ), Progress towards an HIV-free generation has been slow, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, as he released a report on achievements in combating HIV and AIDS in the past three decades.

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