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Kenya’s HIV programmes steel themselves for elections

NAIROBI, 26 February 2013 (PlusNews) - When violence broke out following the announcement of Kenya’s poll results in 2007, Henry Mwiterere and his family fled to safety shortly before their house, in the Rift Valley town of Burnt Forest, was burned to the ground. full report

Activists pressure Kenya's presidential candidates to act on HIV

BOMET, 25 February 2013 (PlusNews) - A small team of HIV/AIDS activists is trailing Kenyan presidential candidates as they crisscross the country, pressing them to increase their commitment to the care and treatment of people living with HIV. full report

KENYA: Milka*, “You have to let go hiding your HIV status to save your child”

NDHIWA, 2 January 2013 (PlusNews) - Milka*, a 25-year-old HIV-positive mother-of-three, knew through prenatal visits to her local clinic in Ndhiwa District, western Kenya, that feeding her newborn daughter only with breast milk would increase the infant’s chances of staying free of HIV. full report

KENYA: Integration of PMTCT and maternal and child health gets results

NAIROBI/NDHIWA, 19 December 2012 (PlusNews) - Health programmes integrating services for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV into regular maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) clinics, rather than operating PMTCT services as stand-along programmes, are showing positive results in Kenya, experts say. full report

KENYA: Exclusive breastfeeding on the rise

NDHIWA, 4 December 2012 (PlusNews) - Kenya has made significant strides in boosting exclusive breastfeeding, even passing a new law banning the promotion of infant formula. Nevertheless, challenges to safe infant feeding - a major part of prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission - remain. full report

KENYA: Rita, "I feel cheated of my right to decide whether to give birth or not"

NAIROBI, 30 November 2012 (PlusNews) - In August 2012, the African Gender and Media Initiative, a Kenyan NGO, released a report documenting cases of forced and coerced sterilizations of HIV-positive women, carried out by both private and government-run health facilities. full report

KENYA: Push to meet 2013 male circumcision targets

KISUMU, 6 November 2012 (PlusNews) - With just over one year left to achieve its target of having some 1.1 million men circumcised as part of HIV-prevention efforts, Kenyan male circumcision programmes are ramping up efforts to bring more men into clinics, compensating them for their time and encouraging them to bring friends in for the procedure. full report

KENYA: Media still need training on HIV

NAIROBI, 1 November 2012 (PlusNews) - Scourge. Plague. Killer disease. All are terms still routinely used by Kenya's media to describe the HIV epidemic more than thirty years after it was first identified. Experts say the media needs to step up to promote a better understanding of the illness. full report

KENYA: Study finds high acceptability, challenges with PrEP use

NAIROBI, 31 October 2012 (PlusNews) - Among populations at high risk of HIV, there is a high acceptance of pre-exposure prophylaxis - antiretroviral drugs used by HIV-negative people to reduce the risk of their acquiring HIV - a new Kenyan study has found. full report

EAST AFRICA: Sex workers need help too

NAIROBI, 19 October 2012 (PlusNews) - In humanitarian emergencies impoverished women may turn to sex work as a way of feeding themselves and their families; without the usual health services and given the often low education of those involved, sex is frequently unprotected, exposing them and their clients to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. full report

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