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HIV/AIDS: Growing old with HIV
26 July 2012 (PlusNews ), It's hard enough dealing with the aches and pains that usually come with getting older, but when you're HIV-positive, ageing brings more chronic illnesses and even more medication; many health systems are not ready to cope with this relatively new phenomenon.
HIV/AIDS: WHO issues guidelines on PrEP
20 July 2012 (PlusNews ), Days after US officials gave unprecedented approval for the use of an antiretroviral drug by HIV-negative people to reduce the risk of their acquiring the HI virus, the World Health Organization has issued guidance to governments on so-called pre-exposure prophylaxis.
AFRICA: Domestic investment in HIV up but uneven
19 July 2012 (PlusNews ), Many sub-Saharan African nations - traditionally the beneficiaries of international HIV funding - are gradually increasing their financial contributions to the fight against the virus, boosting the number of people on treatment to record highs according to a new UNAIDS report, Together We Will End AIDS, released on 18 July.
HIV/AIDS: Criminalization of drug use fuelling HIV
27 June 2012 (PlusNews ), The war against drugs is hurting the fight against HIV, according to a new report by the Global Commission on Drug policy, an international panel that advocates science-based strategies to reduce the harm caused by drugs.
HEALTH: The TB activist agenda
14 June 2012 (PlusNews ), TB activists have a lot on their plates - whether it’s affordable access to the latest tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics, or pushing for more paediatric formulations. IRIN/PlusNews takes a look at the top three issues.
KENYA: Needles to be distributed to injecting drug users
7 June 2012 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government will begin distributing free syringes and needles to more than 50,000 injecting drug users across the country in the next month. Policy-makers and experts said the decision was reached following concerns over the spread of HIV and other blood-borne illnesses through injection drug use.
KENYA: Migrant sex workers off the HIV prevention radar
31 May 2012 (PlusNews ), When Redempta*, 22, fled the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) two years ago and came to Kenya, she quickly had to find a source of income to feed and house herself and her two younger siblings. But as an illegal immigrant with no knowledge of local languages, her options were very limited.
KENYA: Curbing the spread of TB in infected households
24 May 2012 (PlusNews ), Elsie, Bernard and their five children share a tiny tin-walled single room in Nyalenda, an informal settlement in Kisumu, in Kenya's Nyanza Province. They are both infected with HIV and TB.
EAST AFRICA: Regional HIV Bill passed without criminalization clause
27 April 2012 (PlusNews ), East Africa's Legislative Assembly has passed a regional HIV/AIDS Bill that seeks to protect the rights of people living with HIV and harmonize regional legislation and policy on the prevention and treatment of HIV.
KENYA: Protest over $500 million in unspent PEPFAR funds
25 April 2012 (PlusNews ), More than 400 Kenyan AIDS activists have demonstrated in the capital, Nairobi, demanding that the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief release some US$500 million for HIV programmes in Kenya that is stuck in the pipeline.
KENYA: High court ruling on anti-counterfeit law "upholds right to health"
25 April 2012 (PlusNews ), Kenyan HIV activists say a ruling by the High Court that the definition of "anti-counterfeit" in the 2008 Anti-Counterfeit Act is too broad will save millions of lives and protect the right to life of citizens.
KENYA: Better training needed for counsellors of HIV-discordant couples
5 April 2012 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government has issued guidelines on counselling for HIV-discordant couples, but many counsellors in smaller, rural health centres remain untrained.
KENYA: Many sex workers are married, new report reveals
27 March 2012 (PlusNews ), A new survey of commercial sex work in Kenya, the first to include male sex workers, has revealed that 40 percent of female and male commercial sex workers are in marriages or stable unions.
HEALTH: Childhood tuberculosis a “hidden epidemic”
22 March 2012 (PlusNews ), Globally, an estimated 200 children die from tuberculosis every day despite the availability of cheap drugs to prevent and treat this highly infectious condition, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) has said.
KENYA: Male circumcision programme suffers setback
2 March 2012 (PlusNews ), Kenya's most recent male circumcision rapid results initiative failed to meet its target, and officials are stepping up efforts to identify and fix the problems that could foil the government's campaign to circumcise more than one million men by 2013.
KENYA: XDR-TB case raises questions
28 February 2012 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government's recent failure to adequately treat a patient with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) has some civil society organizations questioning whether the country's TB programme is equipped to diagnose and treat such patients.
KENYA: Discordance strains commitment
13 February 2012 (PlusNews ), When they first got married six years ago, Mary and William Simiyu were a typical newly-wed couple - full of love and hope about their future together. Three years into their marriage Mary fell sick and they reluctantly agreed to get tested for HIV. Her result was HIV positive but her husband’s wasn’t. Suddenly, they had become discordant.
KENYA: Tackling underage sex work in Nyanza's gold mines
7 February 2012 (PlusNews ), Inside a smoky makeshift kiosk, Julie*, 16, can hardly cope with the demand from her clients for a cup of tea and a snack - the men are parched from their work as gold miners in the western Kenyan district of Nyatike.
KENYA: Shortage of HIV test kits raises concerns
27 January 2012 (PlusNews ), Voluntary counselling and testing centres around Kenya are turning people away due to a shortage of HIV testing kits after the recall in December of more than one million faulty HIV tests.
KENYA: Male circumcision - women need counselling too
23 January 2012 (PlusNews ), A small Kenyan study has found that more women than men feel HIV is a less serious threat after their male partners are circumcised; the study also made local news for finding that female partners of recently circumcised men found sex more enjoyable.

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