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 Wednesday 16 June 2010
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Country Profile: Mauritius
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AIDS Programmes

No AIDS Programmes can be displayed at this moment. Please click on the tabs for HIV/AIDS Organisations, Treatment Maps or Indicators for the latest data.

HIV/AIDS Organisations

  UNAIDS Country Co-ordinator (also Madagascar and Seychelles)
Contact person: Sétou Kaba Tel: +261 20 22 366 32
Location: Fax: +261 20 22 641 84
What we do:

Source: - The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

Treatment Map

HIV Prevalence Rate (%) (Nov. 2006): .19%, with 86.1% of all new cases contracted via injection drug use
No. Of People living with HIV/AIDS (Nov. 2006): 2,668 reported cases of HIV/AIDS among Mauritians and Non-residents however as of Nov. 2006 there were 2,382 people living with HIV on the island.
No. Of People in need of ART (Dec. 2006): 250, an additional 125 people will need ARVs in 2007
No. Of People Currently On ART (Dec. 2006): 254
No. Of People on ART Public Sector (Dec. 2006): 254
No. Of People on ART Private Sector (Dec. 2006): n/a
No. Of People on ART in Non Govt Programmes: none
No. Of People Expected to be on ART (2006 End) (Dec. 2006): 254
Front Line Drug Regimen (Dec. 2006): For those with CD4 counts in the 200 – 300 range: zidovudine + lamivudine + nevirapine, also known as triomune. For those with a CD4 count < 200 : zidovudine + lamivudine + Kaletra
*PMTCT Regimen: Expectant mother are prescribed combivir + nelfinavir and receive a dose of zidovudine at labour. Infants also receive a dose of zidovudine at birth and maybe be prescribed either zidovudine or a combination of nevirapine and zidovudine for six weeks after birth.

HIV/AIDS Fund Disbursements:
Total Funds Disbursed By The Global Fund: nil
Total Funds Disbursed By The World Bank Multi-Country HIV/AIDS Programme (MAP): nil
Total Funds Disbursed By PEPFAR During 2005 Fiscal Year: nil

Sources: UNAIDS


Demographics (United Nations Population Fund):
Population: 1 245 000
Population aged 15-59: 819 000
Urban population: 545 000

Under 5 mortality per 1000 births: 18
Male life expectancy: 69 years
Female life expectancy: 75 years
Combined average life expectancy: 72 years
Combined average life expectancy 1975-1980: 64.9 years

Education (UNESCO, 2004):
Males with secondary education as percentage of secondary school-age youths: 85% (2004 UNESCO Institute for Statistics estimate)
Females with secondary education as percentage of secondary school-age youths: 85% (2004 UNESCO Institute for Statistics estimate)

Literacy rates (UNESCO, 2004):
Percentage of literate males aged 15 or older: 88.2 percent
Percentage of literate females aged 15 or older: 80.5 percent
Combined literacy rate for aged 15 or older: 84.3 percent
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