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 Wednesday 16 June 2010
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Country Profile: Morocco
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AIDS Programmes

No AIDS Programmes can be displayed at this moment. Please click on the tabs for HIV/AIDS Organisations, Treatment Maps or Indicators for the latest data.

HIV/AIDS Organisations

  National AIDS Committee
Contact person: Dr Noureddine Chaouki, Director of Epidemiology and the fight against Disease, Ministry of Health Tel: +212 37 67 12 71
Location: 71, Avenue Ibn Sina Agdal
Rabat, Morocco
Fax: +212 37 67 12 98
What we do:

  Association Marocaine de Solidarité et Développement (AMSED)
Contact person: Madame Najat Sarhani, Director Tel:
Location: 65, Avenue Kennedy
Rabat 10 000
What we do:

Contact person: Younnes Yatine, project coordinator Tel: +212 2299 4242/43
Location: Siège national 17 Bd Al Massirra El Khadra, Mâarif
Casablanca, Morocco
Fax: +212 2299 4244
What we do:

 North African Network of AIDS Service Organisations - NANASO
Contact person: Anouar Moalla, coordinator Tel: +216 71 872 847
Location: 42, rue Tahar Ben Brahim
1013 El Menzah
IXb Tunis, Tunisia
Fax: +216 70 860 509
What we do:

 World Health Organisation
Contact person: Dr Raouf Benammar Tel: +037 632 259
Location: BP 812 Rabat-Mechouar
Rabat-Maroc. Morocco
Fax: +037 632209
What we do:

 UNAIDS Country Coordinator
Contact person: Dr Kamal Alami, WHO Office, Ministry of Health Tel: +212 37 76 02 60
Location: 10 Rue Khouribga, Hassan
Rabat, Morocco
Fax: +212 27 66 03 94
What we do:

 UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS, Chair
Contact person: Ms. Maie Ayoub Von Kohl, UNICEF Tel: +212 37 75 97 41
Location: Rabat, Morocco Fax: +212 37 75 97 60
What we do:

Treatment Map

Adult HIV Prevalence Rate (%) (March 2006): 0.06% among pregnant women (2005)
No. Of People living with HIV/AIDS (March 2006): 18 000
No. Of HIV Testing & Counselling Sites (March 2006): 24
No. Of People in need of ART (Dec. 2006): 2,800
No. Of People On ART (Dec. 2006): 1,500
No. Of Sites Reportedly Distributing ARVs (March 2007): 7
No. Of People on ART Public Sector (March 2007): 1,500
No. Of People on ART Private Sector (March 2007): n/a
No. Of People on ART in Non-Government Programmes
(March 2007):
No. Of People Expected to be on ART by end of 2007
(March 2007):
Front Line Drug Regimen: zidovudine + lamivudine + efavirenz or zidovudine + lamivudine + nevirapine
*PMTCT Regimen: zidovudine or Trithérapie

HIV/AIDS Fund Disbursements:
Total Funds Disbursed By The Global Fund as of December 2006: US$ 9,238,754
Total Funds Disbursed By The World Bank Multi-Country HIV/AIDS Programme (MAP): not applicable
Total Funds Planned for Disbursement By PEPFAR During 2006 Fiscal Year: none

Sources: UNAIDS


Demographics (United Nations Population Fund):
Population: 31.9 million
Urban population: 59 percent

Under 5 mortality per 1000 births: 37
Male life expectancy: 68.4 years
Female life expectancy: 72.8 years
Combined average life expectancy: 70.6 years
Combined average life expectancy 1975-1980: approx. 52.9 years

Education (UNESCO, 2004):
Males with secondary education as percentage of secondary school-age youths: 52 percent
Females with secondary education as percentage of secondary school-age youths: 43 percent

Literacy rates (UNESCO, 2004):
Percentage of literate males aged 15 or older: 65.7 percent
Percentage of literate females aged 15 or older: 39. 6 percent
Combined literacy rate for those aged 15 or older: 52.65 percent
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