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Tuesday 2 August 2005

Guinea: Living on the edge
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Internet links and Resources
Links and websites  
  • Africatime, a website created in New York by five students from Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Congo and Benin, which provides news and information on Guinea in French and English. The site carries agency reports and material from national media in Guinea.

  • Boubah.com, a general information site on Guinea, carrying news in French and English and with links to a series of media sites in Guinea.

  • Guinea-Forum - published in French and English with the objective of promoting democracy and economic development in Guinea.

  • Guinea-Future - The Association of Guineans for the Promotion of Democracy (AGPD) is a non-governmental organisation created by Guineans based in the United States, with the objective of encouraging the exchange and collaboration between political parties and civil society.

  • Guicomnet - website in French on Guinea, providing news, information, letters forum.

  • Guinee-gov - official site of the government of Guinea includes a presidential biography, nation anthem and list of government ministers.

Independent Newspapers

  • La Lance and Le Lynx, two independent weekly French-language newspapers, published by the same media house. These are the two most influential newspapers in Guinea, selling 6,000 copies a month in a country of nine million people. Literacy rates in Guinea remain low, with only 41 per cent of Guineans over the age of 15 able to read and write.

    La Lance : www.mirinet.com
    Le Lynx : www.mirinet.net.gn

Political Parties

  • RPG - In French, the website of the main opposition party in Guinea, led by Alpha Condé.

  • UFR - In French, the website of the Union of Republican Forces (UFR), the party led by Sidya Touré, prime minister under Lansana Conté between July 1996 and March 1999.

International News
  • La Lettre de Continent, published in Paris covers political developments and business issues in francophone Africa and is available in both French and English. The Lettre de Continent is one of several specialist publications on African issues available at Africa Intelligence.

International Organisations

  • The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has two websites offering humanitarian updates on Guinea and background information and analysis on regional developments and their humanitarian implications.

  • The United Nations in Guinea - information on and contacts for all the main UN agencies active in Guinea: the WFP, UNHCR, WHO, UNFPA, UNDP,UNICEF, FAO - and other international organisations - including the IMF and World Bank.

  • Guinea and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - The IMF site offers detailed information on the financial situation in Guinea, which has been a member of the IMF since 1963.

  • Guinea and the World Bank - offers overview of the Guinean economy, World Bank relations with Guinea and contacts.

  • French cooperation in Guinea Conakry website offering contacts and information.

  • CIA - Official site of the US Central Intelligence Agency, which offers general information on the Guinean economy.

  • International Crisis Group (ICG) an independent, non-profit, multinational organisation, published a report on Guinea, "Uncertainties at the end of an era " in December 2003. As of now, only the French version, "Incertitudes autour d'une fin de règne" is available on the Internet.

  • Reporters sans frontières (Reporters without Borders) carries an update on the press.

  • Human Rights Watch - A human rights organisation based in the United States, which published a report on Guinea in July 2001 just after the first incursions by Liberian rebels in the Forest Region.

  • The United Nations Programme for the Environment (UNEP) published a report in March 2000 focusing on the impact of refugees on the environment in the Forest Region.

  • Refugees International, an NGO based in the United States carries material on the situation of refugees in the Forest Region.

  • The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, runs seven refugee camps in Guinea's Forest Region. Three of the camps are about to be closed after the repatriation of some 55,000 Sierra Leonean refugees and four are occupied by around 60,000 Liberians. This map provided by the UNHCR shows the camps in Guinea and the main relocation sites.


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