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Tuesday 16 November 2004
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MOZAMBIQUE: Failed AIDS treatment target predicted, 16/Nov/04
JOHANNESBURG, 16 November (PLUSNEWS) - It is unlikely that Mozambique will meet its target of having 8,000 people on anti-AIDS treatment by the end of 2004, although more than 5,000 are... Email Report

MOZAMBIQUE: Artists create AIDS awareness, 10/Nov/04
MAPUTO, 10 November (PLUSNEWS) - Mozambican artists organised a four-day festival on Art and AIDS last week in the capital, Maputo, to create awareness around the epidemic. The... Email Report

MOZAMBIQUE: Youth health targeted, 28/Oct/04
ZAMBEZIA, 28 October (PLUSNEWS) - As HIV infection continues to climb among Mozambican youth, initiatives are underway to address their specific health concerns. In Gurue, a... Email Report

MOZAMBIQUE: US millions pledged for HIV/AIDS, 27/Oct/04
JOHANNESBURG, 27 October (PLUSNEWS) - The US plans to fund 14 centres for HIV counselling and testing in Mozambique, as well as various programmes to prevent transmission of the virus from... Email Report

MOZAMBIQUE: Securing an AIDS-free future, 26/Oct/04
ZAMBEZIA, 26 October (PLUSNEWS) - A crowd of young Mozambicans gathered under the shade of a tree last week to discuss what they knew about HIV/AIDS, as part of a peer education... Email Report

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