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Sunday 28 May 2006
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SOUTH AFRICA: HIV-positive Muslims take comfort in their faith, 26/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 26 May (PLUSNEWS) - After becoming sick with tuberculosis Majawa called the Islamic Careline, a confidential counselling service, and was put in touch with the Muslim... Email Report

UGANDA: UNGASS - good HIV/AIDS information but too little prevention , 26/May/06
KAMPALA, 26 May (PLUSNEWS) - Uganda has failed to meet two of the three HIV prevention targets set by the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on HIV in 2001,... Email Report

UGANDA: Glum HIV/AIDS outlook for Kampala's slum dwellers, 26/May/06
KAMPALA, 26 May (PLUSNEWS) - Hundreds of thousands of people live in the expansive slums of Uganda's capital city, Kampala, most of whom migrated from their rural homes to escape... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: 'In the Continuum' gives HIV/AIDS a human face, 26/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 26 May (PLUSNEWS) - 'In the Continuum' tells the stories of Abigail (Danai Gurira), a middle-class Zimbabwean woman who is a wife and mother working as a newsreader for... Email Report

AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 285, 26 May 2006, 26/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 26 May (PLUSNEWS) - SPECIAL REPORTS ON UNGASS PROGRESS: SOUTHERN AFRICA: Expecting poor marks for AIDS prevention on the UNGASS report card KENYA: Progress on HIV... Email Report

KENYA: Treating little people with big problems at Gertrude's , 25/May/06
NAIROBI, 25 May (PLUSNEWS) - Gertrude's Garden Children's Hospital, in the plush Nairobi suburb of Muthaiga, is the Kenyan capital's only facility dedicated to paediatrics and,... Email Report

KENYA: Caring for an HIV-positive child - one mother's story, 25/May/06
NAIROBI, 25 May (PLUSNEWS) - When HIV-positive Brenda* had her first child in 1998, he lived for just five months his immune system overwhelmed by illness. Abandoned by the... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Mothers urged to join in parent-to-child HIV prevention , 25/May/06
ADDIS ABABA, 25 May (PLUSNEWS) - The Ethiopian health ministry is urging mothers to join the fight to reduce the number of children born with the HI virus, estimating that just six... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Child Mortality rising, 25/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 25 May (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa is one of only seven countries on the continent where child deaths are rising, reversing a steady drop that began in the mid-1990s,... Email Report

MOZAMBIQUE: Exploitation and abuse awaits Zimbabwe's migrant children, 25/May/06
MAPUTO, 25 May (PLUSNEWS) - Save the Children-UK (SCF-UK) has raised the alarm over increasing numbers of Zimbabwean children illegally entering Mozambique to escape poverty at... Email Report

UGANDA: Politicians implicated in Global Fund scam excluded from gov't, 24/May/06
KAMPALA, 24 May (PLUSNEWS) - Uganda's former health minister and his two deputies - all of whom are accused of mismanagement of foreign grants to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and... Email Report

KENYA: Progress on HIV parent-to-baby transmission, but UNGASS target still elusive, 24/May/06
NAIROBI, 24 May (PLUSNEWS) - The comprehensive HIV/AIDS care clinic at Kenya's Machakos District Hospital buzzes with activity as nurses call out the names of the tens of women... Email Report

MYANMAR: Preventing HIV/AIDS among school dropouts, 24/May/06
YANGOON, 24 May (PLUSNEWS) - In military-ruled Myanmar poverty forces over half the country’s children to leave primary school early, putting many at greater risk of contracting... Email Report

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Expecting poor marks for AIDS prevention on the UNGASS report card, 23/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 23 May (PLUSNEWS) - African countries have failed to meet prevention targets agreed upon in 2001 at the United Nations General Assembly's Special Session on HIV/AIDS... Email Report

DJIBOUTI: The weight of silence - overcoming the stigma of HIV/AIDS , 23/May/06
DJIBOUTIVILLE, 23 May (PLUSNEWS) - In the deeply conservative Muslim society of the Red Sea state of Djibouti, HIV-positive people wear their status as a cloak of shame. "Being HIV... Email Report

KENYA: Sharing knowledge key to improving HIV/AIDS management, 22/May/06
NAIROBI, 22 May (PLUSNEWS) - In a bid to document and scale-up 'best practices' in HIV/AIDS, the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) in Kenya has carried out 16 case... Email Report

UGANDA: Men's union encourages men to be more open about HIV, 22/May/06
KAMPALA, 22 May (PLUSNEWS) - A pioneering support group in Uganda is urging men living with HIV/AIDS to own up to their condition rather than putting themselves and their families... Email Report

UGANDA: UN urged to prioritise AIDS, 22/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 22 May (PLUSNEWS) - UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan was urged on Sunday to place HIV/AIDS in Uganda high on the agenda of the UN General Assembly Special Session on the... Email Report

NAMIBIA: Vulnerable children receive food and an allowance, 22/May/06
RUNDU, 22 May (PLUSNEWS) - Registering and feeding over 100,000 orphans and vulnerable children in the rural areas of northern Namibia is underway, bringing much needed relief... Email Report

COTE D IVOIRE: Civil war all but wiped out health care, HIV/AIDS facilities in north, 22/May/06
ABIDJAN, 22 May (PLUSNEWS) - Cote d'Ivoire’s civil war all but wiped out the health sector in the rebel-held north, dramatically reducing the number of available doctors and... Email Report


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