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Lundi 4 avril 2005
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PlusNews Weekly Issue 204, 22 October 2004

1. Materials for World AIDS Day now available online

This year's World AIDS Campaign posters, with the strap line "Have you heard me today?" explore how gender inequality fuels the AIDS epidemic.

World AIDS Day 2004 continues to build on the theme of HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination, with a specific focus on women and girls. The posters end with the strong message: "Equality for women helps fight AIDS".

Posters will be available from Geneva in English, French, Spanish and Russian. Blank templates of images and text will also be available for local adaptation, following requests from previous years.

You may direct any World AIDS Day enquiries to the website pages, or or to +41-22-197-1027.

Copies of this year's posters and other campaign support materials are now online at: www.unaids.org

2. International seminar on HIV/AIDS coverage - Brazil

Reuters Foundation is inviting journalists from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, Russia, and South and Southeast Asia to a seminar on covering HIV and AIDS.

Held in English, the "Reporting HIV/AIDS" seminar is scheduled for November 29 to December 7 in Rio de Janeiro.

Applicants should demonstrate a clear interest in social and development issues, although organisers are not looking for HIV-AIDS specialists. Along with a complete application form, candidates should submit a report of about 500 words on AIDS in their own country, including statistics, the cost, progress or lack thereof in fighting its spread, government policies, and patients' access to drugs, among other details. The deadline is October 29.

Applicants should send the materials, including a short biography and copies of published work, to: , or fax +44 20 7542 8599

For more details, visit: www.foundation.reuters.com

3. International Conference on HIV/AIDS, Food and Nutrition Security - Durban, South Africa

The goal of this conference, running from 14-16 April 2005, is to stimulate more effective, large-scale action that addresses the links between HIV/AIDS and food and nutrition insecurity.

It also aims to strengthen ties between African organisations and others in regions where HIV prevalences are rising. Links between different sectors, particularly public health and agriculture will also be encouraged.

Prior to this conference the World Health Organization (WHO) and partners will be holding a Technical Consultation on Nutrition and HIV/AIDS in Africa at the same venue.

Submission of abstract: 14 December 2004
Notification of decision: 14 January 2005
Receipt of completed papers: 14 March 2005

Stuart Gillespie, IFPRI ()
Please e-mail abstracts to Ginette Mignot, IFPRI ()


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