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Samedi 27 août 2005
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PlusNews Weekly Issue 194, 13 August 2004

1. Eldis HIV/AIDS resource guide relaunched

The Eldis/HRC HIV/AIDS resource guide has been relaunched with a new look and expanded topic coverage. New topics include conflict and emergency, faith, human resources, injecting drug users, and sex workers and the sex industry. Coverage of topics such as children and young people, gender, prevention, and treatment and care, has also been extended.

Two new key issues pages have been added:

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children
    This Eldis guide provides summaries and research on the key issues related to orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS, including an overview of the current situation, projected trends and proposed strategies to fight this growing problem. www.eldis.org
  • Abstinence versus Broad-based sexual health programmes
    The guide looks at the arguments for and against abstinence only, or broad-based sexual health promotion approaches in prevention programmes, providing a review of the evidence base and summaries of research on the key issues with links to further sources. www.eldis.org
  • Each feature provides introductory text on the issues, links to key websites, current news on the topic and a list of key readings. Other features of the guide include country profiles, a list of key HIV/AIDS databases, access to key websites, as well as HIV/AIDS events and opportunities.

    To access the new guide: www.eldis.org

2. Third AIDS Vaccine 2004 International Conference

The third AIDS Vaccine conference will be held from 30 August to 1 September 2004 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The conference is organised by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) National Prevention Information Network (NPIN), and will bring together more than 1,200 scientific researchers, who are active in the field of AIDS vaccines, from all over the world.

A range of professionals, including vaccine developers, designers, epidemiologists, public health specialists, representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and clinicians will explore the most effective future vaccine strategies.

Subjects to be discussed include Developing Nations, Therapeutic Drugs, Vaccine Development Research and Vaccines.

For more information:
AIDS Vaccine 2004 Administrative Secretariat
AKM Congress Service
PO Box 4005 Basel Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 686 77 11
Fax: +41 61 686 77 88

The registration fee is US $600 from 19 June to 6 August and $700 from 7 August 2004 or for on-site registration. A limited number of travel grants and scholarships will be awarded to young scientists presenting an abstract or coming from a developing country.

3. Sexuality Education in Nigerian Schools

Futures Group and the POLICY Project have released their latest publication entitled: 'Sexuality Education in Schools: The International Experience and Implications for Nigeria'.

Nigeria is in the early stages of implementing its new national policy on sexuality and reproductive health education. Worldwide, school-based programmes are an important element of efforts to improve the reproductive health of young people. This paper reviews the international experience and its implications for Nigeria. The paper can be viewed or downloaded at www.policyproject.com

4. Nutrition training workshop

Kenya's Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development (TICH in Africa) will be holding a training workshop for nutrition in the care and support of HIV-positive people from 15 to 21 November 2004. The workshop will enable managers, planners and caregivers to develop and implement strategies for integrating nutrition into HIV/AIDS care and support programmes.

Participants will acquire knowledge and skills in:

  • designing interventions for nutrition care and support of PLWHA
  • planning nutrition action for PLWHA
  • addressing food security in the context of HIV/AIDS
  • managing, monitoring and evaluating programmes that integrate the nutrition, care and support of PLWHA
  • The course content is divided into nine systematic sessions, each of which present state-of-the-art knowledge on the topic, relevant strategies and approaches.

    The course provides varied learning environments and makes optimal use of the participants' experience in working with programmes in resource-poor settings.

    Fee: 30,000kshs (US $320): Includes course fee, handouts, lecture materials, administration fees, registration, break teas and lunch. It excludes travel fares, accommodation, breakfast, dinner and incidentals.

    Basic accommodation with full board can be provided at US $200.

    Application forms can be obtained by emailing the course coordinator. The application form and a detailed CV should be sent not later than 30 September 2004 to:

    The course coordinator
    Nutrition in the care and support of PLWHA
    TICH in Africa
    PO Box 2224-40100
    Kisumu, Kenya


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