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Sunday 26 February 2006
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AFRICA: Vaginal douching increases HIV risk, 16/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 16 January (PLUSNEWS) - Sex workers performing internal vaginal washing as a means of HIV prevention are three times more likely to contract the virus than those who do not,... Email Report

AFRICA: Lewis welcomes Clinton AIDS deal, 16/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 16 January (PLUSNEWS) - The UN has welcomed a deal struck by former US President Bill Clinton to secure cheaper anti-AIDS drugs for the developing world. Clinton announced... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Khomanani adds a new twist to love on Valentine's, 13/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 January (PLUSNEWS) - If the government's latest anti-AIDS campaign is anything to go by, Valentine's Day next month could mean more than just chocolates and red roses for... Email Report

AFRICA: Deal struck for cheaper AIDS treatment, 13/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 January (PLUSNEWS) - Former US President Bill Clinton has struck a deal to reduce prices on second-line anti-AIDS drugs for HIV-positive people in the developing world,... Email Report

AFRICA: Effort for expanded AIDS intervention launched, 13/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 January (PLUSNEWS) - An effort to achieve the rollout of universal HIV/AIDS treatment by 2010 was launched at an international gathering in Washington earlier this week. ... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Gays irked by blood donor policies, 13/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 January (PLUSNEWS) - South African gay activists are going ahead with plans to demonstrate outside blood donor clinics on Friday over a decision denying them the right to... Email Report

AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 266, 13 January 2006, 13/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 January (PLUSNEWS) - NEWS: SOUTH AFRICA: Khomanani adds a new twist to love on... Email Report

AFRICA: Businesses acknowledge future AIDS impact, 12/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 12 January (PLUSNEWS) - An estimated 46 percent of business leaders say they expect HIV/AIDS to affect their operations within the next five years, a World Economic Forum... Email Report

UGANDA: Sweden tackle AIDS and development, 12/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 12 January (PLUSNEWS) - Ugandans living around Lake Victoria are to benefit from a Swedish funded initiative aimed at addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS and development. ... Email Report

NIGERIA: Free AIDS treatment sites to double, 12/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 12 January (PLUSNEWS) - Nigeria plans in the next three months to double its number of anti-AIDS treatment sites to 66, the National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA) announced... Email Report


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