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Saturday 16 December 2006
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AFRICA: Women's rights needed against AIDS - UNFPA, 2/Jun/06
JOHANNESBURG, 2 June (PLUSNEWS) - The only way to reverse the feminisation of HIV/AIDS is to allow women greater control of their bodies and their lives, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA)... Email Report

AFRICA: UN meeting deadlock over declaration, 2/Jun/06
JOHANNESBURG, 2 June (PLUSNEWS) - A UN High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS in New York is struggling to reach consensus over a final declaration of commitment on how to tackle the... Email Report

AFRICA: Lewis irked by AIDS funding shortfall, 2/Jun/06
JOHANNESBURG, 2 June (PLUSNEWS) - Experts say global HIV/AIDS programmes are facing massive financing shortfalls in the coming years, as countries balk at setting new funding targets... Email Report

KENYA: ARVs now free in public hospitals, 2/Jun/06
NAIROBI, 2 June (PLUSNEWS) - HIV-positive Kenyans will no longer have to pay for life-prolonging antiretroviral (ARV) treatment at public hospitals, President Mwai Kibaki has... Email Report

AFRICA: Africa opts for stronger Abuja agreement over UN deal, 2/Jun/06
NEW YORK, 2 June (PLUSNEWS) - African delegations in New York on Friday said an agreement they reached last month in Nigeria would remain the cornerstone of the continent's... Email Report

AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 286, 2 June 2006, 2/Jun/06
JOHANNESBURG, 2 June (PLUSNEWS) - NEWS: AFRICA: UNGASS draft declaration far short of civil society... Email Report

UGANDA: Criminal probe recommended in AIDS fund scam, 2/Jun/06
KAMPALA, 2 June (PLUSNEWS) - A judicial probe into the mismanagement of grants to Uganda from the Geneva-based Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has recommended... Email Report

AFRICA: Politics override the needs of vulnerable people at UNGASS, 1/Jun/06
NEW YORK, 1 June (PLUSNEWS) - African AIDS activists at the UN High-Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS in New York are furious over what they see as the overturning of agreed... Email Report

AFRICA: Huge gap in healthcare staff highlighted at UNGASS, 1/Jun/06
JOHANNESBURG, 1 June (PLUSNEWS) - Healthcare shortages in developing nations have not been properly addressed in the draft political declaration of the 2006 High-Level Meeting on HIV... Email Report

AFRICA: Women still hardest-hit by AIDS - Piot, 1/Jun/06
JOHANNESBURG, 1 June (PLUSNEWS) - Women in Africa are still hardest-hit by HIV/AIDS, despite some headway being made in lowering the numbers in parts of the continent, UNAIDS Executive... Email Report

AFRICA: More AIDS focus on marginalised groups needed - Annan, 1/Jun/06
JOHANNESBURG, 1 June (PLUSNEWS) - UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Wednesday called for a greater focus on marginalised groups in the global battle against HIV/AIDS. Addressing... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: HIV positive woman makes history at UNGASS, 1/Jun/06
JOHANNESBURG, 1 June (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa's Khensani Mavasa on Wednesday became the first HIV-positive person to address a special session of the UN General Assembly. In a... Email Report

TANZANIA: Church still opposes condoms, sex education, 1/Jun/06
DAR ES SALAAM, 1 June (PLUSNEWS) - Tanzania's Anglican Church is still vehemently opposed to condom use, despite its ambitious HIV/AIDS prevention campaign, and has called for a total... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Health Minister to address UNGASS, 31/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 31 May (PLUSNEWS) - South African health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is among scores of government officials converging on New York for the UN General Assembly... Email Report

AFRICA: Activists demand action on G8 AIDS pledge, 31/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 31 May (PLUSNEWS) - Promises by the Group of Eight (G8) industrialised nations to assist in providing universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment will be broken unless firm... Email Report

AFRICA: G8 fails to set up AIDS working group - trade unions, 31/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 31 May (PLUSNEWS) - Trade unions attending the UN High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS are seeking support for the creation of a permanent working group on HIV/AIDS by the... Email Report

AFRICA: Special focus on women during UN Meeting, 31/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 31 May (PLUSNEWS) - A UN High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS in New York this week will be taking stock of global efforts against HIV/AIDS, with a special focus on women. ... Email Report

AFRICA: Panos urges greater commitment at UN meeting, 31/May/06
JOHANNESBURG, 31 May (PLUSNEWS) - The Panos Institute, a London-based thinktank, is calling for strengthened efforts by world leaders as the UN High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS kicks... Email Report

EAST AFRICA: Significant progress as HIV prevalence declines - UNAIDS, 31/May/06
NAIROBI, 31 May (PLUSNEWS) - Although sub-Saharan Africa is the region worst affected by HIV/AIDS, a new report by UNAIDS has noted significant declines in prevalence in Kenya,... Email Report

BURUNDI: Lack of health facilities, staff shortages impede ARV rollout, 31/May/06
BUJUMBURA, 31 May (PLUSNEWS) - As Burundi's public health system struggles to recover from a 12-year civil war, only a handful of the estimated 250,000 HIV-positive Burundians who... Email Report


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