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Wednesday 10 May 2006
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ETHIOPIA: Govt treatment programme brings hope to thousands, 13/Apr/06
ADDIS ABABA, 13 April (PLUSNEWS) - In January 2005 the Ethiopian government launched a programme to give universal access to free antiretroviral therapy (ART) to people living with... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Govt pulls back on barring civil society from UN session on HIV/AIDS, 13/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 13 April (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa's health ministry has reversed its decision to block the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), an AIDS lobby group, from attending the... Email Report

NIGERIA: New study tracks development of resistance to ARVs, 12/Apr/06
LAGOS, 12 April (PLUSNEWS) - After a year of taking antiretrovirals (ARVs), more than a third of the patients surveyed in a study of Nigeria's treatment programme were not... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: COSATU reacts to TAC exclusion, 11/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 11 April (PLUSNEWS) - The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) says government must reverse its decision to exclude AIDS lobby groups from an upcoming UN General... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Zuma remarks inundates AIDS help line, 11/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 11 April (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa's National AIDS help line says it has been flooded with calls from people seeking clarity on former deputy president Jacob Zuma's remarks... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Skills base rocked by AIDS - analysts, 11/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 11 April (PLUSNEWS) - Business analysts have said the impact of HIV/AIDS on South African skills base is causing a negative effect on the economy, the South African Press... Email Report

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Leaders commit to stepping up HIV/AIDS prevention, 11/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 11 April (PLUSNEWS) - An initiative by African governments to step up the pace of HIV prevention was launched on Tuesday at four simultaneous events across the continent. ... Email Report

NAMIBIA: HIV/AIDS brings change in Himba communities , 11/Apr/06
WINDHOEK, 11 April (PLUSNEWS) - Namibia's pastoral Himba community has largely remained separate from the rest of Namibian society, but NGOs warn that their cultural practices and... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: UN dragged into AIDS row, 10/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 10 April (PLUSNEWS) - Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) a South African AIDS lobby group, has handed a damning indictment of the government's response to HIV/AIDS to the UN. ... Email Report

UGANDA: Alicia Keys in visit to support HIV/AIDS centre, 10/Apr/06
KAMPALA, 10 April (PLUSNEWS) - Grammy-award winning singer Alicia Keys is in Uganda on a four-day trip to support anti-HIV/AIDS efforts. She is one of several high profile... Email Report

SUDAN: War-scarred south ill-equipped to deal with HIV/AIDS, 10/Apr/06
BOR, 10 April (PLUSNEWS) - Southern Sudan, slowly emerging from a 21-year civil war that left it bereft of even the most basic services, is waking up to the reality of HIV/AIDS... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Business a big spender on AIDS, 10/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 10 April (PLUSNEWS) - Business has become a major player in the battle against HIV/AIDS in South Africa, which kills more than 900 people a day, The Economist magazine... Email Report

NEPAL: Stronger HIV/AIDS awareness urgently needed, 7/Apr/06
KATHMANDU, 7 April (PLUSNEWS) - Talking to locals in the back streets of Kathmandu's bustling Thamel district, a touristic honeycomb packed with hippies and would-be mountaineers,... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: WFP to feed HIV-positive adults and OVC, 7/Apr/06
ADDIS ABABA, 7 April (PLUSNEWS) - The World Food Programme (WFP) and the government of Ethiopia's Amhara state are collaborating to assist children and adults affected by HIV/AIDS. ... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Red Cross launches new anti-AIDS plan, 7/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 7 April (PLUSNEWS) - The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) launched a new initiative on Thursday in Johannesburg, South Africa, to... Email Report

MOZAMBIQUE: Common AIDS control fund announced, 7/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 7 April (PLUSNEWS) - Mozambique and seven major donors this week established a common account and new code of conduct, aimed at improving efforts to control the spread of... Email Report

AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 278, 7 April 2006, 7/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 7 April (PLUSNEWS) - NEWS: UGANDA: Global Fund probe reveals massive graft Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Adult population to die before age 40, says UN report, 7/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 7 April (PLUSNEWS) - Zimbabwean women have the shortest lifespan in the world, according to a new report released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday. ... Email Report

SUDAN: Returning refugees face new challenges in unprepared south, 7/Apr/06
BOR, 7 April (PLUSNEWS) - In a crumbling hospital building, pock-marked by bullet holes, Dr Agot Alier Leek admits that he doesn't know the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the... Email Report

SOMALIA: Fighting HIV in a chronic emergency, 7/Apr/06
NAIROBI, 7 April (PLUSNEWS) - Severe food shortages and continuing conflict in large parts of war-scarred Somalia have stretched people's coping strategies to breaking point, but... Email Report


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