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Sunday 26 February 2006
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AFRICA: Uninterrupted ART vital to longevity - new study, 24/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 24 January (PLUSNEWS) - Staying on antiretroviral therapy (ART) to keep viral loads low is better than taking structured breaks from the drugs, a study by the US's National... Email Report

CAMEROON: AIDS cure crackpots draw Govt action, 23/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 23 January (PLUSNEWS) - People seeking "quick money" through false claims of HIV/AIDS cures could experience the full effect of the law, Cameroon's Health Minister, Urbain... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Govt/NGOs release draft AIDS policy, 23/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 23 January (PLUSNEWS) - The draft for a new national HIV/AIDS Strategic Policy has been jointly released by Zimbabwe's AIDS Council and local NGOs, the official Herald... Email Report

KENYA: New vaccine trials kick off, 23/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 23 January (PLUSNEWS) - Kenya, together with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and US National Institute of Health, has launched a new HIV vaccine trial in the... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: More children abused as situation worsens, 23/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 23 January (PLUSNEWS) - The worsening humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is making children more vulnerable to abuse, according to child rights NGOs. "For instance,... Email Report

AFRICA: Year in Review 2005 - The long slow road to '3 by 5', 20/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 20 January (PLUSNEWS) - Almost a month after the deadline, the World Health Organisation's (WHO) campaign to put three million people in the developing world on anti-AIDS... Email Report

SWAZILAND: More people but still too few testing for HIV, 20/Jan/06
MBABANE, 20 January (PLUSNEWS) - HIV/AIDS awareness efforts in the kingdom of Swaziland are slowly bearing fruit, with a growing number of people coming forward to be tested for HIV,... Email Report

AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 267, 20 January 2006, 20/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 20 January (PLUSNEWS) - NEWS: AFRICA: Year in Review 2005 - The long slow road to '3 by 5' ... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Gays and SANBS kiss and make up, 20/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 20 January (PLUSNEWS) - The impact of HIV/AIDS has led to far greater focus on safe donor blood than ever before, and the South African National Blood Services (SANBS),... Email Report

AFRICA: Russian cash injection for Global Fund, 20/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 20 January (PLUSNEWS) - Russia announced an additional allocation of US $20 million to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria on Friday. Alexander... Email Report

AFRICA: Once-a-day anti-AIDS pill show promise, 20/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 20 January (PLUSNEWS) - A once-daily anti-AIDS treatment, the first of its kind, has been jointly developed by multinational drug firms Gilead and Bristol-Myers Squibb, and... Email Report

NIGERIA: US millions pledged for AIDS fight, 19/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 19 January (PLUSNEWS) - US First Lady Laura Bush has announced a pledge of $163 million to help tackle HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. The US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS... Email Report

AFRICA: UNESCO and GBC sign AIDS pact, 18/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 18 January (PLUSNEWS) - The UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the Global Business Coalition (GBC) on HIV/AIDS have agreed to jointly encourage... Email Report

SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: HIV/AIDS prevention in the armed forces, 18/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 18 January (PLUSNEWS) - The John Hopkins University in the US is to implement a year-long HIV/AIDS awareness initiative among the armed forces of Sao Tome and Principe. ... Email Report

TANZANIA: Sex and condom education essential - govt, 18/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 18 January (PLUSNEWS) - Tanzania's education ministry has reaffirmed its position on the introduction of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education at primary school level,... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Back-to-school AIDS drive launched, 17/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 17 January (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa's HIV/AIDS communication campaign, Khomanani, has launched a new initiative to raise awareness about services available for assisting... Email Report

NIGERIA: ICASA gains review announced, 17/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 17 January (PLUSNEWS) - African leaders are to meet in Nigeria to discuss progress and strategies in their fight against HIV/AIDS, Nigeria's official news agency NAN has... Email Report

MOZAMBIQUE: MSF to ensure sustainability of ARV programme, 17/Jan/06
MAPUTO, 17 January (PLUSNEWS) - In a bid to ensure the sustainability of its antiretroviral (ARV) treatment programme in Mozambique, the international NGO, Medecins Sans Frontieres... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Global AIDS support needed - Govt, 16/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 16 January (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa's HIV/AIDS fight needs the support of international organisations and donors, Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has said. ... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: AIDS impact forces grave recycling, 16/Jan/06
JOHANNESBURG, 16 January (PLUSNEWS) - The impact of HIV/AIDS on the South African port city of Durban could soon see the municipality having to recycle graves. According to Thembinkosi... Email Report


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