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Tuesday 21 February 2006
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ZIMBABWE: HIV/AIDS drop - behavioural change or skewed statistics?, 10/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 10 October (PLUSNEWS) - A recent national survey shows that Zimbabwe's HIV prevalence rate has dropped dramatically in the past two years, but the cause of this welcome... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Expert warns of rising AIDS prevalence, 7/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 7 October (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa is showing a steady increase in its HIV/AIDS prevalence rate, a professor from the University of KwaZulu-Natal has warned. In his... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: African musicians urged to act on AIDS, 7/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 7 October (PLUSNEWS) - South African Afro-jazz artist Jabu Khanyile has appealed to musicians in Southern Africa to go further than merely composing songs to educate their... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Rising AIDS deaths need burial support - expert, 7/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 7 October (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa needs an indigent burial support programme to cope with the growing number of HIV/AIDS-related deaths, the Gauteng AIDS Council... Email Report

TANZANIA: Public-private partnership strengthens capacity to fight HIV/AIDS, 7/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 7 October (PLUSNEWS) - The Tanzanian government has joined forces with the US-based Abbott Fund to enhance capacity in the health system and "dramatically improve" HIV/AIDS... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: New Global Fund grant approval long overdue - NGOs, 7/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 7 October (PLUSNEWS) - The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has approved around US $105 million to help boost Zimbabwe's ailing health sector. Lynde... Email Report

AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 254, 7 October 2005, 7/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 7 October (PLUSNEWS) - NEWS: NIGERIA: Children orphaned by AIDS slipping through the... Email Report

NAMIBIA: HIV/AIDS takes sustenance as well as lives, 7/Oct/05
WINDHOEK, 7 October (PLUSNEWS) - HIV/AIDS is robbing subsistence farmers of the ability to grow enough food, according to a new survey conducted in northern Namibia. Out of 144... Email Report

LESOTHO: AIDS battle amid food shortages, 6/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 6 October (PLUSNEWS) - Lesotho needs food aid for more than half a million people despite a bigger maize crop this year, while the loss of farming skills due to HIV/AIDS is... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Broadcasters agree on AIDS awareness declaration, 6/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 6 October (PLUSNEWS) - Media leaders from 20 African countries signed an HIV/AIDS declaration on Wednesday in Johannesburg, South Africa, after a three-day summit to discuss... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: AIDS impact on mining sector revealed, 6/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 6 October (PLUSNEWS) - HIV/AIDS tops the list of challenges not properly addressed in the occupational health sector of the mining industry, the South African chief... Email Report

TANZANIA: Referral hospital gets modern HIV/AIDS centre, 6/Oct/05
DAR ES SALAAM, 6 October (PLUSNEWS) - A US $35-million HIV/AIDS treatment centre opened on Thursday at Tanzania's main referral hospital, the Muhimbili National Hospital, with a capacity... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Access to treatment a concern for displaced living with AIDS, 6/Oct/05
BULAWAYO, 6 October (PLUSNEWS) - The Zimbabwe government's recent controversial clean-up drive, 'Operation Restore Order', which left some 700,000 without homes or livelihoods, also... Email Report

NIGERIA: Children orphaned by AIDS slipping through the cracks, 6/Oct/05
KADUNA, 6 October (PLUSNEWS) - Five year-old Fati could barely hold back her tears. This little girl who loves going to school had just been sent home. Like the other three kids... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Free ARVs regardless of income status, 5/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 5 October (PLUSNEWS) - Ethiopia announced on Tuesday that it is to provide free antiretrovirals (ARVs) to all people, regardless of their income status. A German news... Email Report

MALAWI: AIDS deaths fuelling orphan numbers, 5/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 5 October (PLUSNEWS) - Malawi's annual HIV/AIDS death rate is fuelling the nation's orphan and vulnerable children situation, a senior government official has said. ... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: New project to ease impact of AIDS on teachers, 5/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 5 October (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa, with help from the US, has launched a multimillion-dollar programme to help contain the spread of HIV/AIDS among the country's school... Email Report

SENEGAL: Despite awareness campaigns, young people are reluctant to get HIV tested, 5/Oct/05
DAKAR, 5 October (PLUSNEWS) - Sitting in a classroom and wearing a shirt, tie and perfectly polished shoes, Lamine, a computer science student in Senegal's capital city, admits he... Email Report

KENYA: Caring for Nairobi's HIV-positive orphans, 4/Oct/05
NAIROBI, 4 October (PLUSNEWS) - The six young children sitting down to lunch at Nyumbani Children's Home in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, looked as healthy as any other children of... Email Report

COTE D IVOIRE: Civil strife an obstacle to AIDS treatment - Govt, 4/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 4 October (PLUSNEWS) - Ongoing conflict and a lack of funds are hampering efforts to roll out anti-AIDS treatment to HIV-positive people in parts of the Ivory Coast,... Email Report


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