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Wednesday 10 May 2006
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AFRICA: Concern as Global Fund weighs future, 28/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 28 April (PLUSNEWS) - AIDS activists were on Thursday concerned about the ability of the Global Fund on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to expand its reach over coming... Email Report

AFRICA: MSF pressures Abbott on key ARV, 28/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 28 April (PLUSNEWS) - US drug giant Abbott Laboratories was on Thursday accused of withholding new heat-resistant tablet versions of its anti-AIDS drug Kaletra in... Email Report

KENYA: Global Fund okays AIDS grant, 28/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 28 April (PLUSNEWS) - The Global Fund on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has agreed to new funding for Kenya despite the country's delay in submitting an audit for a first... Email Report

AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 281, 28 April 2006, 28/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 28 April (PLUSNEWS) - NEWS: LESOTHO: Lack of healthcare workers a drain on new HIV/AIDS... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Refugees fall through the cracks in free treatment, 28/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 28 April (PLUSNEWS) - Colette [not her real name] had been in South Africa for about a year when she began suffering from high fevers and weight loss. Fleeing the violent... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Poverty threatens efforts to stop mother-to-child HIV transmission , 28/Apr/06
ADDIS ABABA, 28 April (PLUSNEWS) - Preventing HIV-positive mothers from infecting their children remains a serious challenge in conservative and impoverished Ethiopia, where women are... Email Report

TANZANIA: Law reforms to take account of HIV/AIDS, 27/Apr/06
DAR ES SALAAM, 27 April (PLUSNEWS) - The government of Tanzania is to overhaul its legal framework to take account of the challenges of HIV/AIDS. "There is need for a comprehensive law... Email Report

LESOTHO: Lack of healthcare workers a drain on new HIV/AIDS plan, 27/Apr/06
MASERU, 27 April (PLUSNEWS) - As the Lesotho government prepares to launch a 'Know your HIV status' campaign, a shortage of qualified healthcare workers threatens to derail plans... Email Report

KENYA: DFID anti-AIDS boost announced, 26/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 26 April (PLUSNEWS) - Some 60,000 HIV-positive Kenyans are to benefit from a new treatment initiative by Britain's Department for International Development (DFID). DFID... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Indian first-line ARV registered, 26/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 26 April (PLUSNEWS) - Indian generic drug firm Cipla Medpro, this week announced one of its key antiretroviral (ARV) drugs had been registered in South Africa. The drug... Email Report

AFRICA: Vatican paper on condom use planned, 25/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 25 April (PLUSNEWS) - A report on condom use for HIV-positive people is being prepared by the Roman Catholic Church at Pope Benedict XVI's request, the Vatican's health... Email Report

AFRICA: Concern over HIV/TB coinfection drug, 25/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 25 April (PLUSNEWS) - Experts are concerned that Isoniazid, an antibiotic commonly used to treat tuberculosis (TB) in HIV-positive people, might also result in multi-drug... Email Report

UGANDA: Iranian anti-AIDS drug banned, 25/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 25 April (PLUSNEWS) - Ugandan authorities have banned the use of a popular anti-AIDS herb remedy known as "Khomeini", after tests found it provided no cure. The... Email Report

AFRICA: Finding effective microbicide just the first step, 25/Apr/06
CAPE TOWN, 25 April (PLUSNEWS) - An effective microbicide could be ready in six years if current trials are successful, but it would take longer before hitting the shelves in... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Effective microbicide promised in four years, 24/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 24 April (PLUSNEWS) - An effective microbicide to protect women against HIV may be available by 2010 if current trials prove successful, experts said on Sunday at the start... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Circumcision, fidelity touted against AIDS, 24/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 24 April (PLUSNEWS) - Male circumcision and faithfulness should take precedence over condoms or abstinence in stemming HIV/AIDS in Africa, experts said in Johannesburg,... Email Report

AFRICA: Catholics agree to conditional condom use, 24/Apr/06
JOHANNESBURG, 24 April (PLUSNEWS) - One of the Roman Catholic Church's most prominent cardinals is supporting the use of condoms for HIV prevention among married couples. This was... Email Report

AFRICA: Frustration over pace of microbicide development, 24/Apr/06
CAPE TOWN, 24 April (PLUSNEWS) - Progress in developing an effective anti-HIV microbicide was far too slow, delegates attending the international microbicide conference in Cape Town,... Email Report

UGANDA: Integrating traditional medicine in the fight against HIV/AIDS, 24/Apr/06
KAMPALA, 24 April (PLUSNEWS) - Musawo Musa Takomalirawo, a traditional Ugandan healer, never had any formal schooling, but for the past 40 years he has treated patients for malaria,... Email Report

UZBEKISTAN: Interview with Aziz Khudoberdiev, Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS, 21/Apr/06
TASHKENT, 21 April (PLUSNEWS) - The total number of registered HIV/AIDS cases in Uzbekistan is the highest recorded in Central Asia, according to the UNís Millennium Development... Email Report


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