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Thursday 16 December 2004
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UGANDA: New import measures lead to condom shortage, 15/Dec/04
KAMPALA, 15 December (PLUSNEWS) - New measures aimed at preventing the dumping of low quality condoms in Uganda have resulted in shortages across the country, a senior health ministry... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: AIDS group's legal costs paid by government, 15/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 15 December (PLUSNEWS) - The South African AIDS NGO, Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), has welcomed a high court judgment awarding it limited legal costs for its application to... Email Report

UGANDA: AIDS prevention methods passed to Sudan, 15/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 15 December (PLUSNEWS) - Uganda and Sudan are exchanging ideas on how best to tackle the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Sudanese health minister Ahmed Bilal Osman met earlier this week... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Orphan crisis fuelled by AIDS and poverty, 15/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 15 December (PLUSNEWS) - The presence of HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty and a lack of basic healthcare in Ethiopia are fuelling an orphan crisis, according to a report by the... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Plan launched to help orphans, 14/Dec/04
ADDIS ABABA, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - One Ethiopian child out of 10 is an orphan, according to a report by the UN, the government and the NGO, Save the Children. The HIV/AIDS pandemic,... Email Report

ZAMBIA: HIV-positive people advice AIDS training initiative, 14/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - The World Health Organisation (WHO) and Zambia's Central Board of Health have embarked on a joint initiative to train health workers in HIV/AIDS care... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Major threats to children are poverty and AIDS - UN, 14/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - The biggest threats facing South Africa's children are HIV/AIDS and poverty, according to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF). In its newly released... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Doctor shortage increases AIDS deaths, 14/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - HIV/AIDS activists are concerned that the critical shortage of doctors in Zimbabwe is fuelling the number of AIDS-related deaths in the southern... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Blood safe despite unacceptable testing policy, 14/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - The Medical Research Council (MRC) says blood from the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is safe, and strict measures are taken to ensure... Email Report

AFRICA: Declaration for free AIDS treatment signed, 14/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - At least 600 global health experts are participating in an appeal for the provision of free treatment to all people living with HIV/AIDS in developing... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Local firm could bag US AIDS drug supply contract, 14/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - South African drug firm Aspen Pharmacare has received the go-ahead from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to produce and supply generic... Email Report

AFRICA: Worldwide appeal for free AIDS treatment, 14/Dec/04
DURBAN, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - Nearly 600 health experts, economists and policy-makers have joined an appeal for free AIDS treatment for all people living with HIV/AIDS in the... Email Report

ANGOLA: US assists military with HIV/AIDS plan, 14/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 14 December (PLUSNEWS) - The United States has been assisting the Angolan military in designing and implementing an HIV/AIDS strategy that focuses on prevention, testing and... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Free AIDS drugs for thousands, 13/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 13 December (PLUSNEWS) - The US has announced plans to provide free anti-AIDS treatment to over 200,000 HIV-positive Ethiopians over the next five years. According to... Email Report

AFRICA: Campaign highlighting gender-based violence and AIDS ends, 13/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 13 December (PLUSNEWS) - UNAIDS and the Global Coalition for Women and AIDS recently concluded their "16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence" campaign, aimed at raising... Email Report

TANZANIA: Concern over rising AIDS rate during conference, 13/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 13 December (PLUSNEWS) - A three-day HIV/AIDS conference, jointly organised by the Tanzania Commission for AIDS, the Tanzania AIDS Society and the Ministry of Health, is... Email Report

EGYPT: Arab religious leaders tackle AIDS head-on, 13/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 13 December (PLUSNEWS) - At least 80 prominent religious leaders from Arab countries signed a declaration that will act as a foundation for tackling HIV/AIDS in Cairo on... Email Report

AFRICA: Child marriage puts women at risk of AIDS, 10/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 10 December (PLUSNEWS) - Child marriage affects about 51 million girls in developing countries, not only putting women at risk of contracting HIV, but also promoting poverty,... Email Report

LIBYA: No execution for AIDS accused health workers, 10/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 10 December (PLUSNEWS) - Libya will not execute six health workers accused of intentionally infecting more than 400 children with HIV, said Seif al-Islam e-Qaddafi, the son of... Email Report

AFRICA: Greater support urged for developing HIV and malaria vaccines, 10/Dec/04
JOHANNESBURG, 10 December (PLUSNEWS) - British Chancellor Gordon Brown says wealthy nations must do more to develop vaccines against HIV/AIDS and malaria. He urged the G8 group of... Email Report


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