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Thursday 2 February 2006
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AFRICA: IRIN PlusNews Weekly Issue 255, 14 October 2005, 14/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 14 October (PLUSNEWS) - NEWS: AFRICA: HRW highlights impact of AIDS on schooling Email Report

UGANDA: Pfizer helps carry AIDS treatment burden, 14/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 14 October (PLUSNEWS) - Uganda's HIV testing boom has resulted in more patients than the country can handle, the head of Pfizer, the world's largest drug company, said on... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Forex crunch fuels ARV shortage, 14/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 14 October (PLUSNEWS) - Stocks of locally produced antiretroviral (ARV) drugs are running low in Zimbabwe, the official daily newspaper reported on Thursday. According to... Email Report

UGANDA: HIV-positive part of malaria prevention, 14/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 14 October (PLUSNEWS) - Uganda is one of three African nations set to benefit from a US $1.3 billion Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI) recently announced by US President... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Teachers urge free ARVs as AIDS thins their ranks, 14/Oct/05
BULAWAYO, 14 October (PLUSNEWS) - Teachers in Zimbabwe have urged the government to provide free AIDS treatment after a survey revealed the profession was struggling with the highest... Email Report

AFRICA: AIDS a big part of female health woes, 13/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 13 October (PLUSNEWS) - The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) on Wednesday said HIV/AIDS contributed greatly to the health problems affecting women globally, often because... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Better handling of HIV-positive inmates urged, 13/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 13 October (PLUSNEWS) - South Africa's Inspecting Judge of Prisons, Johannes Fagan, has called for changes in the handling of terminally ill prisoners, including those living... Email Report

UGANDA: US cash for AIDS and terminal illnesses, 13/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 13 October (PLUSNEWS) - The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has pledged $3 million towards a three-year programme to assist Ugandans with terminal illnesses. ... Email Report

NIGERIA: HIV testing campaign draws poor response, 13/Oct/05
LAGOS, 13 October (PLUSNEWS) - Motivating people in Lagos, Nigeria's economic capital, to be tested for HIV/AIDS has been an uphill battle, despite widespread campaigns. In... Email Report

AFRICA: Antiretroviral treatment off target, 12/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 12 October (PLUSNEWS) - With HIV/AIDS still rising and only 11 percent of the people who need antiretroviral (ARV) treatment able to access it, sub-Saharan Africa seems way... Email Report

AFRICA: AIDS treatment does not prevent HIV , 12/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 12 October (PLUSNEWS) - Antiretroviral therapy (ART) can drastically improve quality of life but it does not change behaviour or prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, experts... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: AIDS decline should not warrant complacency - UNAIDS, 12/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 12 October (PLUSNEWS) - UNAIDS stressed on Tuesday that while the decline in Zimbabwe's HIV/AIDS prevalence and incidence is "encouraging," role players need to ensure that... Email Report

SWAZILAND: New anti-AIDS campaign targets young people, 12/Oct/05
MBABANE, 12 October (PLUSNEWS) - Swazi health authorities on Wednesday launched an ambitious anti-AIDS campaign targeting people between the ages of 20 and 30 years - the group most... Email Report

KENYA: World Bank chided on loans and grants, 11/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 11 October (PLUSNEWS) - Former Mozambican First Lady Graca Machel has urged the World Bank to help Kenya tackle HIV/AIDS by allocating grants instead of loans, the BBC... Email Report

ZAMBIA: Traditional leaders get tough HIV/AIDS, 11/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 11 October (PLUSNEWS) - Traditional leaders in central Zambia on Monday banned cultural practices they said were fuelling the spread of HIV/AIDS in their chiefdoms. ... Email Report

AFRICA: Equal attention demanded for "neglected" diseases, 11/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 11 October (PLUSNEWS) - Three leading medical specialists warned on Monday that HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria are diverting resources from other easily treated... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: HIV rate falling, but girls still at risk, 11/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 11 October (PLUSNEWS) - A recent UNAIDS-led epidemiological review found Zimbabwe's HIV rate declining, but the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned that the... Email Report

AFRICA: Cheaper female condom will increase accessibility, 11/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 11 October (PLUSNEWS) - Women in sub-Saharan Africa will soon benefit from a cheaper version of the female condom, enabling them to negotiate safer sex with their male... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: AIDS workplace programmes vital - VW, 10/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 10 October (PLUSNEWS) - The head of Volkswagen (VW) South Africa's health services, Alex Govender, has warned that it is "absolutely essential" for big businesses to become a... Email Report

AFRICA: HRW highlights impact of AIDS on schooling, 10/Oct/05
JOHANNESBURG, 10 October (PLUSNEWS) - The impact of HIV/AIDS on school-aged children in three African countries has been highlighted in a new report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) on... Email Report


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