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MOZAMBIQUE: Unpredictable weather threatens food security, 18/Feb/04
MAPUTO, 18 February (IRIN) - It's the time of year when floods or cyclones threaten to wreak havoc on Mozambique's predominantly rural population, while a drought in the south of the country could continue for a third consecutive year. Mozambique could even experience all three... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: UN helicopters start to patrol Liberia's borders, 18/Feb/04
MONROVIA, 18 February (IRIN) - Helicopter gunships attached to the UN peacekeeping force in Liberia have begun regular patrols of the country's borders to control illegal logging and other unauthorised cross-border movements, Souren Seradayrian, the deputy head of the United... Full Report... Email Report

SOUTH AFRICA: Budget boost for AIDS spending, 18/Feb/04
JOHANNESBURG, 18 February (IRIN) - South African Finance Minister Trevor Manuel announced on Wednesday that a further R2.1 billion (US $305 million) will be allocated to fighting HIV/AIDS over the next three years. ... Full Report... Email Report

COTE D IVOIRE: Two Burkinabe killed in latest ethnic clashes in west, 18/Feb/04
ABIDJAN, 18 February (IRIN) - Two Burkinabe immigrants have been killed and at least seven others have been seriously wounded in machete attacks by youths of the local Guere tribe in the government-controlled town of Duekoue in western Cote d'Ivoire, hospital and police officials... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: ICRC reunites 146 children with their families, 18/Feb/04
ABIDJAN, 18 February (IRIN) - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Wednesday it had reunited 146 Liberian children with their families since its tracing programme resumed in November. They had become separated during the country's civil war. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFRICA: First ladies vow to fight mother-to-child HIV/AIDS infection, 17/Feb/04
KIGALI, 17 February (IRIN) - Five African first ladies and representatives from four other countries have vowed to redouble their efforts to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS on the continent and, in particular, to prevent mother-to-child infections. ... Full Report... Email Report

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Ministers in pay cut to reduce state expenditure, 17/Feb/04
BANGUI, 17 February (IRIN) - The government of the Central African Republic has cut by 30 percent salaries and allowances for ministers and other senior government officials in efforts to reduce state expenditure. ... Full Report... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Visiting US general calls for greater anti-terrorist cooperation, 17/Feb/04
ADDIS ABABA, 17 February (IRIN) - A terrorist threat still exists in eastern Africa and greater military cooperation is needed to defeat it, a senior US military commander has warned. Gen John Abizeid, whose central command is responsible for Afghanistan, Iraq and East Africa, said... Full Report... Email Report

LIBERIA: UNEP calls for restoration of environment for sustainable future, 17/Feb/04
ABIDJAN, 17 February (IRIN) - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has called for the urgent restoration of public services in Liberia's shattered towns and cities to reduce pollution and improve public health. ... Full Report... Email Report

SUDAN: Massive aid urgently needed in Darfur, says NGO, 17/Feb/04
NAIROBI, 17 February (IRIN) - Displaced people in the Darfur region of western Sudan are in "extreme danger", while emergency aid needed to ensure their survival is lacking, according to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). ... Full Report... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: Calls to ease trade restrictions at Addis Ababa conference, 17/Feb/04
ADDIS ABABA, 17 February (IRIN) - The US and EU on Tuesday faced calls from impoverished nations to ease trade restrictions ahead of talks aimed at kick-starting stalled world trade negotiations. ... Full Report... Email Report

IRAQ: Focus on honour killings, 17/Feb/04
DAHUK, 17 February (IRIN) - Nazire was barely fifteen when she was raped and made pregnant by the driver of the family she was working for. With nobody to talk to, and only half-conscious of what was happening to her, she waited six months before telling him. ... Full Report... Email Report

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Magistrates call for national judiciary conference, 17/Feb/04
BANGUI, 17 February (IRIN) - Magistrates in the Central African Republic want the government to convene a national conference to examine and solve problems facing the judiciary system, state-owned Radio Centrafrique reported on Monday. ... Full Report... Email Report

BURUNDI: Germany gives €7.5 million for water, refugees, HIV/AIDS control, 17/Feb/04
BUJUMBURA, 17 February (IRIN) - Germany and Burundi have signed a cooperation agreement under which Germany will provide €7.5 million (US $9.5 million) for a water supply project, the rehabilitation of refugees and internally displaced people as well as HIV/AIDS control. ... Full Report... Email Report

UGANDA: IDPs in the east contemplate going home, 17/Feb/04
NAIROBI, 17 February (IRIN) - Thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the eastern Teso region, who fled rebel attacks on their villages and sought refuge in urban areas, have started going home, according to government and humanitarian officials. ... Full Report... Email Report

UZBEKISTAN: UN keeps humanitarian pipeline in Termez open during winter, 17/Feb/04
TERMEZ, 17 February (IRIN) - The United Nations is keeping its aid corridor to the north of Afghanistan open by extending a protocol signed with the Government of Uzbekistan for another year to facilitate the delivery of much needed humanitarian assistance through the winter. ... Full Report... Email Report

KYRGYZSTAN: Avalanches on the Bishkek-Osh highway claim four lives, 17/Feb/04
ANKARA , 17 February (IRIN) - A series of avalanches struck the Bishkek-Osh highway, the only transportation route connecting the north and south of the mountainous Central Asian state early Tuesday morning, claiming the lives of at least four people. ... Full Report... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Free ARVs available from next month, 17/Feb/04
HARARE, 17 February (IRIN) - Government hospitals in Zimbabwe's two major urban centres, Harare and Bulawayo, will start providing free antiretroviral (ARV) drugs next month, in partnership with UNAIDS, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the local health ministry. ... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: First national water policy to be presented for approval, 17/Feb/04
ISLAMABAD , 17 February (IRIN) - Pakistan’s first ever national water policy is set to be presented to the cabinet for approval soon, the country’s water and power minister said on Tuesday. ... Full Report... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: Network of support set up for OVC, 17/Feb/04
JOHANNESBURG, 17 February (IRIN) - A community-based support network is hoping to provide material and emotional support to more than 40,000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Zimbabwe. ... Full Report... Email Report


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