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PAKISTAN: Efforts shift to relief as quake death toll leaps, 11/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 11 October (IRIN) - More than 72 hours after a powerful earthquake hit northern Pakistan and India, operations on the ground were shifting to providing relief aid to survivors, as the death toll shot up from an earlier estimate of 20,000. ... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: UN launches flash appeal for quake survivors, 11/Oct/05
ANKARA, 11 October (IRIN) - The United Nations and its agencies appealed on Tuesday for upwards of US $280 million to help hundreds of thousands people in Pakistan and India who survived the regional tremor that killed around 33,000 in Pakistan alone and left scores more... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Helicopters top priority 48 hours after huge earthquake, 10/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 10 October (IRIN) - Many more helicopters are urgently needed to deploy rescue teams and assist an estimated four million people left in dire need of food, shelter, water and medicine after Saturday's devastating earthquake, aid workers said on Monday. The earthquake... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: International aid pours in, 10/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 10 October (IRIN) - The world's leading donor nations and international bodies rushed to provide aid to support relief efforts in Pakistan following a devastating earthquake, which has so far claimed the lives of over 20,000, left some 42,000 injured and made around... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Earthquake death toll likely to rise significantly, 10/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 10 October (IRIN) - As night fell more than 48 hours after a devastating earthquake hit northern Pakistan and India, rescue teams continued to battle against time, pulling survivors out of collapsed buildings and trying to get to hundreds of devastated villages in... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: More than 18,000 dead following regional earthquake, 9/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 9 October (IRIN) - Rescue, relief and damage assessment missions were busy across the region on Sunday, after a powerful earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale hit mountainous parts of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan a day earlier, causing widespread... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Earthquake leaves 20,000 dead and huge numbers in need, 9/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 9 October (IRIN) - Disaster assessment teams arriving in Pakistan on Sunday said very large numbers of people had been affected by Saturday’s devastating earthquake that killed more than 20,000 people, according to officials, in a belt stretching from Afghanistan... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Powerful quake rocks northeast, 8/Oct/05
ANKARA, 8 October (IRIN) - Hundreds are feared dead and scores injured after a powerful earthquake ripped through northeastern Pakistan on Saturday. Preliminary reports indicate wide scale damage in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, with officials warning of higher casualties to... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Water shortage demands urgent attention, 7/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 7 October (IRIN) - Despite a normal wet season over the summer months, Pakistan faces a possible 17 percent water shortage during the upcoming cropping season from October to March next year, the country’s leading water regulatory authority has announced.... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Anti-TB programme launched, 6/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 6 October (IRIN) - International relief and development NGO Mercy Corps, in collaboration with Pakistan's National Tuberculosis Control Programme (NTCP), has launched an anti-tuberculosis (TB) drive in the two southern provinces of Balochistan and Sindh.... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Voluntary Afghan repatriation reaches 2.7 million, 3/Oct/05
ISLAMABAD, 3 October (IRIN) - The number of Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan under the voluntary repatriation assistance programme of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has passed the 2.7 million mark, with over 415,000 repatriated so... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: UNHCR resumes Afghan repatriation programme, 21/Sep/05
ISLAMABAD, 21 September (IRIN) - The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Wednesday resumed its repatriation assistance programme for Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan after a week-long break due to the parliamentary and provincial elections... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Perils posed by pesticides grow, 20/Sep/05
MULTAN, 20 September (IRIN) - Last month, Saira, six, died in Jehanian, a village near Multan in the southern Pakistani province of Punjab. The area is best known for its high quality mangoes and for its cotton, the country’s most important cash crop. ... Full Report... Email Report


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