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ERITREA: Interview with Yemane Gebremeskel, Director of the Presidentís Office, 1/Apr/04
ASMARA, 1 April (IRIN) - In a wide-ranging interview, Yemane Gebremeskel, Director of the Presidentís Office and presidential spokesman, explains Eritreaís position over the border issue. He also discusses the attitude of the international community, as well as domestic... Full Report... Email Report

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: 40,000 immunised against meningitis, 1/Apr/04
NAIROBI, 1 April (IRIN) - Medecins Sans Frontieres reported on Wednesday that by mid-March 40,000 people had been vaccinated against meningitis in the western district of Batangafo, in the Central African Republic. ... Full Report... Email Report

DRC: MSF calls for national protocol on sexual violence, 1/Apr/04
NAIROBI, 1 April (IRIN) - A national protocol on sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is needed to end rapes that are going on despite the end of the civil war, Medecins Sans Frontieres said on Thursday in a new report.... Full Report... Email Report

ERITREA: Landmine awareness education returns to the villages, 1/Apr/04
ASMARA, 1 April (IRIN) - Information campaigns on the threat of landmines have resumed in villages throughout Eritrea. The move comes 18 months after nearly all mine-awareness programmes in this, one of Africaís most mine-affected countries, were suspended in 2002. ... Full Report... Email Report

ETHIOPIA-SUDAN: African Development Fund grant for irrigation and drainage study, 1/Apr/04
NAIROBI, 1 April (IRIN) - The African Development Fund (ADF) has awarded Ethiopia and Sudan a grant of US $2.59 million towards launching a study on the irrigation and drainage of the eastern Nile, according to a statement the ADF issued on Wednesday. ... Full Report... Email Report

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Electoral commission set up, 1/Apr/04
BANGUI, 1 April (IRIN) - The Central African Republic's law advisory body, the National Transitional Council, voted 64-2 on a bill on Wednesday setting up an electoral commission to oversee presidential and parliamentary polls due to be held early in 2005.... Full Report... Email Report

SUDAN: Annan "disturbed" by continuing war in Darfur, 1/Apr/04
NAIROBI, 1 April (IRIN) - United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said he is "very disturbed" by continuing fighting in Sudan's western Darfur region, describing civilian casualties and human rights violations there as "unacceptable", according to a statement issued... Full Report... Email Report

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Anti-polio drive begins in Lobaye, 1/Apr/04
BANGUI, 1 April (IRIN) - A weeklong polio immunisation campaign began on Thursday in the southwestern province of Lobaye in the Central African Republic (CAR), state-owned Radio Centrafrique reported.... Full Report... Email Report

IRAQ: Interview with spokesman for Ministry of Migration and Displacement, 1/Apr/04
BAGHDAD, 1 April (IRIN) - Iraq's Ministry of Migration and Displacement opened its doors in January to try and deal with hundreds of thousands of returning refugees and almost a million internally displaced people (IDPs). ... Full Report... Email Report

RWANDA: Bizimungu trial begins, 1/Apr/04
KIGALI, 1 April (IRIN) - Former Rwandan President Pasteur Bizimungu appeared before the Rwandan Court of First Instance on Thursday at the beginning of his trial, nearly one and a half years since his arrest on treason-related charges.... Full Report... Email Report

TANZANIA: Human rights body decries massive corruption, 1/Apr/04
DAR ES SALAAM, 1 April (IRIN) - A Tanzanian human rights body has expressed concern over the high level of corruption in the country, which it said was continuing unabated and was curtailing people's human rights. ... Full Report... Email Report

KAZAKHSTAN: UNHCR opens new office in Astana, 1/Apr/04
ANKARA , 1 April (IRIN) - In a further effort to help some 16,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the country, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has opened a new office in the Kazakh capital Astana. ... Full Report... Email Report

UZBEKISTAN: Re-registration deadline for foreign NGOs, 1/Apr/04
ANKARA , 1 April (IRIN) - The deadline for the re-registration of foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in Uzbekistan expired on Thursday. Although some have registered, the fate of others remains unclear. ... Full Report... Email Report

AFGHANISTAN: Berlin conference could yield up to US $9 billion, 1/Apr/04
ANKARA, 1 April (IRIN) - Afghan officials met donors and international organisations in Berlin on Wednesday and Thursday in a landmark attempt to boost Afghanistan's fragile reconstruction effort. Improving security ahead of elections and clamping down on the burgeoning... Full Report... Email Report

ZIMBABWE: IMF calls for talks on economic crisis, 1/Apr/04
JOHANNESBURG, 1 April (IRIN) - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged that tripartite talks on Zimbabwe's economic challenges be restarted by government, unions and business "in a concerted and comprehensive way". ... Full Report... Email Report

PAKISTAN: Educational material insensitive to religious minorities, says report, 1/Apr/04
ISLAMABAD, 1 April (IRIN) - A decades-long drive to Islamise Pakistani society has resulted in educational material becoming insensitive to religious minorities, says a report compiled by a leading think-tank, the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). ... Full Report... Email Report

SUDAN: Government says arrested officers plotted coup since 2002, 1/Apr/04
NAIROBI, 1 April (IRIN) - The Sudanese government has confirmed that 10 military officers and a senior opposition leader, Hasan Abdullah al-Turabi, have been detained. The officers, it said in an official statement, had been planning a coup since 2002. ... Full Report... Email Report

SOMALIA: Peace demonstration held in Mogadishu, 1/Apr/04
NAIROBI, 1 April (IRIN) - Several thousand Somalis, mainly women and children, demonstrated in Mogadishu's main stadium on Wednesday, demanding that the war-torn country's faction leaders expedite the ongoing peace talks in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, sources said. ... Full Report... Email Report

NAMIBIA: Rescue workers start evacuation in Caprivi, 1/Apr/04
JOHANNESBURG, 1 April (IRIN) - Namibian rescue workers began moving villagers to higher ground this week as the Zambezi burst its banks along the eastern border of the Caprivi strip. ... Full Report... Email Report

ETHIOPIA: National HIV/AIDS forum launched, 1/Apr/04
NAIROBI, 1 April (IRIN) - Ethiopia has launched a National Partnership Forum Against HIV/AIDS to coordinate a multi-sectoral response to the disease, highlight the government's commitment and bring together a wide range of partners to avoid duplication of efforts, the... Full Report... Email Report


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