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SWAZILAND: Funding fiasco leaves country short of lab supplies
15 November 2011 (PlusNews ), First there were national shortages of HIV medication, then of HIV tests, now Swaziland lacks the lab tests essential for initiating and managing HIV patients on treatment. To make matters worse, the country chose not to apply for the international funding that could have safeguarded antiretroviral (ARV) stocks.
HIV/AIDS: Clinton sets out new US focus
14 November 2011 (PlusNews ), US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement that the American government now prioritizes creating an AIDS-free generation could be more than just political lip-service: it may also shape the next several years of US global health programming and funding, analysts say.
HIV/AIDS: Delayed Global Fund money a sign of economic times
8 November 2011 (PlusNews ), The Global Fund to Fight HIV, TB and Malaria has more than halved the estimated amount of money available in its next round of funding, the disbursement of which has been delayed until 2013, due to the world economic crisis.
HEALTH: MDR-TB remains a difficult diagnosis for children
8 November 2011 (PlusNews ), Years of treatment and mounds of pills are hard work for older patients with multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), but in children, treatment becomes a minefield for patients and doctors alike.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Door-to-door outreach cuts TB prevalence
1 November 2011 (PlusNews ), Home-based tuberculosis (TB) education and testing reduced community TB prevalence by about 20 percent, according to findings of a large, two-country study released at the International Lung Health Conference in Lille, France.
HEALTH: Straight talk with Stop TB Director Mario Raviglione
31 October 2011 (PlusNews ), With global health funding on the decline, officials are concerned that strains of tuberculosis (TB), including multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), may go untreated. Stop TB Director Mario Raviglione spoke to IRIN/PlusNews at the International Lung Health Conference in Lille, France, about the threat of drug resistant TB treatment and the precarious TB funding gap.
UGANDA: Lack of resources, political will slows male circumcision progress
31 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Ugandan men have been seeking medical male circumcision in droves since the government launched a national policy in 2010, but the health system is not equipped to handle the caseload, slowing down the potential HIV prevention benefits of the campaign.
KENYA: Sexual violence still a major urban threat
26 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Reports of gender-based violence are on the rise in Kenya's cities, and experts say the police must improve their handling of cases of sexual assault to build public trust in the security and justice systems.
SWAZILAND: New aviation rules ground HIV-positive pilots
25 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Swazi HIV activists are up in arms over pending aviation guidelines that will stop people living with HIV from ever piloting an aircraft.
RWANDA: Parents, teachers divided over condom initiative
24 October 2011 (PlusNews ), A proposed initiative to distribute condoms to Rwandan secondary school students has divided parents, teachers and other members of society, with some cheering the plan and others concerned that teens are not mature enough to use condoms responsibly.
ZIMBABWE: Food voucher scheme benefits HIV-positive people
20 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Vulnerable people living with HIV in Zimbabwe are benefiting from an electronic voucher scheme being used to fight malnutrition among people on antiretroviral (ARV) therapy and their families by providing them with nutritious food.
KENYA: Government grapples with counterfeit ARVs
19 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Kenya's government is scrambling to remove thousands of batches of counterfeit antiretrovirals (ARVs) from circulation after patients and health workers reported irregularities in the appearance and texture of a widely used drug.
UGANDA: Veteran activists disillusioned with direction of HIV response
18 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Some of Uganda's most active campaigners in its 30-year fight against HIV are losing faith in the government's ability to effectively counter the epidemic as the country struggles to provide treatment and prevent more than 100,000 new infections every year.
SOUTH AFRICA: Sexual violence among men neglected
18 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Almost 10 percent of South African men have experienced sexual violence by another man, according to new research that probes the complex relationships between male victimisation and HIV risk.
HIV/AIDS: Rethinking contraception and infection risk
7 October 2011 (PlusNews ), Hormonal birth-control injections may double a woman's risk of contracting HIV and passing it on to her partner, according to a new study. The research comes at a time when many governments are looking to scale up their family-planning programmes in a bid to reduce maternal mortality.
KENYA: University freshers often green about dangers of HIV
5 October 2011 (PlusNews ), They arrive at university looking forward to the freedom and challenges that come with life on campus, but researchers say few Kenyan "freshers" are prepared to navigate the murky waters of adult sexual relationships.
SOUTH AFRICA: Twelve years of the TAC fight
4 October 2011 (PlusNews ), A new book looks back on more than a decade of the life of South African lobby group, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), whose brand of activism came to define the world’s fight for HIV treatment and care.
SOUTH AFRICA: A timeline of HIV/AIDS activism
4 October 2011 (PlusNews ), In a new book, Fighting for our Lives, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), an HIV/AIDS lobby group, looks back on more than a decade of activism. IRIN/PlusNews presents a timeline of 12 years of highlights as the group translated action into wider access to HIV treatment:
HIV/AIDS: Setback for PrEP as branch of trial is halted
29 September 2011 (PlusNews ), Hopes for a female-controlled HIV prevention tool have been dealt a blow by the termination of one part of a large African trial after it failed to show effectiveness.
HIV/AIDS: New data backs early HIV treatment cost-effectiveness
26 September 2011 (PlusNews ), Modelling has demonstrated the benefits and now data has provided the proof as researchers in Haiti have found that earlier HIV treatment is cost-effective, reducing the risk of death by 75 percent among HIV patients for just US$6.25 more a month.

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