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ETHIOPIA: Army launches HIV/AIDS strategy
16 October 2001 (PlusNews ), The United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), in conjunction with the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), has launched a five-year strategic plan for HIV/AIDS control in the armed forces
SOUTH AFRICA: Medical Research Council releases AIDS report
16 October 2001 (PlusNews ), The Medical Research Council (MRC) finally released a controversial report on Tuesday, after a delay because the government questioned its findings. A copy of the report, which estimated that about 25 percent of all deaths in South Africa in 2000 were due to HIV/AIDS, caused a stir in government circles when it was leaked to the media earlier this month.
SOUTH AFRICA: Government reports progress on Nevirapine pilot project
16 October 2001 (PlusNews ), Up to 691 pregnant HIV-positive women and 457 babies were treated with the anti-retroviral drug nevirapine this year, according to the health minister.
NAMIBIA: University to study impact of HIV/AIDS on farms
16 October 2001 (PlusNews ), The University of Namibia (UNAM) is to conduct a national study on the impact of HIV/AIDS on communal and commercial farming communities, the 'Namibian' reported on Tuesday.
BOTSWANA: New community AIDS project launched
15 October 2001 (PlusNews ), Botswana's National AIDS Co-ordinating Council (NACA) launched a new community project to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the country, the 'Mmegi' newspaper reported on Friday.
TANZANIA: HIV/AIDS threatens SADC armies
15 October 2001 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS is now a serious problem threatening the existence of in Southern African armies, Major General Sande Ligate, Navy Commander in the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF), announced on Sunday.
SOUTH AFRICA: Talking about HIV/AIDS - The loveLife campaign
12 October 2001 (PlusNews ), Driving along Johannesburg's M1 South highway, a large pink and purple billboard flashes past, bold and eye-catching, it makes you look twice, and then again, just to try and figure out the cryptic message. Then a purple and pink taxi drives past, with a slogan urging you to "Talk about it!".
AFRICA: President wants to establish agency for prevention of HIV/AIDS
11 October 2001 (PlusNews ), Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo said he intends establishing an agency for the prevention and control of HIV/ADS, tuberculosis and other related diseases. In a letter to the senate, Obasanjo said he sought laws to establish the agency, AFP reported on Thursday.
AFRICA: Zambia gets new AIDS drugs
11 October 2001 (PlusNews ), A new range of antiretroviral drugs were launched in Zambia on Monday, the 'Post' newspaper reported. The drugs - manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy and to be distributed by Melcome Pharmaceuticals Limited - were officially launched in Lusaka by Health Minister Levison Mumba.
SOUTH AFRICA: Fiscal review reveals impact of HIV/AIDS
10 October 2001 (PlusNews ), The review of provincial and local government finances released yesterday by Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, revealed the impact of HIV/AIDS on service delivery, budget forecasts and personnel planning throughout government, saying the affects of the pandemic were becoming visible.
ZIMBABWE: National AIDS Council consults stakeholders on HIV/AIDS planning
10 October 2001 (PlusNews ), In an effort to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS, the Zimbabwe National AIDS Council(NAC)met with AIDS organisations to set in motion a process to facilitate HIV/AIDS prevention and care by district HIV/AIDS committees throughout the country.
MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique granted US $11.5 million for AIDS programme
9 October 2001 (PlusNews ), Mozambique granted US $11.5 million for AIDS programme.
SOUTH AFRICA: No AIDS drugs for low income workers - Anglo American
9 October 2001 (PlusNews ), South African mining corporation, Anglo American, cannot afford to supply antiretroviral drugs to all its HIV/AIDS infected workers in South Africa, the company's medical department announced this week.
SOUTH AFRICA: GlaxoSmithKline grants licence to local drug firm
8 October 2001 (PlusNews ), Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) had granted a South African company a licence to manufacture and market three key AIDS medicines in South Africa, the company announced on Sunday.
SOUTH AFRICA: 1,800 teachers died of HIV/AIDS last year
8 October 2001 (PlusNews ), At least 1,800 of South Africa's 350,000 teachers died of AIDS-related diseases last year, Johannesburg's Afrikaans daily, the 'Beeld', reported on Monday.
AFRICA: New campaign targets widely held beliefs about masculinity
8 October 2001 (PlusNews ), This year’s World AIDS Campaign would chip away at masculine behaviours and attitudes that contributed to the spread of HIV, Dr Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS, said last week.
AFRICA: HIV/AIDS must not be forgotten in present global crisis - Red Cross
4 October 2001 (PlusNews ), With all the attention the current global crisis was receiving, the world needed to be reminded of humanitarian issues in Africa such as HIV/AIDS, Dr Astrid Heiberg, President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, said on Thursday.
KENYA: Government considers compelling doctors to name AIDS patients
4 October 2001 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government may soon compel doctors to disclose the HIV status of their patients in a bid to curb the spread of the pandemic.
SOUTH AFRICA: 'AIDS drugs essential for HIV/AIDS patients'
4 October 2001 (PlusNews ), Antiretroviral drug treatment for HIV/AIDS patients was essential since international precedents indicated a marked decline in AIDS-related mortality rates, the Human Research Council (HRC) said in a statement to parliament this week.
2 October 2001 (PlusNews ), South Africa's national census which starts next week, will not include questions on HIV/AIDS, as the topic was "too sensitive", Motale Phirwa, National Census Manager of Statistic South Africa, told IRIN on Tuesday.

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