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ETHIOPIA: FOCUS on AIDS and the elderly
23 January 2002 (PlusNews ), They are the forgotten victims of the HIV/AIDS virus that is devastating Africa. Amid the terrible social and economic destruction, all too often it is the elderly who are left to pick up the pieces.
ETHIOPIA: Church leader warns against spread of AIDS
22 January 2002 (PlusNews ), The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox church has warned about the spread of AIDS in a sermon marking the country's holiest day.
SOUTH AFRICA: Defiant province to give AIDS drugs to mothers
22 January 2002 (PlusNews ), HIV positive pregnant women in KwaZulu Natal state hospitals will soon receive the antiretroviral drug Nevirapine, the provincial government announced on Monday.
SOUTH AFRICA: Sex workers still don't use condoms - study
22 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Health education programmes and free condom distribution have not stopped South African commercial sex workers from having unprotected sex, a study has found.
AFRICA: Cheaper HIV/AIDS monitoring tools needed
21 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Poorer countries need faster and cheaper HIV/AIDS monitoring techniques, as most tests used for managing the virus are out of their reach, according to a new report.
BOTSWANA: Free antiretroviral campaign might not last
18 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Botswana's campaign to provide free antiretrovirals (ARV) to HIV positive patients may not be sustainable over a lengthy period, President Festus Mogae said this week.
SOUTH AFRICA: Government refuses Thailand's offer of cheaper drugs
18 January 2002 (PlusNews ), The South African government has not taken up an offer by the Thai government of free technology for the production of 300 generic drug labels that could reduce prices for HIV/AIDS medicines even further.
AFRICA: Men crucial in prevention of MTCT
17 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programmes need to involve men in care and support services, a study has found.
UGANDA: Government to promote condoms in villages
17 January 2002 (PlusNews ), The Ugandan government is soon to start distributing free condoms in villages countrywide as part of its struggle against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
AFRICA: Pilot programme offers accelerated HIV/AIDS treatment
16 January 2002 (PlusNews ), A new pilot programme tasked with providing wider access to HIV/AIDS treatment and care was launched in four African countries this week.
SOUTH AFRICA: Local generic drugs available soon
15 January 2002 (PlusNews ), South Africa's first locally produced generic HIV/AIDS drugs could soon bring relief to thousands of people infected with the HI virus
RWANDA: UN reports on Country Cooperation Framework
15 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Two UN agencies have released a report on a five-year blueprint that aims to promote and consolidate good government in Rwanda as well as enhance the management capability of its poverty eradication programme as the country moves form a situation of emergency to one of development.
ETHIOPIA: New organisation to deal with AIDS orphans
11 January 2002 (PlusNews ), A new organisation tasked with supporting the burgeoning number of AIDS orphans is to be set up in Ethiopia.
AFRICA: Alcohol increases risk of HIV/AIDS
11 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Alcohol consumption in developing countries increases the risk of HIV infection, possibly explaining the lower prevalence of HIV infection among Muslims, a study has found.
TANZANIA: PlusNews Country Profile
9 January 2002 (PlusNews ),
AFRICA: Campaigners call for Microbicide funding
9 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Microbicides could give women an alternative way of protecting themselves against HIV/AIDS as prevention messages urging women to use condoms or remain monogamous were unrealistic, campaigners say.
AFRICA: Vitamin A supplements can aid children's growth
9 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Delayed growth among children suffering from HIV/AIDS, malaria and persistent diarrhoea in developing countries could be improved with vitamin A supplements, a new study has found.
BOTSWANA: Brazil's lessons to help Botswana's teachers
8 January 2002 (PlusNews ), A delegation of Brazilian experts is to visit Botswana soon to help produce and promote classroom HIV/AIDS learning materials aimed at making it easier for teachers to discuss the sensitive issue.
ZAMBIA: PWAs march for Mwanawasa
8 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Controversy marred last month's election victory by President Levy Mwanawasa, but he has won the backing of a large although politically marginalised constituency in Zambia - people living with AIDS (PWAs).
KENYA: Poor ARV programme infrastructure hampers efforts
8 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Disagreement on the infrastructure for Kenya's antiretroviral programme has made it difficult to have a coordinated approach to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the director of the AIDS Control Programme told PlusNews on Tuesday.

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