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SOUTH AFRICA: HIV-positive inmates speak out
20 October 2009 (PlusNews ), Just over three years ago, a group of HIV-infected inmates at Westville Correctional Centre, near the South African port city of Durban, won a High Court battle that forced the government to provide them with life-prolonging antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.
KENYA: Back-street abortions underline need for sex education
19 October 2009 (PlusNews ), Julia Nyaberi's* "clinic" in Majengo, a slum in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, caters to one type of client only - pregnant women seeking abortions.
SWAZILAND: Archie Simelane, "With HIV, you can't see the danger"
19 October 2009 (PlusNews ), Archie Muntu Simelane, a construction worker in Mbabane, Swaziland's capital, talked to IRIN/PlusNews about how his HIV-positive status led him to becoming a health motivator at his place of work.
UGANDA: AIDS activists protest anti-gay bill
16 October 2009 (PlusNews ), A draft bill before the Ugandan parliament that seeks to impose stricter sanctions on homosexuality would drive men who have sex with men further underground, making it even more difficult for them to access HIV services, according to AIDS activists.
AFRICA: Thinking outside the AIDS funding box
15 October 2009 (PlusNews ), As traditional sources of financial aid dry up, new and innovative approaches to fundraising may be the best hope of generating money for HIV/AIDS efforts.
UGANDA: Camp closures worry HIV-positive IDPs
14 October 2009 (PlusNews ), The imminent closure of internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in northern Uganda is causing concern among HIV-positive residents, who fear they may not have access to vital health services when they return to their villages.
ZAMBIA: Court case reignites HIV testing debate
14 October 2009 (PlusNews ), The human rights record of the Zambian military is being tested in court by two former air force officers who allege they were fired for being HIV positive.
ZIMBABWE: Positive women's football beats stigma
13 October 2009 (PlusNews ), Janet Mpilime, 32, captain of the ARV Swallows, an all-woman football team based in the informal settlement of Epworth, 10km east of the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, has just led her team to a 2-1 victory over Sporting ART.
KENYA: Court case holds up national ARV supply
12 October 2009 (PlusNews ), Kenya is facing a nationwide shortage of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs as a court case continues to hold up the purchase of the life-prolonging medication.
SOUTH AFRICA: Turning the tide against drug-resistant TB
9 October 2009 (PlusNews ), Three years ago, the Church of Scotland Hospital at Tugela Ferry, in the rural Umsinga area of South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal Province, was the focus of international media attention as the epicentre of a deadly outbreak of extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB).
KENYA: Improving PMTCT services through Millennium Villages
8 October 2009 (PlusNews ), Five years ago, pregnant women in the village of Sauri, in western Kenya's Nyanza Province, had access to just one rundown and poorly staffed sub-district hospital. Few chose to use it, instead giving birth at home, risking complications during delivery and, for those living with HIV, passing it on to their child.
KENYA: Squabble over Global Fund money threatens ARV access
8 October 2009 (PlusNews ), A row between NGOs involved in the fight against HIV in Kenya could result in the country losing out on money from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
AFRICA: Brothers are doing it for themselves
8 October 2009 (PlusNews ), In the context of sub-Saharan Africa's HIV/AIDS epidemic, women have often been characterized as the victims and men as the perpetrators incapable of sticking to one partner or taking responsibility for their sexual health.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV rate among pregnant women stays high
6 October 2009 (PlusNews ), The rate of HIV infection among pregnant women in South Africa has remained stubbornly high at around 29 percent for the third year running, according to government figures released on 5 October.
SWAZILAND: Ambitious target for male circumcision
5 October 2009 (PlusNews ), Swaziland's Ministry of Health and Human Services aims to provide circumcision to 80 percent of men aged 15 to 24 in the next five years, in response to the surging number of men requesting the procedure to reduce their risk of HIV.
ETHIOPIA: Maids, condoms and kerosene
2 October 2009 (PlusNews ), The life of a domestic worker in Ethiopia is rarely an easy one. Often escaping a deeply impoverished existence in the rural areas, these women find themselves in employment hundreds of miles away from their hometowns as maids – or serategnas in the national language, Amharic.
GLOBAL: Inching towards universal access to PMTCT services
1 October 2009 (PlusNews ), More than half of HIV-positive pregnant women in low- and middle-income countries continue to go without life-saving anti-retroviral medication that could prevent transmission of the virus to their unborn children, according to a new report, Towards Universal Access.
ZAMBIA: Positive teens start talking about sex
30 September 2009 (PlusNews ), How do you tell your boyfriend that you're a 20-year-old virgin living with HIV? Zambian Chanda Nsofwa was born infected and is now at an age where she has to deal with this and other ticklish questions about sex and HIV.
KENYA: New condom testing machine to boost public confidence
30 September 2009 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government has acquired a new condom testing machine that it says will guarantee all condoms entering the country are of high quality; the move is intended to restore public confidence following the recent banning of a brand of imported condoms deemed defective by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).
GLOBAL: The bumpy road to universal ARV access
30 September 2009 (PlusNews ), More than four million people globally are now on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment - a 10-fold jump in five years - but this is still less than half the people living with HIV who need it.

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