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SOUTH AFRICA: Low HIV prevalence rates on campus
29 March 2010 (PlusNews ), HIV prevalence rates among South Africa's university students remain low, but risk is never far off according to one of the largest surveys ever conducted in the country
SOMALIA: High-risk truckers still unaware of HIV
26 March 2010 (PlusNews ), The truck drivers who criss-cross Somalia are considered at high risk of HIV, but incomplete prevention messages mean they are ill-equipped to protect themselves against the virus.
ZIMBABWE: Moses Mataka, "We men are just thick-headed"
24 March 2010 (PlusNews ), Moses Mataka, 49, diagnosed with the HI virus seven years ago, was one of the first male home-based caregivers working in the mining district of Mberengwa, in Midlands Province, Zimbabwe, and perhaps he was one of the first in the country, but his road has not been easy.
UGANDA: "Side dishes" campaign gets people talking
24 March 2010 (PlusNews ), A national campaign to encourage sexual fidelity in Uganda has achieved something few recent campaigns have ever done - got the country talking.
KENYA: TB clinics boost HIV testing for couples
24 March 2010 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government is using national tuberculosis screening programmes to persuade married couples - at high risk of HIV, according to research - to get tested for the virus.
TANZANIA: Education crucial to lowering prevalence
23 March 2010 (PlusNews ), HIV prevalence among Tanzanians who attended secondary school fell sharply between 2004 and 2008, while remaining stable among the country's least educated people, a new study has revealed.
SWAZILAND: Taxi drivers get tested
23 March 2010 (PlusNews ), Minibus-taxi drivers are regarded as a necessary evil in Swaziland. Although they provide a much needed service, their dangerous driving, rude and often violent behaviour has given them a bad reputation and made it difficult to reach them with HIV/AIDS services.
KENYA: Gaps in HIV prevention for pregnant women
22 March 2010 (PlusNews ), Adhiambo*, 24, conscientiously followed her health worker's advice when she was pregnant with her third child. She attended antenatal visits, was tested for HIV and found negative, and delivered her baby at the local health centre.
MALAWI: Ambitious plans to prolong lives
19 March 2010 (PlusNews ), Malawi's government has set itself a major challenge this year, announcing plans to more than double the number of people receiving antiretroviral (ARV) drugs to half a million by the end of 2010.
GLOBAL: Too few MDR-TB cases diagnosed
19 March 2010 (PlusNews ), The diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis is still extremely low despite as many as half a million cases and 150,000 deaths from multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) in 2008 globally, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
KENYA: ARV woes push universal access off-track
18 March 2010 (PlusNews ), Nicodemus Manyala knows he is HIV-positive and needs life-prolonging antiretroviral therapy (ART) to remain healthy, but fear of treatment interruptions has made him reluctant to start on the drugs.
KENYA: The downside of door-to-door testing
17 March 2010 (PlusNews ), While the public response to Kenya's national HIV testing drive has been enormous, many women are not keen to be tested, knowing that a positive result could mean the breakdown of their marriages, loss of home and more.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV testing and mental illness
17 March 2010 (PlusNews ), As more HIV-positive people access treatment and live longer, the number of people suffering from HIV-related mental disorders is growing, but mental health remains an ethical, legal and clinical minefield, where many doctors and nurses fear to tread – and fear to test.
AFRICA: Mapping truckers' route to the health centre
16 March 2010 (PlusNews ), New maps pin-pointing the exact location of "wellness centres" in sub-Saharan Africa are improving truck drivers' access to treatment and care for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
SOUTH AFRICA: Between patients and prevention
15 March 2010 (PlusNews ), New research suggests that the poor knowledge and attitudes of doctors and healthcare workers in South Africa are limiting access to preventative tuberculosis (TB) therapy.
ETHIOPIA: Real-life drama
12 March 2010 (PlusNews ), On stage in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, Mestihet Temane, 27, enacts the story of how, after the death of her parents, a young woman winds up alone on the streets with no money, no confidence and no support.
GLOBAL: Straight talk with Global Fund director Michel Kazatchkine
12 March 2010 (PlusNews ), The executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Michel Kazatchkine, sat down with IRIN/PlusNews at the launch of the organization's 2010 report, where he answered some hard questions on what may be a turning point in HIV/AIDS funding.
KENYA: Hungry and HIV-positive in Nairobi's slums
10 March 2010 (PlusNews ), Violet Tinah, 40, a resident of Korogocho slum in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, is living with HIV and was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis, but her biggest problem today is not disease - but hunger.
HAITI: Risk and treatment amid the rubble
10 March 2010 (PlusNews ), In the aftermath of Haiti's 7.0 magnitude quake, one of the Caribbean's largest antiretroviral (ARV) programmes is struggling to resurrect itself from the rubble.
AFRICA: Funding shortfalls foil new treatment guidelines
9 March 2010 (PlusNews ), Global funding shortfalls for fighting AIDS could make it impossible for developing countries to implement new World Health Organization treatment guidelines, activists have said.

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