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SOUTH AFRICA: Overcrowding fuels TB in prisons
19 June 2012 (PlusNews ), Tuberculosis (TB) rates in South Africa's prisons could be cut by up to 94 percent if the country reduced overcrowded conditions in cells and implemented active TB case finding, according to research presented at the recent South African TB Conference.
UGANDA: Money for 100,000 new ARV patients in the budget
19 June 2012 (PlusNews ), Uganda's Ministry of Health will enrol 100,000 more people infected with HIV on life-prolonging antiretroviral treatment in the 2012/13 financial year, Minister of Finance Maria Kiwanuka announced in her budget speech on 14 June.
SOUTH AFRICA: Busisiwe Beko, "I'm pregnant, I've got HIV and also TB"
15 June 2012 (PlusNews ), In 2005, Busisiwe Beko realized she was pregnant. She also found out she was HIV-positive, and that she had active tuberculosis (TB). Then she developed multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and for the next year struggled to get proper, timely treatment for her and her baby daughter, who contracted MDR-TB.
SOUTH AFRICA: Decentralizing care and treatment for drug-resistant TB
14 June 2012 (PlusNews ), South Africa’s move to decentralize the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) has given rise to a crop of nurses equipped not only to initiate patients on HIV treatment, but also to prescribe for and monitor drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) patients. However, experts and government officials say the need for specialist physicians and hospitals will continue, based on research presented at the South African TB conference in the port city of Durban.
HEALTH: The TB activist agenda
14 June 2012 (PlusNews ), TB activists have a lot on their plates - whether it’s affordable access to the latest tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics, or pushing for more paediatric formulations. IRIN/PlusNews takes a look at the top three issues.
SOUTH AFRICA: Dr Elizabeth Serogo "Ausi" Nkhi, "TB did not leave me as it found me”
13 June 2012 (PlusNews ), Dr Elizabeth Serogo is a medical doctor with a master’s degree in business leadership. She is also CEO of her own consultancy, where she trains NGOs and government departments on capacity building and tuberculosis (TB) management. And she runs her own private practice east of South Africa's capital, Pretoria.
UGANDA: Government should support new workplace HIV policy
13 June 2012 (PlusNews ), The government needs to actively support a recently launched East Africa HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy or it will not achieve the goals of fighting stigma and promoting non-discrimination in the public sector.
ETHIOPIA: HIV prevention services for those most at risk
12 June 2012 (PlusNews ), More than 100 million condoms will be distributed annually to sex workers, men who have sex with men and other groups vulnerable to HIV as part of a new five-year programme to be run by the Ethiopian government and the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
BURUNDI: Government seeks funding for five-year HIV/AIDS plan
11 June 2012 (PlusNews ), Burundi is seeking US$349 million for its National Strategic Plan to fight HIV/AIDS over the next five years.
KENYA: Needles to be distributed to injecting drug users
7 June 2012 (PlusNews ), The Kenyan government will begin distributing free syringes and needles to more than 50,000 injecting drug users across the country in the next month. Policy-makers and experts said the decision was reached following concerns over the spread of HIV and other blood-borne illnesses through injection drug use.
MALAWI: Where Is HIV/AIDS on Banda's to-do list?
6 June 2012 (PlusNews ), Malawi's new president, Joyce Banda, has inherited an unenviable to-do list from former president Bingu wa Mutharika, and AIDS activists are hoping that bolstering the donor-dependent AIDS response will be one of her most urgent priorities.
ETHIOPIA: HIV testing numbers rising steadily
5 June 2012 (PlusNews ), Successful HIV testing campaigns in Ethiopia are showing a ten-fold jump in the number of people testing each year since 2005.
KENYA: Migrant sex workers off the HIV prevention radar
31 May 2012 (PlusNews ), When Redempta*, 22, fled the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) two years ago and came to Kenya, she quickly had to find a source of income to feed and house herself and her two younger siblings. But as an illegal immigrant with no knowledge of local languages, her options were very limited.
UGANDA: Supply the main challenge in male circumcision
30 May 2012 (PlusNews ), Uganda's campaign to encourage male circumcision - part of its effort to reduce HIV transmission - has attracted an enthusiastic response, but the bigger challenge is rallying resources so the health system can meet the demand for circumcision before it wanes.
KENYA: Curbing the spread of TB in infected households
24 May 2012 (PlusNews ), Elsie, Bernard and their five children share a tiny tin-walled single room in Nyalenda, an informal settlement in Kisumu, in Kenya's Nyanza Province. They are both infected with HIV and TB.
UGANDA: Rising ARV resistance threatens HIV fight
22 May 2012 (PlusNews ), The prevalence of drug-resistant HIV strains in Uganda has risen from 8.6 percent to 12 percent in the last five years, one of the highest rates in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to a recent study.
MADAGASCAR: Low HIV prevalence has its own challenges
21 May 2012 (PlusNews ), Madagascar has a low level of HIV prevalence, and managing its AIDS programme should present no major difficulties. But the apparent advantage of a low infection rate, combined with the ongoing political crisis, has brought its own challenges.
NEPAL: HIV widows on the edge
15 May 2012 (PlusNews ), Widows living with HIV in Nepal’s remote hill districts in some of the country’s poorest and vulnerable communities face a particularly bleak future.
HIV/AIDS: Global Fund will have US$1.6 billion more
10 May 2012 (PlusNews ), The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has announced that it will have US$1.6 billion more to invest in life-saving programmes between 2012 and 2014.
RWANDA: Substantial HIV funding has not hurt other patient care
9 May 2012 (PlusNews ), The large amount of donor funding that has gone into Rwanda's fight against HIV has not affected efforts to prevent and treat unrelated diseases, such as malaria and measles, and may in fact have improved overall healthcare, a six-year study has found.

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