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ZAMBIA: Sleepy town waking to HIV
28 June 2002 (PlusNews ), Kapiri Mposhi is normally a sleepy little town of crumbling buildings and ox carts in central Zambia. But once a week, on Thursday evenings, it comes to life when the train from Dar-es-Salaam arrives.
ZAMBIA: Kaunda soldiers on in anti-AIDS campaign
27 May 2002 (PlusNews ), Zambia's first president Kenneth Kaunda was commander-in-chief of the armed forces for close to three decades. Today, in his retirement years, he is marshalling the country in a war against HIV/AIDS.
ZAMBIA: World Bank to support HIV/AIDS programme
3 May 2002 (PlusNews ), The World Bank has pledged US $42 million to help Zambia's anti-AIDS campaign, but disbursement of the funds will hinge on the response of an unpredictable parliament to a proposed new national HIV/AIDS policy.
ZAMBIA: Kenneth Kaunda promotes voluntary testing
26 March 2002 (PlusNews ), In a dramatic gesture that AIDS activists hoped would boost their campaign to raise awareness about voluntary counselling and testing, former president Kenneth Kaunda took a public HIV/AIDS test on Tuesday.
ZAMBIA: Focus on traditional medicine
15 March 2002 (PlusNews ), While there is a strong cultural acceptance of traditional medicine in Zambia, resistance continues within the "orthodox" medical fraternity towards its use in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
ZAMBIA: Home Based Care under pressure
5 February 2002 (PlusNews ), What started in Zambia as a stop-gap community measure to provide a service for People Living with AIDS (PWAs), Home Based Care (HBC) initiatives have mushroomed as a result of the shortcomings of the country's health care system
ZAMBIA: HIV/AIDS patients turn to supplements
29 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Unable to afford antiretroviral drugs, Zambian HIV/AIDS patients are turning to immune boosters and nutritional supplements, local doctors told PlusNews.
ZAMBIA: PWAs march for Mwanawasa
8 January 2002 (PlusNews ), Controversy marred last month's election victory by President Levy Mwanawasa, but he has won the backing of a large although politically marginalised constituency in Zambia - people living with AIDS (PWAs).
ZAMBIA: AIDS discrimination features in presidential race
24 December 2001 (PlusNews ), As Zambia heads towards general elections on Thursday, a controversy over the banning of HIV-positive presidential candidates has shown how much further the country needs to go in tackling stigma and ignorance, AIDS activists told IRIN.
ZAMBIA: PlusNews Profile
16 November 2001 (PlusNews ), Zambia Country Profile
ZAMBIA: UNHCR tackles HIV/AIDS in refugee camps
9 August 2001 (PlusNews ), They had lost literally everything – their homes, their families, and their sense of security – and crossed the border into Zambia in the hope of a fresh start in life. Instead, they were met with disappointment as restrictive laws prevented them from leaving the refugee camps they were housed in and from engaging in salaried employment.
ZAMBIA: HIV/AIDS prevalence levels too high
25 July 2001 (PlusNews ), USAID AIDS specialist Dr Karen Shelly said on Tuesday that the HIV/AIDS prevalence level in Zambia, which stands at 19.7 percent, was “an extremely high rate”.

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