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ZAMBIA: New TB and HIV/AIDS project in Central Province
11 March 2003 (PlusNews ), Residents of Zambia's Central Province are set to benefit from a new tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS project launched at the weekend, local newspaper The Post reported on Monday.
ZAMBIA: Six-month plan on famine and HIV/AIDS
25 February 2003 (PlusNews ), Despite international support to Zambia, the UN on Monday highlighted the combined impact of famine and HIV/AIDS on the country.
ZAMBIA: Women empowered by microbicides
20 February 2003 (PlusNews ), Zambia's government on Thursday said the recent introduction of microbicides will help reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence rates among women in the country.
ZAMBIA: Government to begin HIV/AIDS-related TB treatment
12 February 2003 (PlusNews ), The government has launched a new programme to treat HIV/AIDS-related tuberculosis (TB), local newspaper The Times of Zambia reported on Wednesday.
ZAMBIA: Urgency needed in government HIV/AIDS response
10 February 2003 (PlusNews ), The Network of Zambian People Living With HIV/AIDS (NZP+) on Friday called for a more urgent national HIV/AIDS response.
ZAMBIA: Sexual abuse of young girls fuels HIV/AIDS epidemic
28 January 2003 (PlusNews ), Widespread sexual abuse of young girls could stall progress in HIV/AIDS prevention among young Zambian adults, a new report has warned.
ZAMBIA: HIV/AIDS fuelled by sex abuse
28 January 2003 (PlusNews ), Widespread sexual abuse is fuelling the spread of HIV/AIDS among girls and young women in Zambia, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in report released on Tuesday.
ZAMBIA: Global Fund money in the bag
21 January 2003 (PlusNews ), Zambia’s health minister has announced that his country is to receive its US $92 million grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
ZAMBIA: ZAMBIA: HIV/AIDS NGOs still waiting for government treatment policy
15 January 2003 (PlusNews ), The Zambian government still has to come up with a policy on the treatment of HIV-positive people, the Network of Zambian People Living With HIV/AIDS (NZP+) said on Wednesday.
ZAMBIA: Falling life expectancy
2 January 2003 (PlusNews ), Life expectancy among Zambian adults is falling, according to the findings of two new databases, raising concerns over the impact of HIV/AIDS.
ZAMBIA: Poor health services further hurdle for HIV-positive patients
31 December 2002 (PlusNews ), Zambia's over-stretched health facilities are inadequate at the best of times, but the situation is especially grim for the more than 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS.
ZAMBIA: ZAMBIA: Empowering youth to prevent HIV/AIDS
12 December 2002 (PlusNews ), With about half of all new adult HIV/AIDS infections taking place among young people, a recently launched UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) project is empowering the youth to become a part of the solution to reverse this trend.
ZAMBIA: ZAMBIA: Millions needed to fight HIV/AIDS - minister
10 December 2002 (PlusNews ), The Zambian government on Monday said it needed US $270 million over the next three years to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
ZAMBIA: Youth empowered to prevent HIV/AIDS
10 December 2002 (PlusNews ), With about half of all new adult HIV/AIDS infections taking place among young people, a recently launched UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) project is empowering the youth to become a part of the solution to reverse this trend.
ZAMBIA: ZAMBIA: Government allocates funds for HIV/AIDS plan
9 December 2002 (PlusNews ), Local NGOs on Monday welcomed a government US $26 million programme to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, but said the authorities had yet to act on an earlier promise to provide antiretrovirals to 10,000 people living with the disease.
ZAMBIA: Stigma "the fear of helplessness"
29 November 2002 (PlusNews ), Twenty years after the first case of AIDS was diagnosed, Zambians continue to live in denial, fear and confusion when it comes to acknowledging the epidemic.
ZAMBIA: Parliament passes AIDS bill
22 November 2002 (PlusNews ), The Zambian parliament passed an AIDS bill this week which establishes a national council and secretariat to coordinate the previously fragmented fight against the epidemic.
ZAMBIA: More than a bad hair day
19 November 2002 (PlusNews ), Hairdressers in the Zambian capital Lusaka have begun to think seriously about the risks they may run of contracting and transmitting HIV through their work.
ZAMBIA: Poor girls keep brothels in business
27 September 2002 (PlusNews ), Niko's is a dingy 24-hour brothel in Zambia's southern tourist town of Livingstone. It is here that young girls, with few other opportunities to make money, live and work.
ZAMBIA: EC increases funding to fight against HIV/AIDS
25 September 2002 (PlusNews ), The European Commission (EC) on Wednesday said it will provide US $22 million to help fight HIV/AIDS in Zambia.

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