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SOUTH AFRICA: AIDS lobby group suspends campaign
29 May 2003 (PlusNews ), A South African AIDS lobby group on Thursday announced the "temporary suspension" of its most recent campaign against local pharmaceutical companies.
SOUTH AFRICA: Young HIV/AIDS activist remembered
28 May 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa's youngest HIV/AIDS activist will be remembered on 1 June, the South African Press Association (SAPA) reported on Tuesday.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV-positive radio presenter lauded
20 May 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa's Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) on Tuesday said public disclosure by local celebrities living with HIV/AIDS could help eradicate stigma.
15 May 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa has so far failed to endorse a national HIV/AIDS treatment plan, the local Business Day newspaper reported on Wednesday.
SOUTH AFRICA: University launches AIDS research facility
15 May 2003 (PlusNews ), The growing need for a wider African research response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic has led to the creation of a "virtual institute" at one of South Africa's leading universities.
SOUTH AFRICA: High price of poor AIDS planning
8 May 2003 (PlusNews ), Workplace HIV/AIDS treatment programmes in South Africa are making "catastrophic mistakes", a new report has found.
SOUTH AFRICA: Government slams HIV/AIDS report
7 May 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa's government has rejected claims that local children were contracting HIV through dirty needles, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on Tuesday.
SOUTH AFRICA: Business in a quandary over HIV/AIDS treatment costs
7 May 2003 (PlusNews ), Workplace HIV/AIDS treatment programmes in South Africa are making "catastrophic mistakes" and may be doubling the cost of the epidemic on business, a new report has found.
SOUTH AFRICA: Chronology of HIV/AIDS treatment access row
1 May 2003 (PlusNews ), Following a meeting with South African Deputy-President Jacob Zuma last week, AIDS lobby group, Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), announced it would suspend its civil disobedience action aimed at forcing the government to introduce a national HIV/AIDS treatment programme.
SOUTH AFRICA: Possible change on the cards - activists
30 April 2003 (PlusNews ), South African AIDS activists on Wednesday said a decision to suspend their civil disobedience campaign could resolve issues between the government and themselves.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV/AIDS costing mining industry
29 April 2003 (PlusNews ), The high percentage of miners living with HIV/AIDS has impacted on South Africa's gold mining industry, local newspaper The Sowetan reported on Tuesday.
SOUTH AFRICA: A black Easter for AIDS activists
23 April 2003 (PlusNews ), Some 50 South African AIDS activists were on Tuesday arrested at the Johannesburg-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (PMA) for trespassing and illegal demonstrations.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV/AIDS activist gets international recognition
23 April 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa's Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) on Tuesday said TIME magazine's move to honour its president, Zackie Achmat, was a victory for all activists.
SOUTH AFRICA: Activists continue HIV/AIDS protests
22 April 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa's National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NAPWA) on Tuesday continued a protest outside the Johannesburg offices of a drug multinational as part of its "Black Easter" campaign.
SOUTH AFRICA: Military strategy on HIV/AIDS
16 April 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa's National Defence Force (SANDF) has launched a programme to educate the military on HIV/AIDS prevention, the local news service BuaNews reported on Tuesday.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV/AIDS takes its toll on education
14 April 2003 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS is adding to the attrition rate of teachers in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province, The University of Natal said on Monday.
SOUTH AFRICA: Doctors threaten resignation over HIV/AIDS
14 April 2003 (PlusNews ), Refusal by South Africa's government to treat people living with HIV/AIDS (PWAs) has affected medical doctors, the local Cape Times newspaper reported on Monday.
SOUTH AFRICA: Using cellphones to fight TB
14 April 2003 (PlusNews ), Tuberculosis (TB) patients in South Africa now have a new weapon in the fight against the disease - a cellphone.
SOUTH AFRICA: We will not die in vain - activists
10 April 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa's Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) on Thursday said it mourns the death of founder member Edward Mabunda.
SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa to provide cheaper HIV/AIDS drugs
8 April 2003 (PlusNews ), South Africa's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently announced it was set to begin the local manufacture of generic HIV/AIDS drugs.

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