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SOUTH AFRICA: Counsellors to give "the prick"
9 July 2010 (PlusNews ), Lay counsellors in South Africa can now legally perform HIV tests, but delays in paying them and shortages of test kits are threatening a national campaign to scale up voluntary HIV testing and counselling (VCT).
SOUTH AFRICA: Mlungisi Dlamini, "We used to have this saying ... 'Any meal might be the last'"
9 July 2010 (PlusNews ), Mlungisi Dlamini never planned for his future, until he was diagnosed HIV positive. Now working for the South African AIDS lobby group, the Treatment Action Campaign, Dlamini talked to IRIN/PlusNews about how his diagnosis changed his perspective on life.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: AIDS activists take funding fight to the pitch
5 July 2010 (PlusNews ), Janet "China" Mpalume led Zimbabwe's ARV Swallows to a decisive victory in the Halftime Football Tournament in Johannesburg on 2 July 2010. She wasn't playing for the FIFA World Cup, but for something potentially far more important.
SOUTH AFRICA: World Cup kicks off camps for kids
1 July 2010 (PlusNews ), School's out, the FIFA World Cup is on, and HIV/AIDS groups are using the opportunity to bring HIV messages to South Africa's youngest and least privileged soccer supporters.
SOUTH AFRICA: Who's tracking the world's biggest ARV programme?
25 June 2010 (PlusNews ), The world's largest antiretroviral (ARV) programme may be operating in the dark most of the time, according to a long-awaited review of the HIV/AIDS national strategic plan (NSP) released by the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC).
SOUTH AFRICA: Hidden toll from TB
23 June 2010 (PlusNews ), Shocking results from a study involving post-mortem examinations at a hospital in KwaZulu-Natal Province have revealed the extent to which tuberculosis (TB) is taking a toll on the lives of young, HIV-positive South Africans.
SOUTH AFRICA: HIV infection rate slowing - study
21 June 2010 (PlusNews ), South Africa’s HIV/AIDS epidemic may finally be slowing, according to a new study which found a 35 percent decline in the rate of new HIV infections between 2002 and 2008.
SOUTH AFRICA: Study backs nurse-monitored HIV treatment
18 June 2010 (PlusNews ), A South African study suggests that nurses are able to manage patients on antiretroviral (ARV) therapy as effectively as doctors, supporting the case for “task-shifting” in HIV treatment.
AFRICA: Mother knows best
15 June 2010 (PlusNews ), One after the other, the women entered the doctor’s office full of hope and expectation and left with a sense of doom: their pregnancies were confirmed but so was their HIV status – positive. To them it sounded like a death sentence, for themselves and their unborn babies.
SOUTH AFRICA: Poor MDR-TB knowledge among nurses
15 June 2010 (PlusNews ), South Africa has one of the highest rates of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), but a study has found that many nurses have not been trained to handle this deadly, difficult-to-treat strain of the disease.
SOUTH AFRICA: TB patients not getting HIV counselling
11 June 2010 (PlusNews ), Too many tuberculosis patients are not receiving counselling about the link between TB and HIV, according to new research.
SOUTH AFRICA: Straight Talk with FIFA's Social Responsibility Head
10 June 2010 (PlusNews ), South African AIDS organisations have issued a statement lambasting FIFA, the world soccer body, for ignoring their requests to distribute HIV prevention information in stadiums and fan parks during the Soccer World Cup.
SOUTH AFRICA: World Cup poses risks for out-of-school kids
8 June 2010 (PlusNews ), As South African children look forward to a mid-year school holiday that will last longer than the usual winter break because of the FIFA World Cup, parents and caregivers are faced with the dilemma of how to keep them safe during the five weeks of festivities.
SOUTH AFRICA: World Cup HIV prevention plans fall short
4 June 2010 (PlusNews ), The excitement over the FIFA World Cup is not just about football, it's also about the party. Large quantities of alcohol are sure to be consumed as foreign football fans rub shoulders with locals, and inhibitions are likely to fall away.
SOUTH AFRICA: Drug resistance, alcohol and money
4 June 2010 (PlusNews ), A complex mix of issues drives drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) patients to default on medication, not least of which are alcohol and money, according to new research presented by Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF), the international medical charity, at the South African TB Conference in the east-coast city of Durban.
SOUTH AFRICA: Activists call for integrated HIV/TB services
3 June 2010 (PlusNews ), A consortium of AIDS organizations has given the South African government three months to deliver on promises to integrate TB and HIV services.
SOUTH AFRICA: TB response fails children
2 June 2010 (PlusNews ), The fight against tuberculosis (TB) has failed children: the share of paediatric TB is increasing, and children have not escaped the rising tide of drug-resistant strains, according to new research presented at the South African TB Conference.
SOUTH AFRICA: Musa Njoko, "What made me really mad was the failure to diagnose my TB in good time"
2 June 2010 (PlusNews ), Musa "Queen" Njoko is a well-known South African gospel singer and motivational speaker, running her own successful business. She was also one of the first women to publicly disclose her HIV-positive status. Njoko spoke to IRIN/PlusNews at the South African TB Conference in the port city of Durban about one of her two bouts with TB, and how late diagnosis put her life at risk.
SOUTH AFRICA: Sports stars urge men to "do the right thing"
1 June 2010 (PlusNews ), A team of top South African and international sportsmen will lend their star power to a campaign that promotes HIV prevention, and an end to violence against women and children.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: HIV testing and treatment to prevent TB
19 May 2010 (PlusNews ), Diagnosing HIV early and starting antiretroviral (ARV) treatment could be the most important weapons in the battle against HIV-associated tuberculosis, but this would need a huge injection of resources in southern Africa, where the dual epidemics of TB and HIV claim the most lives.

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