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SOUTH AFRICA: Research shows World Cup did not fuel sex work or HIV
22 October 2010 (PlusNews ), The South African sex work industry has released a new report that has shown the country's recent soccer World Cup did not fuel a rise in sex work - and that thousands of dollars may have been wasted on ill-tailored HIV prevention campaigns.
SOUTH AFRICA: Business to boost funding, monitoring of national VCT campaign
19 October 2010 (PlusNews ), South African business leaders have banded together to introduce new ways to finance and monitor the world’s most ambitious national HIV testing campaign.
HIV/AIDS: Global Fund looks to private sector to fill funding gap
14 October 2010 (PlusNews ), With its coffers running at least US$1 billion short, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is looking to the private sector to fill the funding gap.
HEALTH: New global plan aims to wipe out TB
14 October 2010 (PlusNews ), A new roadmap for curbing the global epidemic of tuberculosis aims to save five million lives between 2011 and 2015 and eliminate TB as a public health problem by 2050 but comes with a price tag of US$47 billion, nearly half of which must still be found.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: HIV-related cancer poorly diagnosed, treated
20 September 2010 (PlusNews ), Kaposi's sarcoma (KS), an HIV-related cancer, may not make headlines in southern Africa, but dealing with this disfiguring and potentially deadly illness presents a daunting task for health workers.
SOUTH AFRICA: Early HIV treatment may be cheaper than thought
13 September 2010 (PlusNews ), Research by South Africa's University of the Witwatersrand and Boston University in the US, has found that starting HIV-positive people on antiretrovirals (ARVs) earlier, and at a higher CD4 count (a measure of immune system strength), may be cheaper than previously thought.
SOUTH AFRICA: National HIV testing campaign disappoints
7 September 2010 (PlusNews ), South Africa, home to the world’s largest HIV treatment programme, is trying to pull off the most extensive global HIV testing campaign but the ambitious initiative is facing some daunting realities.
SOUTH AFRICA: Strike sends XDR-TB patients home
3 September 2010 (PlusNews ), Striking public health workers in South Africa have virtually shut down King George V Hospital, a referral facility in the port city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province, which specializes in caring for and isolating patients with multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extremely drug-resistant (XDR)-TB.
SOUTH AFRICA: Survivor's guide for non-striking health workers
2 September 2010 (PlusNews ), Public sector strikes in South Africa have become so common in recent years that people are asking if plans should not be put in place to prevent the disruption of HIV and tuberculosis [TB] treatment, and prepare health workers.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: More sterilizations of HIV-positive women uncovered
30 August 2010 (PlusNews ), Veronica* did not realize she had been sterilized while giving birth to her daughter until four years later when, after failing to conceive, she and her boyfriend consulted a doctor.
SOUTH AFRICA: Pholokgolo Ramothwala, "You can never hide HIV forever"
26 August 2010 (PlusNews ), Journalist and long-time HIV activist Pholokgolo Ramothwala, 32, was diagnosed HIV-positive at the age of 19. He runs his own communications company and writes an online diary about living with HIV. He spoke to IRIN/PlusNews about love, disclosure and discordance.
SOUTH AFRICA: Strike jeopardizes HIV treatment
24 August 2010 (PlusNews ), A strike for better wages by South African health workers is putting the lives of HIV-positive people on the line as industrial action disrupts treatment programmes.
SOUTH AFRICA: Communities debate microbicide results
23 August 2010 (PlusNews ), The recent release of positive results from a microbicide trial in South Africa have kick-started discussions between scientists, activists and community workers about the quickest and most responsible way of getting a product into women's hands.
SOUTH AFRICA: Nevirapine linked to HIV treatment failure
20 August 2010 (PlusNews ), One of the cheapest and most commonly used drugs for treating HIV in Africa - nevirapine - has been associated with an increased risk of treatment failure in a retrospective South African study.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: No single formula for HIV risk
16 August 2010 (PlusNews ), In southern Africa, prevention campaigns highlighting the HIV risks of having more than one partner at the same time have largely targeted heterosexuals and ignored the fact that men who have sex with men also have multiple partners.
SOUTH AFRICA: Melanie, "If you won't test, I won't do 'it'"
12 August 2010 (PlusNews ), Melanie grew up in a large, religious family in the South African seaside city of Port Elizabeth. She talked to IRIN/PlusNews about how HIV touched her life at a young age, and how education and loss gave her not only the ability to start her own HIV organization east of Johannesburg, but also to navigate HIV in her own discordant relationship.
SOUTH AFRICA: Unpaid VCT counsellors threaten to walk out
6 August 2010 (PlusNews ), After months of non-payment, lay counsellors vital to government's ambitious target of testing 15 million South Africans for HIV by April 2011, are threatening to walk out of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) clinics.
SOUTH AFRICA: Government debt delays treatment
3 August 2010 (PlusNews ), Drugs to treat HIV and tuberculosis (TB) are not reaching patients in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province because the local health department has not paid its suppliers, according to a civil society watchdog.
SOUTH AFRICA: Child deaths stubbornly high
27 July 2010 (PlusNews ), The race to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015 is more than halfway run, but new reports say South Africa is unlikely to reduce its burden of deaths in children under five in time to cross the finish line.
SOUTH AFRICA: Government greenlights three-month supply of ARVs
13 July 2010 (PlusNews ), In a bid to ease pressure on South Africa's over-burdened public health sector, the government has given hospitals and clinics permission to give patients on HIV/AIDS treatment a three-month supply of their antiretroviral medication (ARVs).

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