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SOUTH AFRICA: Poor tracking means patients lose out
15 February 2008 (PlusNews ), Inadequate patient tracking at one of South Africa's largest antiretroviral (ARV) distribution sites, has led to many patients disappearing from the clinic before treatment starts, a new report has found.
SOUTH AFRICA: Johanna Ncala: “People now are living their lives - they want to have babies.”
13 February 2008 (PlusNews ), Johanna Ncala, 40, has been seeing the father of her 2-year-old daughter for four years, and admits that distance isn’t the only thing complicating her love life. Since she was diagnosed positive in 1993, Johanna has had to rethink relationships and what her status might mean to the men in her life.
SOUTH AFRICA: Tender Mavundla: "I'm loud and he likes that"
13 February 2008 (PlusNews ), Tender Mavundla, 26, is an aspiring singer about to release her first album. She was diagnosed with HIV almost seven years ago and knows what it feels like to be constantly rejected by men after disclosing her status. But she's finally found someone who's accepted her and her virus, and this is how it happened.
4 February 2008 (PlusNews ), South African police are denying detained undocumented HIV-positive migrants access to the crucial food needed to continue antiretroviral therapy, according to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
SOUTH AFRICA: New improved PMTCT on the way
29 January 2008 (PlusNews ), The long wait is over. South Africa's HIV-positive pregnant women will now have access to medication that could further reduce the risk of passing the virus to their babies after the health department released guidelines for administering more effective dual therapy instead of single antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.
SOUTH AFRICA: Linda Mbiko: "Johannesburg is a place of gold, but it's not easy to get that gold, even if you dig"
24 January 2008 (PlusNews ), Linda Mbiko*, a 36-year-old widow, crossed the border from Zimbabwe into South Africa, hidden in the back of a truck. She was fleeing poverty and a public health system that had failed to help her HIV-positive daughter. In Johannesburg, she believed she could earn enough money to send some home and find treatment for herself and her child, but without documentation she found the city a hostile place.
SOUTH AFRICA: Government under pressure to introduce new PMTCT regimen
23 January 2008 (PlusNews ), South African AIDS activists have called on doctors and nurses to act in the best interests of HIV-positive pregnant women and their unborn children by not waiting any longer for an official directive to switch from single antiretroviral (ARV) treatment to more effective dual treatment for the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT).
SOUTH AFRICA: Paying for protection - rising condom sales
11 January 2008 (PlusNews ), Condom sales in South Africa have climbed by as much as 55 percent in the last year, pointing to increased condom usage - but does this mean that behaviour has changed?
SOUTH AFRICA: Solving treatment bottlenecks
4 January 2008 (PlusNews ), The monthly "Improvement Meeting" at Qumbu Health Centre, 50km from the Eastern Cape province town of Mthatha, is supposed to start at 9am, but rarely starts before 10am.
SOUTH AFRICA: Albert Van Der Walt: "We weren't stupid, we were just heroin addicts"
30 November 2007 (PlusNews ), Albert Van Der Walt is a 21-year-old former heroin addict from Witbank, in Mpumalanga, a largely rural province in South Africa's northeast, with a growing drug problem. Now clean for nearly three years, Van Der Walt told IRIN/PlusNews how heroin quickly took over his life.
SOUTH AFRICA: Risky sex on drugs a challenge for HIV prevention
30 November 2007 (PlusNews ), South Africa's status as the country with the highest number of HIV infections in the world is well known; its rapidly emerging roles as a major transit route for trafficking illegal drugs and the leading consumer in the region is less well documented.
SOUTH AFRICA: Social Grants - dependency or development?
29 November 2007 (PlusNews ), As South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) party gears up for its annual conference in little more than two weeks, many wonder if a possible change in leadership will signal an accompanying change in social policy, especially social grants - one of the most important and controversial weapons in the fight against poverty.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: New PMTCT drug regimen catching on
29 November 2007 (PlusNews ), HIV-positive mothers in South Africa will have a better chance of not passing the virus to their babies, after the government announced it was switching to a more effective drug regimen, which can reduce the risk of transmission to as little as five percent.
SOUTH AFRICA: Corruption could harm HIV/AIDS efforts
29 November 2007 (PlusNews ), No one can say for sure why South Africa, which has devoted more resources to combating HIV/AIDS than any other country on the continent, still has the highest number of infections in the world.
SOUTH AFRICA-ZIMBABWE: Wilson Moyo: "If it was easier to access documents, it would make our lives more bearable"
15 November 2007 (PlusNews ), A year and a half ago, *Wilson Moyo, 45, was a white-collar worker enjoying a comfortable life in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second city. After fleeing the country for political reasons he is now homeless, jobless and living in a shelter in Johannesburg's inner city.
GLOBAL: Simple measures could radically reduce TB
14 November 2007 (PlusNews ), Better healthcare measures could curb the tide of tuberculosis (TB) and other lung diseases, even with existing drugs and technology. This was the final message from the 38th World Conference on Lung Health, in Cape Town.
GLOBAL: Conference throws spotlight on growing TB threat
9 November 2007 (PlusNews ), The 38th World Conference on Lung Health started in Cape Town on 9 November, bringing together more than 3,000 scientists in the ongoing battle against tuberculosis (TB) and other respiratory diseases.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Women take sexual risks to feed their families
31 October 2007 (PlusNews ), Women in food insecure southern Africa are putting themselves in danger of contracting HIV in their desperation to feed themselves and their families, a new study has found.
SOUTH AFRICA: Sugar Daddies find plenty of sweet teeth
22 October 2007 (PlusNews ), It is 10 o'clock on a Friday night in Soweto, Johannesburg's most famous township, but it's still early for The Rock, a nightclub popular with the young and upwardly mobile, and most potential patrons are drinking at a shebeen [informal bar] operating in the parking lot.
SOUTH AFRICA: When microbicide trials go wrong - Part 2
12 October 2007 (PlusNews ), It's an overcast Thursday morning in the port city of Durban, on South Africa's east coast, and some of the former participants in a microbicide trial, discontinued earlier this year, have gathered at the now deserted research site behind a busy downtown taxi rank, to be interviewed by IRIN/PlusNews.

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