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SOUTH AFRICA: A need to redefine "orphan"
3 April 2009 (PlusNews ), In the popular imagination, the face of the AIDS epidemic in southern Africa is often an orphan who has lost both parents to the virus and is now fending for him or herself in a household made up solely of other children
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Universal access - the race is on!
3 April 2009 (PlusNews ), The race is on for countries in Southern Africa to meet their targets of providing universal access to care, treatment and prevention by 2010. But will they make it?
SOUTH AFRICA-ZIMBABWE: Cross-border healthcare response needed
3 April 2009 (PlusNews ), As over 4,000 delegates convened in the port city of Durban this week to talk about how to improve South Africa’s HIV/AIDS response, a sobering presentation on Thursday reminded them that just across the border in Zimbabwe, people living with HIV lacked even the most basic services.
SOUTH AFRICA: Hogan closes clear-the-air conference
3 April 2009 (PlusNews ), Health Minister Barbara Hogan closed the 4th South African AIDS Conference in Durban on Friday by addressing some of the concerns raised about the cost and feasibility of scaling up South Africa's HIV/AIDS treatment programme to meet the enormous need.
SOUTH AFRICA: Celebrities and AIDS
2 April 2009 (PlusNews ), They formed an unlikely panel for an AIDS conference: a rugby player, a soccer player, a reality-show contestant, a comedian, a film producer, an actor and a singer.
SOUTH AFRICA: Time running out for treatment targets
2 April 2009 (PlusNews ), Task-shifting is urgently needed if South Africa is to meet its ambitious goal of reaching 80 percent of those in need of antiretroviral (ARV) treatment by 2011, delegates attending the fourth national AIDS conference heard this week.
SOUTH AFRICA: Funding shortfall threatens treatment programme
2 April 2009 (PlusNews ), The theme of the 4th South African AIDS Conference taking place in Durban this week is 'Scaling up for success', but activists have drawn noisy attention to the fact that expanding South Africa's antiretroviral (ARV) treatment programme will be impossible unless the government addressed a significant funding shortfall.
SOUTH AFRICA: Reducing TB a matter of life and death
1 April 2009 (PlusNews ), Several years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified the three most important ways of reducing the risk of tuberculosis (TB) in people living with HIV, who are highly susceptible to the airborne disease.
SOUTH AFRICA: New ideas at 4th national AIDS conference
1 April 2009 (PlusNews ), South Africa's fourth national AIDS conference opened in the east-coast city of Durban this week with calls to scale up AIDS programming in a country that still has a long way to go in reversing the epidemic.
GLOBAL: Prevention the best medicine for TB
26 March 2009 (PlusNews ), Findings from an ongoing South African study into preventative tuberculosis (TB) therapy suggest that prevention really may be the best medicine.
SOUTH AFRICA: Saving more lives faster
24 March 2009 (PlusNews ), In April 2009 the South African government will start rolling out a new test to diagnose multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), of which 16,000 cases were reported in 2007 alone. Doctors are hoping that the new rapid tests will get more patients on treatment and faster.
GLOBAL: TB and HIV co-infection crisis a bigger threat
24 March 2009 (PlusNews ), One in four tuberculosis (TB) deaths in the world is HIV-related, twice as many as previously thought, according to a new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
SOUTH AFRICA: Final chapter in Rath saga?
16 March 2009 (PlusNews ), AIDS activists in South Africa appear to have won the final round of a protracted battle to prevent vitamin salesman Matthias Rath from promoting his unproven remedies to patients living with HIV and AIDS.
GLOBAL: Rape survivors need better emergency care - MSF
9 March 2009 (PlusNews ), People who have suffered sexual violence in countries facing humanitarian crises need much more accessible, comprehensive and confidential care than is currently available, says a new report by the international medical charity, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
SOUTH AFRICA: One love could lower infection rate
6 March 2009 (PlusNews ), 2009 might just be the year that HIV prevention finally takes centre stage in South Africa. Years of workshops and speeches in which AIDS experts and politicians talked about the need to prioritise prevention are, at last, translating into action.
SOUTH AFRICA: Keeping condoms out of the classroom
5 March 2009 (PlusNews ), Despite high rates of teen pregnancy and HIV, South African high schools will remain largely condom-free zones while confusing government policies mix with morals to keep the prophylactics out of pupils' pockets.
SOUTH AFRICA: Sexy new HIV prevention campaign for gays
5 March 2009 (PlusNews ), Dance music pumps from large speakers while a half dozen shirtless young men serve drinks at a bar bathed in pink light. It is the last weekend of Gay Pride in Cape Town, South Africa, and men of all ages have come to a "fetish party" to launch a safe-sex campaign, "Play Nice", targeting men who have sex with men (MSM).
SOUTH AFRICA: Scrutinize! An in-your-face HIV prevention campaign
4 March 2009 (PlusNews ), They are like no other HIV awareness adverts you've seen before. Instead of earnest celebrities or solemn voiceovers imploring the youth to abstain or practice safe sex, they feature attention-grabbing graphics and wise-cracking cartoon characters delivering HIV messages in catchy phrases.
GLOBAL: HIV incidence rising in 50+ age group
3 March 2009 (PlusNews ), The number of older people with HIV may be increasing worldwide, but doctors seldom consider screening them for HIV, thus delaying diagnosis, according to an article in the World Health Organisation's March Bulletin.
GLOBAL: New insight into HI-virus
27 February 2009 (PlusNews ), New research has revealed the extent and speed at which the HI virus can adapt to overcome the body's own evolving defence systems.

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