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UGANDA: Only one third of TB patients cured
20 March 2008 (PlusNews ), Becky Mugisha* had been ill with a hacking cough for three months before she was admitted into one of Kampala’s busiest tuberculosis (TB) wards, but she recognised the symptoms long before that. It was her second bout with the disease.
UGANDA: HIV positive religious leaders break silence
17 March 2008 (PlusNews ), Admitting to being HIV-positive is a difficult task for anyone, but David Balubenze was faced with some special challenges as the pastor of Deliverance Church Nankandulo, in Kamuli, about 100 kilometers from the capital, Kampala.
UGANDA: ARVS bring sex back into marriages
14 March 2008 (PlusNews ), Fatuma and Hamidu Kamugisha met 12 years ago as hotel employees in Tanzania's Victoria Lake-side town of Mwanza and sparks flew. The couple hooked up, married and then returned to Hamidu’s native Uganda where they had four children.
UGANDA: Josephine Nakalema, Uganda: "I would rather make a life with an HIV-positive guy"
14 March 2008 (PlusNews ), Josephine Nakalema*, 22, was born HIV-positive but only realised that she had the disease when she was a teenager. Now a trained HIV/AIDS counsellor, she told IRIN/PlusNews how the late diagnosis affected her family and her love life.
UGANDA: Women shoulder AIDS burden
8 March 2008 (PlusNews ), In many parts of Uganda, especially rural areas, women's roles have not changed since the first Women's Day a hundred years ago. Women are still the primary caregivers, and they still don't get credit for it, according to Sylvia Tamale, the Dean of Makerere University's Law School, in the capital, Kampala.
UGANDA: Home-based HIV treatment extends lives
6 March 2008 (PlusNews ), Off the beaten track east of Uganda's capital, Kampala, a four-wheel-drive vehicle is taking a nurse, a community health worker and a cooler full of life-saving medication to Gayaza village, where they will call on homes affected by HIV/AIDS.
UGANDA: New ARV factory off to a slow start
4 March 2008 (PlusNews ), Much excitement greeted the opening of Quality Chemicals in 2007, the first manufacturer of antiretroviral (ARV) medication in East Africa, but six months later the production lines are still idle.
UGANDA: Where the lake is feared more than the virus
3 March 2008 (PlusNews ), Stephen Mukasa, 23, a fisherman on East Africa's Lake Victoria, is more terrified of drowning than he is of dying from an AIDS-related illness.
GLOBAL: Less silence, more science could make anal sex safer
27 February 2008 (PlusNews ), The silence and taboo surrounding anal sex is putting millions of men and women at risk of HIV, delegates attending the fourth international microbicides conference in New Delhi, India, heard this week.
GLOBAL: ARVs in microbicide research - keeping hope alive?
25 February 2008 (PlusNews ), After a string of depressing trial results, the fourth international microbicides conference in New Delhi, India, kicked off this week with a ray of hope that new research could deliver a new generation of HIV prevention approaches for women.
UGANDA: New study shows low condom use among HIV discordant couples
14 February 2008 (PlusNews ), HIV-negative partners living in HIV discordant sexual relationships in Uganda need more protection to remain uninfected, new research has found.
UGANDA: James Matovu: "I hope she finds someone who can look past her HIV
14 February 2008 (PlusNews ), James is a single 30-something executive in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. He recently met a girl he really liked, and told IRIN/PlusNews that although she was “really good people”, he couldn't bring himself to ignore her HIV status.
UGANDA: HIV/AIDS triggers rise in TB infections
22 January 2008 (PlusNews ), Tuberculosis infection rates in Uganda have increased due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country, but the scarcity of health centres and over-crowding in camps are also to blame, officials said.
UGANDA: Factory to boost ARV rollout
9 October 2007 (PlusNews ), A new Ugandan pharmaceutical factory has begun producing antiretroviral medication drugs locally, something the government says will significantly increase the number of HIV-positive people accessing the life-prolonging drugs across the country and the East African region.
UGANDA: Time to address love and sexuality among teens born with HIV
12 September 2007 (PlusNews ), Paediatric HIV care is high on the agenda of most HIV programmes today, but less talked about are the social aspects of life as a child born with the virus, and later on, as an adolescent facing the challenges of relationships and sexuality.
UGANDA: Campaigning against cross-generational sex
7 September 2007 (PlusNews ), In most of Uganda, as in many parts of the world, it is acceptable for a man to be several years older than his partner or wife, so when Population Services International (PSI), a social marketing non-governmental organisation (NGO) recently launched a campaign against cross-generational sex in the country, it started a lively debate.
UGANDA: State homophobia putting gays at HIV risk - activists
24 August 2007 (PlusNews ), The Ugandan government's hostility towards the gay community leaves them out of health programmes, putting them at greater risk of HIV, the New York-based lobby group, Human Rights Watch (HRW) warned this week.
UGANDA: High sexual violence places women at greater HIV risk
21 August 2007 (PlusNews ), Almost 40 percent of Ugandan women aged between 15 and 49 have experienced some form of sexual violence in their lifetime, a statistic that is "unacceptably high", gender experts said.
SUDAN-UGANDA: Programmes disregard HIV among the elderly
27 July 2007 (PlusNews ), Agnes Buya*, 66, lies in the infectious diseases ward of Juba Teaching Hospital in southern Sudan. Painfully thin, she has been suffering from tuberculosis for the last year. "I came to the hospital a few days ago; the family who were caring for me couldn't look after me anymore," she told IRIN/PlusNews. "As soon as I got here the doctor tested me for HIV and found me positive."
GLOBAL: Women want a bigger piece of the funding pie
10 July 2007 (PlusNews ), After burning the midnight oil for many weeks while preparing a US$50 million gender-based project proposal to lay before the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, Swazi activists found that it had vanished from their country's grant application. They were dumbfounded.

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