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UGANDA: Faith: "My greatest birthday present was my CD4 count reaching 500"
27 August 2008 (PlusNews ), Faith is a member of the Ariel Children's Club, a group for HIV-positive children supported by the Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF). She talked to IRIN/PlusNews about the challenges of growing up with HIV.
UGANDA: Home births hamper PMTCT programme
26 August 2008 (PlusNews ), The number of Ugandan children becoming infected with HIV during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding remains high despite the government's ongoing rollout of services to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT).
UGANDA: Bwenge Kana: "People from the community were asking me why I was not breastfeeding"
26 August 2008 (PlusNews ), Bwenge Kana is a member of The Aids Support Organisation (TASO) in Mbale district, eastern Uganda. She has been taking antiretroviral (ARV) medication since 2005, when she enrolled in TASO's prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programme after she became pregnant with her second child. She told IRIN/PlusNews about her experience.
UGANDA: Marriage, the new frontier in HIV prevention
1 August 2008 (PlusNews ), In Uganda you have a higher risk of contracting HIV if you are married and over 30 than if you are single and in your twenties, according to the UNAIDS 2008 global epidemic report.
UGANDA: Poverty driving child sex abuse in the north
21 July 2008 (PlusNews ), Acute poverty is forcing girls as young as 14 into early marriage and sex work in parts of northern Uganda affected by the war, says a new report by local NGOs.
UGANDA: Aleng Almarina: "If the drugs run out, my condition will worsen"
10 July 2008 (PlusNews ), Aleng Almarina, 53, is one of several thousand internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have returned to their villages after years in camps across northern Uganda, where a 20-year conflict between the government and the rebel Lord's Resistance Army forced up to two million people to flee their homes. She told IRIN/PlusNews of her struggle to access life-prolonging antiretroviral (ARV) medication.
GLOBAL: AIDS spending breaks records, but needs more focus
8 July 2008 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS funding to low- and middle-income countries reached a record level in 2007, according to a new report by UNAIDS.
UGANDA: Joanna: "Dating is hectic, so I put a personal ad in the paper"
7 July 2008 (PlusNews ), Joanna*, 25, an HIV-positive schoolteacher who lives in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, decided to take a chance on love by putting a personal advertisement in the newspaper. She spoke to IRIN/PlusNews before her first date with a man who responded.
UGANDA: Overcrowded prisons heighten TB risk
4 July 2008 (PlusNews ), Dr Michael Kyomya is responsible for the health of almost 5,000 inmates in Uganda's Luzira Prison, but his caseload is not the biggest challenge - the architecture is. The high walls just outside his office in the prison's medical facility not only keep the prisoners in, but also infectious diseases like tuberculosis (TB).
AFRICA: Mind your language - a short guide to HIV/AIDS slang
18 June 2008 (PlusNews ), HIV has hit our lives, our families, our economies; it also shapes the way we talk. IRIN/PlusNews looks at how the virus and its impact translates into everyday speech from the streets of Lagos to the townships of Johannesburg, and finds that despite the billions of dollars spent on positive communication strategies, the word on the street remains decidedly negative.
UGANDA: Ray: "The government is only looking after straight people"
17 June 2008 (PlusNews ), The arrest of three people protesting the lack of HIV/AIDS programming for men who have sex with men at the recent HIV/AIDS Implementers' Meeting in Kampala, capital of Uganda, has drawn criticism from HIV activists around the world. IRIN/PlusNews spoke to one activist about growing up gay and the need for HIV prevention messages targeting the gay community.
UGANDA: Change brings new risk for the Karimojong
16 June 2008 (PlusNews ), Karamoja, in the northeastern corner of Uganda, is a remote and highly traditional society where the writ of successive governments has had only limited impact.
UGANDA: Routine HIV testing boosts uptake
11 June 2008 (PlusNews ), Routinely counselling and testing patients for HIV during regular clinic visits is proving effective in increasing testing numbers in several Ugandan districts.
UGANDA: Christian Nachan: "They told me I had to leave because my family was dying"
9 June 2008 (PlusNews ), Christian Nachan was forced to leave her manyatta, a small group of mud huts that make up a homestead in the remote region of Karamoja in northeastern Ugandan, when her husband, his second wife and two of her children died. After discovering she was HIV-positive, she started a new life in the town of Kotido.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Understanding infidelity
5 June 2008 (PlusNews ), "Multiple, concurrent partnerships" has become the latest catchphrase in the HIV/AIDS lexicon. It refers to the practice of having more than one sexual partner at the same time, which experts say is a key driver of Southern Africa's devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic.
UGANDA: Insecurity affecting HIV funding in Karamoja
3 June 2008 (PlusNews ), Frances Otim, living in Kotido, an urban centre in Uganda's northeastern Karamoja region, doesn't use condoms because he doesn't know how, and doesn't use a mosquito net because the one he has is ripped
UGANDA: Namoe Aisha: "I'm ready for the medicine, me myself, I'm ready for it"
27 May 2008 (PlusNews ), Namoe Aisha, an HIV-positive widow with four children, is currently undergoing treatment for tuberculosis at the Matany Hospital in Moroto district, a remote region of Karamoja in northeastern Uganda. She told IRIN/PlusNews about the difficulties she has encountered since being diagnosed with the virus two years ago.
UGANDA: Carmela Acen: "I tell everyone I'm positive because it's no secret"
1 May 2008 (PlusNews ), Carmela Acen fled her home in northern Uganda when the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) began its insurgency campaign in 1986. She told IRIN/PlusNews about her life in Kireka, a high-density township in the capital, Kampala.
UGANDA: Hard labour for HIV-positive IDPs
1 May 2008 (PlusNews ), Melia Alanyo, 46, left northern Uganda for the capital city, Kampala, in the late 1980s when the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) started abducting, attacking and killing people in her village.
UGANDA: The cost of keeping children from knowing their HIV status
8 April 2008 (PlusNews ), Throughout his childhood, Gordon Turibamwe, 20, was sickly, suffering from frequent bouts of malaria and chest infections, but his father only told him he was HIV-positive when he was aged 16, something Gordon says caused him serious trauma.

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