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UGANDA: Draft HIV bill's good intentions could backfire
24 November 2008 (PlusNews ), AIDS activists in Uganda have slammed a proposed new law that will force HIV-positive people to reveal their status to their sexual partners, and also allow medical personnel to reveal someone's status to their partner.
GLOBAL: We can save more babies, say researchers
20 November 2008 (PlusNews ), A ground-breaking South African study has provided the first hard evidence that treating HIV-positive babies with antiretroviral (ARV) medicines from as early as six weeks dramatically improves their chances of survival.
DRC-UGANDA: Overwhelmed relief workers struggle to provide HIV services
18 November 2008 (PlusNews ), Violence in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has forced thousands of people to flee across the border into neighbouring countries, but relief workers in Uganda admit that HIV is low on the list of priorities.
UGANDA: New hope for HIV-discordant couples
14 November 2008 (PlusNews ), A new clinical trial to test the effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis in stable sexual relationships has started in Uganda, with 3,900 discordant couples enrolled in a five-year study.
GLOBAL: Falling foul of the Fund
4 November 2008 (PlusNews ), The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was formed in 2001 for the purpose of setting up an innovative approach to providing finance to combat the three diseases that kill more than six million people worldwide every year.
UGANDA: Will credit crunch affect HIV/AIDS funding?
23 October 2008 (PlusNews ), Developing countries like Uganda, which is seeking funds for its HIV/AIDS programmes, could find themselves even more cash-strapped as donors caught up in the global economic crisis become more conservative in their spending.
RWANDA-UGANDA: Cross-continent truckers risk more than HIV
23 October 2008 (PlusNews ), Edward Oboth Ofumbi is glad his days as a long-distance truck driver are over; glad to have left a life filled with long, solitary journeys on some of Africa's worst roads, carrying valuable cargo on highways with minimal security.
RWANDA-UGANDA: Long haul trucking, long distance love
15 October 2008 (PlusNews ), Said*, a long-distance trucker from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is married with six children. His work keeps him on the road for weeks at a time, and on those long, lonely nights he turns to his girlfriend, who lives in town of Malaba on the Kenya-Uganda border.
UGANDA: New centre to boost paediatric HIV care
10 October 2008 (PlusNews ), Children living with HIV in Uganda have been given greater access to treatment with a new paediatric HIV care centre opened at the main referral hospital in the capital, Kampala.
UGANDA: Christine Auma: "Life is meaningless when you are sick"
8 October 2008 (PlusNews ), Christine Auma has lived in a camp for internally displaced persons in northern Uganda's Amuru district for more than 20 years. Relative peace has returned to the region over the past two years, and she has watched neighbours and friends move out of the camp into resettlement camps closer to their villages. But her case was different, she told IRIN/PlusNews.
UGANDA: Going home is a mixed blessing
6 October 2008 (PlusNews ), As calm returns to northern Uganda, tens of thousands of people previously living in camps for internally displaced persons (IDP) camps are now in satellite camps mid-way between the IDP camps and their villages. The new camps are less crowded and people can cultivate their land, but the lack of healthcare is problematic.
UGANDA: Christine Atto: "The journey is difficult, but I walk for my life"
6 October 2008 (PlusNews ), With the return of relative peace to northern Uganda, thousands of people displaced by the conflict have started the long journey home. Many are now living in transit camps between the mother camps and their villages. Christine Atto, who has lived in an IDP camp for over 20 years, told IRIN/PlusNews that since moving to a resettlement camp, she has to walk 36 kilometres every month to fetch her antiretroviral medication.
UGANDA: Disabled in the north missing out on HIV services
3 October 2008 (PlusNews ), Disabled people in northern Uganda - many of whom were injured in the long conflict between the government and the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) - are calling on the government to provide a more targeted HIV response.
GLOBAL: Leadership determines AIDS performance
25 September 2008 (PlusNews ), As South Africa prepared to swear in a new president on 25 September after the dramatic ousting of Thabo Mbeki four days before, attempts by commentators to summarise the former president's mixed legacy have not failed to mention his controversial stance on AIDS.
UGANDA: Post-conflict HIV programmes needed in the north
25 September 2008 (PlusNews ), By day the northern Ugandan town of Gulu is a busy municipality, but at night it really comes alive, when its pubs, powered by generators and fuelled by the local spirit, Waragi, fill up with boisterous patrons looking for a good time.
UGANDA: WFP cuts off nutritional support to HIV-positive people
23 September 2008 (PlusNews ), The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has been forced to withdraw food aid to HIV-positive Ugandans as part of broader cutbacks to its Ugandan programmes caused by a funding shortfall.
UGANDA: Stigma, discrimination holding back HIV fight
18 September 2008 (PlusNews ), The recent slaying of a woman in western Uganda by her husband after he tested positive for HIV has highlighted the need for the government to tackle HIV-related human rights abuses.
UGANDA: Genocide by Denial
10 September 2008 (PlusNews ), Uganda has been called "the birthplace" of AIDS; some of the earliest known cases can be traced to the central district of Rakai, where long-distance truckers started dying from a mysterious illness in the mid-1980s. That small demographic soon mushroomed into a global pandemic, with Africa at its epicentre.
UGANDA: Using mobile phones to fight HIV
4 September 2008 (PlusNews ), Uganda's rising HIV prevalence is forcing policy makers to look for inventive ways of educating people about the virus. Their latest tool is mobile phone technology, whose rapid growth has provided an avenue that could potentially reach millions with messages.
UGANDA: Drug supply chain problems trigger shortages
3 September 2008 (PlusNews ), Uganda's health ministry has been scrambling to stave off a nationwide shortage of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) that could jeopardise the lives of tens of thousands of HIV-positive people.

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