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UGANDA: Plans for national HIV/AIDS survey announced
14 April 2004 (PlusNews ), Uganda's Ministry of Health has announced that a national HIV/AIDS sero-behavioural survey was set to begin in April.
UGANDA: TASO to expand AIDS treatment programme
8 April 2004 (PlusNews ), More people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda are set to benefit from The AIDS Support Organisation's (TASO) free antiretroviral drug programme, a local newspaper, New Vision, reported.
UGANDA: International physicians to open anti-AIDS clinic
1 April 2004 (PlusNews ), An international coalition of physicians, including Dr Michael Scheld from the University of Virginia and Uganda's Dr Nelson Mandela Sewankambo, will open an HIV/AIDS clinic in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, by 1 May.
UGANDA: AIDS rates stable after years of decline - report
24 March 2004 (PlusNews ), A report by Uganda's Ministry of Health suggests that HIV prevalence has levelled off after more than a decade of decline, a local newspaper, Sunday Vision reported.
UGANDA: Illegal sales of free anti-AIDS drugs
16 March 2004 (PlusNews ), A Ugandan nurse is facing charges of selling antiretroviral drugs that were meant for free distribution by the government.
UGANDA: AIDS drug roadblock as hundreds die daily
12 March 2004 (PlusNews ), While Ugandan officials fight over who should supply anti-AIDS drugs, the AIDS Commission is concerned over an acute shortage of the free life-prolonging medicines, a local newspaper, The Monitor, reported.
UGANDA: Women avoiding free anti-AIDS treatment
9 March 2004 (PlusNews ), Pregnant women in Uganda are shunning anti-AIDS drugs that help prevent the mother-to-child transmission of HIV, the Uganda AIDS Commission has said.
UGANDA: Women avoiding free anti-AIDS treatment
9 March 2004 (PlusNews ), Pregnant women in Uganda are shunning anti-AIDS drugs that help prevent the mother-to-child transmission of HIV, the Uganda AIDS Commission has said.
UGANDA: Activists angered by lack of AIDS drugs
5 March 2004 (PlusNews ), The Ugandan government has been criticised by AIDS activists for failing to provide antiretroviral medication.
UGANDA: No AIDS drug programme in Nebbi district
2 March 2004 (PlusNews ), An AIDS organisation has expressed concerned over the lack of access to antiretroviral drugs for people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda's northwestern Nebbi district.
UGANDA: Personal ads help tackle HIV/AIDS stigma
24 February 2004 (PlusNews ), Uganda's risqué tabloid, the Red Pepper, has become a popular vehicle for talking openly about sex, HIV and AIDS, the Washington Post reports.
UGANDA: Orphan crisis worsened by HIV/AIDS
20 February 2004 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS has worsened Uganda's orphan crisis and caused the country's social support systems to weaken, the Washington Times reports.
UGANDA: Anti-AIDS drug trade opened by government
20 February 2004 (PlusNews ), Uganda has allowed private pharmaceutical companies to procure antiretroviral drugs on the international market, the Ministry of Health has said.
UGANDA: Anti-AIDS campaigns for internally displaced launched
9 February 2004 (PlusNews ), The Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) has launched public awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS and hygiene in camps for internally displaced people (IDPs).
UGANDA: US guarantees half of AIDS millions
6 February 2004 (PlusNews ), Uganda could soon receive US $37 million in funding from the US as part of President George W Bush's emergency plan for HIV/AIDS relief in African and Caribbean countries.
UGANDA: Workers' AIDS treatment centre launched
27 January 2004 (PlusNews ), The Uganda Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS (UBC) has set up a workers' treatment centre in the capital, Kampala, for employees living with the HI virus and their families.
UGANDA: New count of HIV-positive people underway
23 January 2004 (PlusNews ), Plans are currently being drawn up to determine the actual number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.
UGANDA: Companies slow to respond to epidemic
29 December 2003 (PlusNews ), The success of the Ugandan government's response to the country's HIV/AIDS pandemic is now well recognised, but the corporate response to the disease is still lagging behind, according to a recently released AIDS country profile.
UGANDA: New partnership urged in tackling AIDS
17 December 2003 (PlusNews ), Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has urged city and town leaders to help spearhead the fight against HIV/AIDS.
UGANDA: Anti-AIDS breast milk alternatives failing
15 December 2003 (PlusNews ), Efforts to promote breast milk substitutes as an alternative to breastfeeding for HIV-positive mothers in Uganda have failed, a public health official has said.

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