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GLOBAL: Global forum for women with HIV
5 July 2007 (PlusNews ), AIDS does not only travel with truckers along African highways; it flies business class with men in dark suits, crawls into marriages and lurks in playgrounds. It smiles at you every day at work and, disproportionately, affects African women and girls because of gender inequalities.
UGANDA: Need for fresh prevention strategy to tackle 'evolving' epidemic
22 June 2007 (PlusNews ), As Uganda's AIDS epidemic matures, bringing altered behaviour patterns, prevention messages must be adjusted to reflect the new dynamics of the pandemic, senior health officials have said.
UGANDA: Ending supply of 'noisy' female condoms not good enough - activists
12 June 2007 (PlusNews ), Anti-AIDS campaigners in Uganda have denounced the government's decision to halt the distribution of female condoms as poorly informed and dangerous.
UGANDA: Women slow to volunteer for HIV vaccine trials
12 June 2007 (PlusNews ), Too few Ugandan women are willing to participate in trials of a potential vaccine against the HI virus, local scientists have said.
UGANDA: Government audit exposes ailing health system
7 June 2007 (PlusNews ), A damning report by the Ugandan Auditor General ( has found that government hospitals and health centres, the frontline in the country's fight against HIV/AIDS, are systematically failing to provide adequate services to patients.
UGANDA: ARV programme reaching less than half of those in need
25 May 2007 (PlusNews ), A combination of limited resources, ignorance and TB co-infection mean that more than half of all Ugandans who need treatment today, do not have access to life-prolonging drugs, according to Emmanuel Otaala, Uganda's State Minister for Health.
UGANDA: Positive women taking their place in the economy
30 April 2007 (PlusNews ), HIV-positive Ugandan women are benefiting from a new crop of 'self-help' projects that are enabling them to support themselves and gain a foothold in the country's formal economy through a combination of affordable loans and small business ventures.
UGANDA: Displaced people in the north missing vital HIV services
27 April 2007 (PlusNews ), Camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Uganda have among the highest HIV prevalence rates in the country, yet lack adequate HIV/AIDS counselling, testing and treatment facilities, a new report by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has said.
UGANDA: Safe sex messages missing HIV-positive youth
24 April 2007 (PlusNews ), HIV-positive youth in Uganda are not receiving the support and education they need to avoid risky sexual behaviours that could lead to the infection of others, a new study has found.
UGANDA: Death penalty for HIV-positive child sex offenders
19 April 2007 (PlusNews ), According to a new law passed by Uganda's parliament on Wednesday, an HIV-positive person who wilfully infects a minor through sexual intercourse will face the death penalty.
UGANDA: Government to pursue prosecution of Global Fund culprits
12 April 2007 (PlusNews ), The Ugandan government has directed the police to commence investigations into alleged mismanagement of grants from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by a number of prominent politicians.
UGANDA: HIV prevalence rising in northeast, but condoms still taboo
9 April 2007 (PlusNews ), The people of Uganda's remote, northeastern Karamoja region managed to avoid the onslaught of HIV experienced by the rest of the country in the 1980s and 1990s, but just as the government is bringing the national epidemic under control, HIV rates in Karamoja are spiralling ever upwards.
UGANDA: Less donor reliance required for success in AIDS fight
4 April 2007 (PlusNews ), It will take greater political will and more national funds to counter the poverty and poor national support systems that make children particularly vulnerable to the effects of the AIDS pandemic, delegates attending a recent conference on children and HIV in Uganda were told.
UGANDA: Use of traditional medicine interfering with ART adherence
27 March 2007 (PlusNews ), HIV-positive Ugandans are twice as likely to quit antiretroviral therapy (ART) if they also use traditional herbal medicine, a new study by scientists at the country's leading university has found.
UGANDA: Squalid camps provide ARV lifeline
26 February 2007 (PlusNews ), If currently stalled peace talks to end 20 years of fighting between rebels and the government in northern Uganda succeed, 1.2 million displaced people will be on their way home; good news for those desperate to rebuild their lives, a new challenge for the authorities struggling to provide treatment to those living with HIV.
AFRICA: Donors call the shots in HIV/AIDS sector
21 February 2007 (PlusNews ), Large international donor agencies have become major players in Africa's response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Despite talk of 'partnering' with their recipients, they have usually called the shots. Unsurprisingly, considering the millions of dollars in play, they have insisted on high levels of transparency and accountability from recipients and have punished perceived corruption or mismanagement by hasty withdrawals of funds.
UGANDA: Findings on circumcision may derail HIV/AIDS fight - President
12 February 2007 (PlusNews ), Recent findings that male circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV have generated a heated national debate, with President Yoweri Museveni arguing that the findings could hurt the fight against the pandemic.
UGANDA: An HIV/AIDS campaign in crisis?
4 December 2006 (PlusNews ), Uganda's success in lowering its HIV/AIDS level, lauded as a rare African achievement, could be unravelling. The latest UNAIDS statistics show rising prevalence, and questions are being asked about the government's commitment to fighting the epidemic.
UGANDA: HIV/AIDS rising amid extreme poverty of north's IDP camps
21 November 2006 (PlusNews ), Rebel attacks in northern Uganda over the last 20 years have shattered basic healthcare services, hitting HIV-positive people in need of life-prolonging antiretroviral (ARV) drugs particularly hard.
UGANDA: Interview with Maj Felix Kulayigye, defence force spokesman
15 November 2006 (PlusNews ), For the past two decades the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) has been at war with rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army in the north of the country. As the conflict has dragged on, the region's HIV infection rate has risen from almost nil to nine percent, one-and-a-half times the national average. However, The new peace process offers hope for both an end to the fighting and a more effective response to the pandemic. IRIN/PlusNews spoke to UPDF spokesman Maj Felix Kulayigye. Below are excerpts of the interview.

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