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TANZANIA: Zanzibar's clerics join fight against HIV/AIDS
19 April 2006 (PlusNews ), Muslim clerics on Tanzania's semiautonomous island of Zanzibar are using religious messages to woo citizens into changing their behaviour to curb the spread of HIV.
TANZANIA: New brand of condoms launched
29 March 2006 (PlusNews ), A new brand of male condom, 'Dume' (Kiswahili for masculine), has been launched in Tanzania, prompting activists to call for an aggressive education campaign for their use in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.
TANZANIA: Bars, sex trade fuelling HIV spread, say Zanzibar's Muslims
20 March 2006 (PlusNews ), The battle against HIV/AIDS in Zanzibar will not succeed as long as trade in alcohol and commercial sex work continue to thrive on the island, according to Muslim leaders.
TANZANIA: Mining firm to begin ARV provision
14 March 2006 (PlusNews ), Tanzania's Williamson Diamonds Limited (WDL), located in Mwadui, some 800 km north of the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, will start providing antiretroviral therapy to employees, their families and people living in the surrounding villages this week.
TANZANIA: Muslims clerics decry AIDS without condoms
10 March 2006 (PlusNews ), Officials leading the fight against HIV/AIDS on Tanzania's island of Zanzibar are looking at ways of engaging Muslim leaders, who are against the promotion of condom use.
TANZANIA: Italian cash injection for HIV/AIDS
6 March 2006 (PlusNews ), Tanzania's National AIDS Control Programme is to benefit from more than US $2 million pledged by Italy over the weekend, local Guardian newspaper reported.
TANZANIA: HIV/AIDS counselling centres set up in prisons
21 February 2006 (PlusNews ), In a move aimed at stepping up the campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDS in prisons, the Tanzanian government has started establishing vocational counselling and testing centres to provide services to penal institutions.
TANZANIA: Free tests draw in more people - study
13 February 2006 (PlusNews ), Offering free HIV tests draws three times more people for testing than charging a small fee for the service, according to a study conducted in northern Tanzania by Duke University Medical Center.
TANZANIA: Condom taboo in Zanzibar hampers fight against HIV/AIDS
1 February 2006 (PlusNews ), Campaigns to fight HIV/AIDS often focus on the "ABC" strategy - or Abstinence, Be faithful and use Condoms. However, on the ultra-conservative, predominantly Muslim island of Zanzibar, the condom remains taboo and is rarely incorporated into public awareness messages.
TANZANIA: Sex and condom education essential - govt
18 January 2006 (PlusNews ), Tanzania's education ministry has reaffirmed its position on the introduction of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education at primary school level, despite condemnation from Catholic bishops.
TANZANIA: Roman Catholic bishops oppose teaching of condom use
10 January 2006 (PlusNews ), Roman Catholic bishops in Tanzania have condemned as "unacceptable" a new science syllabus for primary schools that incorporates the teaching of proper condom use.
TANZANIA: Clinical trials on HIV/AIDS vaccine to start in March 2006
5 December 2005 (PlusNews ), Tanzania will start clinical trials of an HIV/AIDS vaccine in March 2006, the head of a local university announced in Dar es Salaam on Saturday.
TANZANIA: Elderly sidelined in AIDS awareness campaigns
1 November 2005 (PlusNews ), Healthcare workers in Tanzania are concerned that elderly people are increasingly at risk of HIV infection due to a lack of awareness on how the disease is spread or prevented.
TANZANIA: UNICEF drive to benefit millions of children affected by HIV/AIDS
26 October 2005 (PlusNews ), Millions of Tanzanian children affected by HIV/AIDS are due to benefit from a global campaign aimed at accelerating their access to treatment and social support, the UN Children's Fund said on Wednesday.
TANZANIA: Public-private partnership strengthens capacity to fight HIV/AIDS
7 October 2005 (PlusNews ), The Tanzanian government has joined forces with the US-based Abbott Fund to enhance capacity in the health system and "dramatically improve" HIV/AIDS care with a state-of-the-art treatment centre and clinical laboratories costing US $35 million.
TANZANIA: Referral hospital gets modern HIV/AIDS centre
6 October 2005 (PlusNews ), A US $35-million HIV/AIDS treatment centre opened on Thursday at Tanzania's main referral hospital, the Muhimbili National Hospital, with a capacity to process up to 1,000 tests in an hour.
TANZANIA: Survey indicates high HIV vulnerability among youth
4 October 2005 (PlusNews ), A recent survey on HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and youth suggests that young people are increasingly vulnerable to HIV infection and unwanted pregnancy.
TANZANIA: 44,000 to receive ARVs by end of 2005
26 September 2005 (PlusNews ), The government of Tanzania plans to have at least 44,000 people infected with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral treatment by the end of 2005, President Benjamin Mkapa said on Sunday.
TANZANIA: Some local healers help relieve AIDS; others are charlatans
1 September 2005 (PlusNews ), Government health officials in Tanzania acknowledged on Wednesday that services provided by many of the 75,000 registered local healers were beneficial to people living with HIV/AIDS, but the officials also warned that some healers were making false claims that they could cure the condition.
TANZANIA: Clinton asks Zanzibaris to be more open about HIV/AIDS
22 July 2005 (PlusNews ), Former US President Bill Clinton was in Tanzania's island of Zanzibar on Thursday asking people there to break the silence on HIV/AIDS issues.

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