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SWAZILAND: ARV rollout on track but not without challenges
20 July 2007 (PlusNews ), Despite the Swazi government's claim that it is hitting its targets as it rolls out life-prolonging ART (antiretroviral therapy), AIDS activists warn that the government may be aiming too low and that serious challenges remain, particularly regarding women.
SWAZILAND: Stretched health system leaves home care as only alternative
13 July 2007 (PlusNews ), Facilities and staff are being stretched beyond capacity as Swaziland's public healthcare system buckles under a surge of HIV/AIDS patients, leaving many with home-based care (HBC) as the only alternative, says a new report.
GLOBAL: Women want a bigger piece of the funding pie
10 July 2007 (PlusNews ), After burning the midnight oil for many weeks while preparing a US$50 million gender-based project proposal to lay before the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, Swazi activists found that it had vanished from their country's grant application. They were dumbfounded.
GLOBAL: Global forum for women with HIV
5 July 2007 (PlusNews ), AIDS does not only travel with truckers along African highways; it flies business class with men in dark suits, crawls into marriages and lurks in playgrounds. It smiles at you every day at work and, disproportionately, affects African women and girls because of gender inequalities.
SWAZILAND: New HIV figures reveal extent of epidemic
29 June 2007 (PlusNews ), Swaziland's first Demographic Health Survey has found that 26 percent of sexually active Swazis are infected with HIV. The last prevalence survey, based on tests of pregnant women at antenatal clinics, had found a 38.6 percent HIV infection rate.
SWAZILAND: New campaign supports HIV-positive truckers
1 June 2007 (PlusNews ), Swaziland's truck drivers, who are twice as likely to be infected with HIV than the general population, are finally getting the programmes required to provide them with treatment and support, a conference was told this week.
SWAZILAND: Community gardens flourish to feed the vulnerable
1 March 2007 (PlusNews ), NGOs in Swaziland are shifting the emphasis of their operations from handouts of donated foodstuffs to training households and communities to set up projects that produce food and generate income, to find a lasting solution to perennial food shortages.
SWAZILAND: Home-based care system expanding
23 February 2007 (PlusNews ), Home-based care in Swaziland is increasingly being relied on to compensate for the inadequacies of a public health system buckling under the weight of the country's HIV/AIDS pandemic.
SWAZILAND: Orphans get more than a helping hand
21 February 2007 (PlusNews ), Sipho, 7, an orphan, sat overwhelmed amid his new and only possessions - a mattress, blanket and a supply of food. "Is it mine?" he asked uncertainly as he gazed at the multicoloured mattress wrapped in plastic.
SWAZILAND: The triumph over fear
6 February 2007 (PlusNews ), In a remarkable reversal of perceptions about AIDS, public testing by religious and business leaders is changing attitudes towards both the disease and being tested for it.
SWAZILAND: Nurses fleeing the HIV/AIDS frontline
11 December 2006 (PlusNews ), "Swaziland is dying. Will the last nurse on duty please turn off the lights?" reads a handwritten note at a clinic in Manzini, the country's AIDS-hit commercial centre, 35km southeast of the capital, Mbabane.
SWAZILAND: Has Swaziland turned the corner in the fight against AIDS?
5 December 2006 (PlusNews ), The Swazi government expressed cautious optimism after a survey found that 39.2 percent of women visiting antenatal clinics tested positive for HIV, indicating that the infection rate was dropping.
SWAZILAND: Giving parentless children an identity
21 November 2006 (PlusNews ), A joint initiative between the Swaziland government and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to waive birth certificate fees for orphans and children in rural areas has boosted registration figures. Over 60,000 children in Swaziland have been orphaned by AIDS and, according to UNAIDS, that number will continue to grow.
SWAZILAND: Students ignore safer sex practices, survey finds
17 November 2006 (PlusNews ), They should be smarter, but condoms are not very popular among university students in Swaziland, which has the world's highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate, according to a new survey.
SWAZILAND: AIDS campaign induces behaviour change
27 October 2006 (PlusNews ), An aggressive HIV/AIDS awareness campaign has had a positive impact on the sexual behaviour and attitudes of Swazis, a new survey has found.
SWAZILAND: Drug shortage brings resurgence of folk remedies
29 September 2006 (PlusNews ), The unavailability of pharmaceutical drugs is forcing Swazis to rely on traditional medicines to alleviate their ailments. The government, which created the shortages by its failure to issue drug tenders to companies supplying clinics and hospitals, is publicising traditional and herbal treatments as a remedy for its negligence.
SWAZILAND: Turning the corner on AIDS by using the youth
31 August 2006 (PlusNews ), In the past four months Gerald Ndwandwe, 22, has buried three friends he has known since primary school. He does not want to lose any more.
SWAZILAND: Critics slam findings on female sexual activity
28 August 2006 (PlusNews ), Swazi women have more sexual partners than men, a new study has found, but critics of the controversial report say this is driven by poverty.
SWAZILAND: Toll-free helpline to curb suicides
8 August 2006 (PlusNews ), A clash of the old world and the new, recession and the increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland has seen the suicide rate spike to such levels that the country has established its first toll-free helpline.
SWAZILAND: AIDS activists say sexual offences bill criminalises victims
3 August 2006 (PlusNews ), Groups representing Swaziland's HIV-positive population are angry at a proposed Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act mandating life prison terms for rapists who infect their victims with HIV, claiming that the law will criminalise the victim.

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