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SWAZILAND: Aid focus shifts to mitigate impact of HIV/AIDS
10 October 2003 (PlusNews ), The impact of HIV/AIDS on Swaziland's agricultural production has forced aid agencies to adjust their programming in a bid to mitigate the effects on food security.
SWAZILAND: Conference offers solutions to impact of AIDS on education
6 October 2003 (PlusNews ), At the end of a week-long conference in Swaziland, African educators and US representatives called for further cooperation between the private and public sectors in the fight against HIV/AIDS in schools.
SWAZILAND: Joint HIV/AIDS awareness initiative underway
1 October 2003 (PlusNews ), Swaziland and the European Union (EU) have embarked on a joint initiative to raise awareness levels among Swazis about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
SWAZILAND: AIDS "indaba" highlights conflicting views
22 September 2003 (PlusNews ), A three-day "AIDS Indaba", or traditional Swazi meeting, concluded at the weekend with the enlistment of church leaders in the national campaign to combat the disease by tapping into their influence.
SWAZILAND: US mayors meet counterparts on HIV/AIDS
8 September 2003 (PlusNews ), Three US mayors from a delegation of 10 concluded their recent visit to four African countries by meeting their Swazi counterparts to discuss ways of tackling the country's HIV/AIDS crisis.
SWAZILAND: US mayors experience the impact of HIV/AIDS
5 September 2003 (PlusNews ), A delegation from the US Conference of Mayors met with their Swazi counterparts this week to discuss mutually beneficial ways to maintain contact and tackle the country's daunting HIV/AIDS dilemma.
SWAZILAND: Feature - Business responds to AIDS challenge
3 September 2003 (PlusNews ), Alarmed by the impact of AIDS on the workforce, Swaziland's business community is taking the lead in providing health programmes to safeguard workers and management.
SWAZILAND: AIDS workers face serious challenges
25 August 2003 (PlusNews ), Swazi AIDS activists are losing ground in the uphill battle of promoting condom use and tackling the stigma attached to people living with HIV/AIDS.
SWAZILAND: Stigma and silence threaten AIDS workers' efforts
22 August 2003 (PlusNews ), Discouraged AIDS activists reported this week that they are not only failing to overcome the social stigma attached to people who are HIV-positive, but are losing ground in their efforts to encourage condom use.
SWAZILAND: Dying tradition, as funeral customs abandoned
30 July 2003 (PlusNews ), Dead bodies left unclaimed by their families in city mortuaries, the desecration of cemeteries and the abandonment of customary funeral rites are new trends marking a change in the reverence Swazis have traditionally had for their ancestors.
SWAZILAND: HIV/AIDS orphans taught to farm
25 July 2003 (PlusNews ), A new United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) programme is helping Swaziland's HIV/AIDS orphans to feed themselves.
SWAZILAND: Data collection an effective weapon in anti-HIV/AIDS arsenal
10 July 2003 (PlusNews ), A new information gathering programme will soon provide an essential database of medical and other humanitarian needs in the agricultural heart of Swaziland to fill gaps in the national records and bring much needed insight into how to best counter the spread of HIV/AIDS.
SWAZILAND: Truckers change gear in HIV awareness
4 July 2003 (PlusNews ), Truckers and commercial sex workers in Swaziland have been targeted in a regional HIV/AIDS prevention programme known as the "Corridors of Hope" initiative.
SWAZILAND: AIDS drug rollout around the corner
19 June 2003 (PlusNews ), Swaziland's hospitals could begin dispensing HIV/AIDS drugs within a month, Pan African News Agency (PANA) reported on Wednesday.
SWAZILAND: Creating the "New Man"
12 June 2003 (PlusNews ), Disturbed by the stereotype of a typical Swazi male as a misogynist and polygamist, Swazi men are determined to show the positive side of African male culture and are reconsidering their roles as husbands, fathers and family providers.
SWAZILAND: Anti-AIDS message reaches king's warriors
28 May 2003 (PlusNews ), In a traditional kingdom that takes seriously its customary social structures, the anti-AIDS message is this week being targeted at young Swazi men belonging to King Mswati's warrior regiments.
SWAZILAND: Call for prison condoms rejected
23 May 2003 (PlusNews ), The Swazi government has refused to supply condoms in prisons, the South African Press Association (SAPA) reported on Friday.
SWAZILAND: HIV/AIDS worse than drought
13 May 2003 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS has impacted greatly on Swaziland's food crisis, a Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and World Food Programme (WFP) assessment mission warned on Monday.
SWAZILAND: Impact of HIV/AIDS could be worse than that of drought
12 May 2003 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS, more than drought conditions, has the potential for worsening Swaziland's continuing food crisis, a joint Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) has warned.
SWAZILAND: Swazi leader discloses HIV status
8 April 2003 (PlusNews ), The Swaziland AIDS Support Organisation (SASO) on Monday praised Chief Madelezi Masilela for disclosing his HIV status.

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