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SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: Dangerous Bananas
6 February 2006 (PlusNews ), Children are the wealth of the poor, say the fishermen of Angolares on the island of São Tomé. If a wife has not conceived after a year of marriage, the families take the couple to a traditional doctor for fertility treatment, and if this still does not work, the wife's parents arrange another husband.
SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: HIV/AIDS prevention in the armed forces
18 January 2006 (PlusNews ), The John Hopkins University in the US is to implement a year-long HIV/AIDS awareness initiative among the armed forces of Sao Tome and Principe.
SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: First HIV tests on remote Principe island
20 December 2005 (PlusNews ), The 5,000 inhabitants of the West African island of Principe were given their first opportunity to take HIV tests on Thursday.
SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: Oil and tourism threaten to treble rate of HIV infection in five years
10 May 2005 (PlusNews ), The HIV prevalence rate in Sao Tome and Principe could treble over the next five years as tourism and the development of offshore oil bring thousands of people flooding into the remote island state in the Gulf of Guinea, a prominent local AIDS campaigner has warned.
SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: Island state wakes up to HIV/AIDS
21 December 2004 (PlusNews ), Some of the funds from a new World Bank US $6.5 million aid package will be used to step up HIV/AIDS efforts in the small twin-island state of Sao Tome and Principe.
SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: Island state steps up fight against HIV/AIDS
21 December 2004 (PlusNews ), Sao Tome and Principe is stepping up the fight against HIV/AIDS, which is becoming a serious problem in this small twin-island state as drilling for oil gets underway in its offshore waters.

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