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GLOBAL: Less silence, more science could make anal sex safer
27 February 2008 (PlusNews ), The silence and taboo surrounding anal sex is putting millions of men and women at risk of HIV, delegates attending the fourth international microbicides conference in New Delhi, India, heard this week.
SOMALIA: It's not impossible to talk about sex
25 February 2008 (PlusNews ), New research from Somalia has debunked the long-held view that discussions about sex are off-limits in this conservative nation, opening the door to a deeper understanding of sexual behaviour patterns and the possibility of more tailored prevention strategies.
GLOBAL: ARVs in microbicide research - keeping hope alive?
25 February 2008 (PlusNews ), After a string of depressing trial results, the fourth international microbicides conference in New Delhi, India, kicked off this week with a ray of hope that new research could deliver a new generation of HIV prevention approaches for women.
GLOBAL: Uncounted and unheard - HIV-positive immigrants in the US
12 November 2007 (PlusNews ), Immigrants make up more than 12 percent - about 35 million people - of America's population, but the US federal government has almost no idea of how HIV is affecting them, especially the Africans.
GLOBAL: In the land of the free - HIV restrictions in the US
9 November 2007 (PlusNews ), Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are constitutionally guaranteed rights in the United States, but when immigrants go searching for Lady Liberty, HIV status may affect their chances of chasing down the American dream.
SOMALIA: Conflict frustrates efforts to manage HIV
23 October 2007 (PlusNews ), Ongoing clashes coupled with a lack of central government control are crippling attempts to develop a national AIDS strategy in Somalia, where thousands have been displaced and are living in temporary shelters, with little access to basic healthcare.
SOMALIA: Somaliland rolls out ARV treatment, but HIV/AIDS education lagging
22 August 2007 (PlusNews ), Almost two years after appointing a national HIV/AIDS commission, the self-declared republic of Somaliland, in northwestern Somalia, has slowly begun rolling out antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.
SOMALIA: Rahma Hirsi, Somaliland, "I will never tell my children I am HIV positive"
22 August 2007 (PlusNews ), Twenty-nine-year-old Rahma Hirsi is trying to raise her children, aged 16, 14 and 10 years old, on her own following the death of her husband in 2006. She was diagnosed with HIV the same year and has been on antiretroviral medication at Somaliland's Hargeisa Group Hospital since then.
SOMALIA: Increased sexual violence raises HIV concerns
16 August 2007 (PlusNews ), Escalating violence in Somalia is increasing the incidence of sexual attacks against women and girls and heightening their risk of HIV infection, say humanitarian workers based in the region.
SOMALIA: Mapping 'hot-spots' for a more effective AIDS response
20 July 2007 (PlusNews ), HIV prevalence in Somalia, now at 0.9 percent, is verging on being a generalised epidemic, but little is known about the factors that are driving it. In August, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) will embark on a 'hot-spot mapping' exercise to enable partners in the HIV response to improve programmes for the populations most at risk.
GLOBAL: Women want a bigger piece of the funding pie
10 July 2007 (PlusNews ), After burning the midnight oil for many weeks while preparing a US$50 million gender-based project proposal to lay before the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, Swazi activists found that it had vanished from their country's grant application. They were dumbfounded.
GLOBAL: Global forum for women with HIV
5 July 2007 (PlusNews ), AIDS does not only travel with truckers along African highways; it flies business class with men in dark suits, crawls into marriages and lurks in playgrounds. It smiles at you every day at work and, disproportionately, affects African women and girls because of gender inequalities.
KENYA-SOMALIA: Reaching out to the youth, hip-hop style
27 March 2007 (PlusNews ), Shineh Abdullahi Ali, in his early twenties, is a Somali refugee living in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Passionate about music, he is using his talent to raise awareness about the HIV pandemic in his traditionally conservative society.
SOMALIA: Sisters doing it for themselves
1 February 2007 (PlusNews ), Somali women are taking the initiative in the fight against AIDS with a programme to educate their peers in this conservative Muslim nation.
SOMALIA: Sisters doing it for themselves
31 January 2007 (PlusNews ), Somali women are taking the initiative in the fight against AIDS with a programme to educate their peers in this conservative Muslim nation.
SOMALIA: Cross-border migration an HIV/AIDS threat
5 December 2006 (PlusNews ), Somalia's HIV prevalence of about one percent is low, but the cross-border movement of people is causing an increase in infection rates, according to Dr Fernando Morales of the UN Children's Fund's Somalia office. Northwestern Somalia, which shares a frontier with Ethiopia, is particularly at risk.
SOMALIA: HIV/AIDS services struggling to get off the ground
22 November 2006 (PlusNews ), In the two years since the first voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) centre opened up in Somalia, HIV treatment, care and support has come a long way, but renewed violence threatens those gains.
SOMALIA: Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission starts
18 August 2006 (PlusNews ), Somalia's health care system is virtually nonexistent after fifteen years of violence and lawlessness, leaving HIV-positive pregnant women without the services and knowledge they need to prevent them from transmitting the virus to their unborn babies.
SOMALIA: Youth-friendly magazine passing on HIV/AIDS message
5 July 2006 (PlusNews ), In the self-declared republic of Somaliland, where discussions about sex remain taboo, a group of young people have been passing the HIV/AIDS message on to their peers through a youth-friendly magazine, Koor.
SOMALIA: Free ARVs, but stigma hampers HIV/AIDS fight in Somaliland
1 May 2006 (PlusNews ), Patiently waiting for her monthly dose of antiretrovirals (ARVs) at an HIV clinic in Hargeysa, capital of the self-declared republic of Somaliland, Amina Hassan, a widowed 26-year-old mother of two, is one of 110 people benefiting from free treatment in the region. "I started taking the ARVs five months ago. I'm feeling stronger than before and have added six kilos in my body weight," she said. "I intend to continue taking the drugs as the doctors are saying."

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