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SUDAN: Preventing HIV/AIDS in the south - a cash-strapped mission
16 August 2006 (PlusNews ), In southern Sudan, slowly recovering from a 21-year civil conflict, the fight against HIV/AIDS has to compete with other priorities, such as securing food and safe drinking water, combating other deadly diseases and the lingering threat of landmines and small arms. When signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, the late leader of the former southern Sudanese rebels, John Garang, remarked that after the war AIDS would be southern Sudan's biggest enemy.
KENYA-SUDAN: HIV-positive Sudanese refugees fear stigma in homeland
21 April 2006 (PlusNews ), Thousands of refugees in northern Kenya's Kakuma camp have signed up to be repatriated to their native southern Sudan. Among them is James Nhial Diew, 16, who arrived in 2004 and is excited to be going home, but afraid of revealing his HIV-positive status to his family. He said he might find the courage to do it when he gets to Sudan. "I just told them that I am sick and they told me to come home so they can nurse me there," he said.
SUDAN: Grannies step in to care for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS
17 April 2006 (PlusNews ), "My father died when I was young and my mother died in 2000," said Yomima, 14, one of 250 children known to be orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.
SUDAN: War-scarred south ill-equipped to deal with HIV/AIDS
10 April 2006 (PlusNews ), Southern Sudan, slowly emerging from a 21-year civil war that left it bereft of even the most basic services, is waking up to the reality of HIV/AIDS in a population with little awareness and few prevention and care mechanisms in place.
SUDAN: Returning refugees face new challenges in unprepared south
7 April 2006 (PlusNews ), In a crumbling hospital building, pock-marked by bullet holes, Dr Agot Alier Leek admits that he doesn't know the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the war-scarred garrison town of Bor in southern Sudan.
SUDAN: Campaign to educate children on AIDS
7 December 2005 (PlusNews ), The Sudanese National AIDS Control Programme (SNAP) and UN agencies have launched a campaign focusing on the impact of the disease on children.
SUDAN: AIDS could spread rapidly in the south, warns UNICEF
25 October 2005 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS prevalence rates could increase rapidly in southern Sudan unless immediate action is taken to address the problem, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned on Tuesday.
SUDAN: Govt/UNICEF AIDS awareness initiative kicks off
19 October 2005 (PlusNews ), The government of Sudan and the UN Children's Fund have launched a national HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, as the pandemic is jeopardising the role of young adults in the country's future.
SUDAN: Trying to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS
6 September 2005 (PlusNews ), Asha Ebrahim, a mother of eight living in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, vividly remembers the day she first learned she was HIV-positive seven years ago.
SUDAN: Fears over increase in HIV/AIDS as calm returns to the south
28 October 2004 (PlusNews ), Following progress in negotiations between the government of Sudan and the rebel group SPLM/A, the anticipated return to peace in the embattled southern Sudan could lead to a further spread of HIV/AIDS, which already affects 2.6 percent of the adult population in the region, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) warned in a recent report.
SUDAN: AU soldiers to be checked for AIDS
27 October 2004 (PlusNews ), Sudan's Ministry of Health has announced that African Union (AU) peacekeepers entering Sudan to monitor a ceasefire deal in crisis-hit Darfur will be checked for HIV.
SUDAN: Concern over returning refugees
18 October 2004 (PlusNews ), Peace in Sudan's south and west could lead to an uptick in the spread of HIV/AIDS by returning refugees, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) has warned.
SUDAN: Health system struggles with AIDS pandemic
18 June 2004 (PlusNews ), Sudan's national security is threatened by HIV/AIDS as its health system struggles to cope with the rapidly spreading disease, a government official has said.
SUDAN: First free HIV testing centre in Juba
13 February 2004 (PlusNews ), Sudan's first free HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) centre is being established in the southern garrison town of Juba.
SUDAN: First HIV/AIDS voluntary testing and counselling centre opens in Juba
11 February 2004 (PlusNews ), Sudan's first free voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) centre for HIV/AIDS is being established in Juba, a southern garrison town.
SUDAN: Interview with Mary Biba, SPLA/M secretary for Yambio County
22 October 2003 (PlusNews ), Mary Biba is the only female to have been appointed as a county secretary by the Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M). She has been instrumental in creating the Girls' Education Task Force to increase literacy among girls in Yambio County and has been at the forefront of efforts to prevent children from being recruited into the rebel army.
SUDAN: HIV/AIDS not as easy as ABC
22 October 2003 (PlusNews ), A growing restlessness from the group outside the office indicated that it was time for the performance. Seventeen-year-old Dona Zino was one of the few female group leaders who shepherded the younger children into neat rows before they started singing.
SUDAN: PlusNews Web Special on HIV/AIDS in Southern Sudan
22 October 2003 (PlusNews ), With real progress in peace talks offering hope of an end to almost 20 years of conflict in Sudan, an emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic could prove to be even more devastating than the civil war.
SUDAN: Stephen's story
22 October 2003 (PlusNews ), On a recent Sunday, after the sermon in the Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) in Yambio County in the Western Equatorial region of southern Sudan, a letter was read. One of the church priests, Pastor Henri Wandu, was seriously ill and asked his congregation to pray for him and his wife.
SUDAN: Government launches appeal for AIDS money
17 October 2003 (PlusNews ), The government of Sudan has launched an appeal for millions of dollars in aid to combat HIV/AIDS, the Associated Press agency reported on Friday.

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