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NIGERIA: Funding released for "ambitious" AIDS plan
1 October 2004 (PlusNews ), The US this week released $200 million to Nigeria for the nationwide scaling-up of its anti-AIDS treatment programme.
NIGERIA: Many people in AIDS denial
22 September 2004 (PlusNews ), Nigeria plans to expand its HIV/AIDS awareness campaign by raising the number of information-dissemination outlets from 20 to 40.
NIGERIA: Conference to seek HIV/AIDS solutions
17 September 2004 (PlusNews ), An upcoming four-day HIV/AIDS conference in Nigeria aims to stem the increasing rate of HIV/AIDS in Africa.
NIGERIA: Multi-million AIDS agreement signed
13 September 2004 (PlusNews ), An agreement providing Nigeria with a credit facility of more than US $90 million has been signed by the World Bank to support HIV/AIDS efforts in Africa's most populous country.
NIGERIA: More AIDS treatments sites planned
10 September 2004 (PlusNews ), Nigeria has announced plans to increase the number of anti-AIDS treatment sites from the current 25 to 100.
NIGERIA: US backing for military anti-AIDS treatment
25 August 2004 (PlusNews ), Nigeria has received an offer of assistance from the US to extend the reach of its HIV/AIDS treatment programme to its military.
NIGERIA: Government plans ambitious expansion of antiretroviral therapy
20 August 2004 (PlusNews ), Nigeria is appealing for US $248 million to help it provide subsidised antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for 200,000 people living with HIV/AIDS by the end of 2005, Health Minister Eyitayo Lambo said.
NIGERIA: Appeal launched for AIDS assistance
19 August 2004 (PlusNews ), Nigeria has launched an appeal for foreign assistance in its battle against HIV/AIDS.
NIGERIA: New plant making ARV drugs opens in Lagos
30 July 2004 (PlusNews ), A new plant to manufacture anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs for people living with AIDS has opened in Nigeria, thanks to an iniative by Nigerian health professionals working in the United States.
NIGERIA: Local AIDS drug production close
29 July 2004 (PlusNews ), Nigeria will soon be manufacturing anti-AIDS locally after President Olusegun Obasanjo appealed to expatriates for investment.
NIGERIA: HIV contaminated polio vaccine fears allayed
22 July 2004 (PlusNews ), Officials in Nigeria's northern state of Kano earlier this week ended an eight-month boycott of polio vaccinations after tests showed that the vaccines were not contaminated with HIV.
NIGERIA: AIDS drug shortage despite local production
8 July 2004 (PlusNews ), Thousands of HIV-positive Nigerians are caught in the country's rapidly accelerating AIDS spiral, with little or no access to affordable treatment, Agence France Press reports.
NIGERIA: Journalism student says expelled for having HIV
2 July 2004 (PlusNews ), A Nigerian student said on Friday he had been booted out of a Lagos journalism school after he told the director he was infected with the virus that causes AIDS and would need to miss classes one day a month to get treatment.
NIGERIA: Belgian firm to manufacture condoms
28 June 2004 (PlusNews ), A new condom brand, Zazoo Essential, will hit Nigerian markets in September 2004.
NIGERIA: HIV/AIDS eradicating military - study
21 June 2004 (PlusNews ), HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in Nigeria's military and police forces, a study carried out among 500 naval officers has suggested.
NIGERIA: Millions pledged to tackle AIDS
8 June 2004 (PlusNews ), The Global Coordinator of the US Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, Randall Tobias, has promised more money to help Nigeria tackle HIV/AIDS.
NIGERIA: US pledges $58 million to combat HIV/AIDS this year
7 June 2004 (PlusNews ), Nigeria will receive US $58 million of US aid this year for programmes aimed at treating HIV/AIDS and curbing the spread of the pandemic half of which will be channelled through faith-based organisations, a senior US official has revealed.
NIGERIA: HIV prevalence rate hits one-million mark
20 May 2004 (PlusNews ), At least one million people in Nigeria's most populous city, Lagos, are living with HIV or are in the advanced stages of AIDS infection, state health officials have said.
NIGERIA: Polio immunization go-ahead after HIV rumours
20 May 2004 (PlusNews ), A polio immunization campaign in Nigeria's Muslim state of Kano, recently halted by rumours that the vaccine was part of a US plot to spread HIV among the people, is set to resume, the Associated Press reports.
NIGERIA: Drug abuse fuels spread of AIDS
12 May 2004 (PlusNews ), Nigeria's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has called for greater focus on the devastating link between HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.

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