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MOZAMBIQUE: Joint anti-AIDS initiative targets police
14 December 2005 (PlusNews ), Mozambique on Tuesday formalised a cooperation agreement with Population Services International (PSI) to address the impact of HIV/AIDS on its police force.
MOZAMBIQUE: Govt urges anti-AIDS/food security action
28 November 2005 (PlusNews ), A senior Mozambican official has called for intensified measures to tackle food insecurity, HIV/AIDS and poverty in southern Africa.
MOZAMBIQUE: New campaign brings hope of a better future to OVC
18 November 2005 (PlusNews ), Now that the hype surrounding this month's launch of a global campaign on HIV/AIDS and children by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and UNAIDS has subsided, Mozambique has started implementing the initiative that will benefit thousands of children affected by the pandemic.
MOZAMBIQUE: Govt/NGO AIDS initiative to focus on OVCs
4 November 2005 (PlusNews ), Mozambique has partnered with the Community Development Foundation, a social and economic development NGO, to address the impact of HIV/AIDS on orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).
MOZAMBIQUE: AIDS deaths among miners underestimated - Govt
4 November 2005 (PlusNews ), Mozambique's Deputy Labour Minister Soares Nhaca says there is a "disastrous progression" of HIV/AIDS among Mozambican mineworkers in South Africa, with at least 2,500 miners having died from AIDS-related illnesses between 2000 and 2004.
MOZAMBIQUE: AIDS activists develop successful strategies against stigma
31 October 2005 (PlusNews ), When aid workers noticed that villagers in Manica province in central Mozambique were shunning the funerals of neighbours known or suspected of having AIDS, they met with the district administrators and chiefs to come up with a solution.
MOZAMBIQUE: Antiretroviral therapy brings hope
21 October 2005 (PlusNews ), The introduction of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Mozambique has revived hope and helped mobilise society in the battle against HIV/AIDS, President Armando Guebuza said this week.
MOZAMBIQUE: Study attributes AIDS to food insecurity
7 September 2005 (PlusNews ), Mozambique's Food and Nutritional Security Technical Secretariat (SETSAN) says the country could face severe food insecurity as a result of HIV/AIDS.
MOZAMBIQUE: AIDS undermines police efforts
5 September 2005 (PlusNews ), The impact of HIV/AIDS on Mozambique's police force is undermining national efforts to tackle crime, according to a senior government official.
MOZAMBIQUE: UNICEF ambassador moved by AIDS orphans
31 August 2005 (PlusNews ), Liam Neeson, Irish actor and UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) ambassador, pledged this week to draw attention to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Mozambique.
MOZAMBIQUE: Police force feel weight of AIDS-related deaths
17 August 2005 (PlusNews ), Mozambican Deputy Interior Minister Jose Mandra says HIV/AIDS is aggravating staff shortages in the ranks of the police, killing just over 1,000 officers every year.
MOZAMBIQUE: Local AIDS drug manufacture to feature at WHO meeting
16 August 2005 (PlusNews ), The local production of anti-AIDS drugs will be high on the agenda at the Africa Regional meeting of the World Health Organisation (WHO) between 22 and 26 August in Mozambique's capital, Maputo.
MOZAMBIQUE: AIDS rates climb more than two points
12 August 2005 (PlusNews ), Mozambique's Ministry of Health has revised its official HIV/AIDS prevalence rate upwards from about 14 percent in 2002 to an estimated 16.2 percent of the adult population at present.
MOZAMBIQUE: Private sector anti-AIDS programme launched
3 August 2005 (PlusNews ), Mozambique's National Council for the Fight Against AIDS (CNCS) has launched the 'Avante' programme to address the impact of HIV/AIDS on the country's private sector.
MOZAMBIQUE: Economic security is a challenge for ARV patients
28 July 2005 (PlusNews ), Although anti-AIDS drugs have helped thousands of people in Mozambique, hundreds of thousands more still desperately need the life-saving medication but lack the money to continue treatment.
MOZAMBIQUE: Canada backs UN AIDS orphan support programme
17 June 2005 (PlusNews ), The Canadian government is to grant the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) US $1 million to assist AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Mozambique.
MOZAMBIQUE: HIV/AIDS-affected children need more assistance
16 June 2005 (PlusNews ), Non-governmental organisations in Mozambique are concerned that not enough is being done to assist the escalating number of children infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
MOZAMBIQUE: UNICEF urges greater AIDS action
15 June 2005 (PlusNews ), The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) has expressed concern over the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Mozambican youth, ahead of celebrations to mark the 'Day of the African Child' on 16 June.
MOZAMBIQUE: African leaders meet with experts on AIDS gel
31 May 2005 (PlusNews ), African leaders and international health experts met in the Mozambican capital, Maputo, this week to discuss ongoing efforts to develop a gel that protects women against HIV infection.
MOZAMBIQUE: Flemish Government and UN Launch Women and AIDS Programme
9 May 2005 (PlusNews ), The Flemish Government and the United Nations have announced a four-year programme to combat the growing feminisation of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Mozambique.

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